Fantastic Four-10 episodes

(4.8 stars; 26 reviews)

10 episodes of marvel comics fantastic four radio show

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Fantastic 4--2 Fabulous!

(5 stars)

This OTR series came as a complete surprise to me. I had no idea Stan Lee & Crew dedicated the Fantastic Four to Radio, let alone as recently as 1975! Bill Murray as The Human Torch is a rare treat, indeed. Apparently he did this several months prior to replacing Chevy Chase on SNL. Funny that I've never heard so much as a whisper of this tidbit of celebrity trivia. It's a neat little factoid, for sure. The series stays true to the original comic books, sometimes lifting whole pages verbatim to be used as dialogue for the actors. And having the legendary Stan Lee as narrator is icing on the cake. All in all, a great score! (btw, there were actually 13 episodes of Fantastic Four recorded, and a quick search will reward you w/the other 3--for Free). Enjoy. /;-)

Attention, All True Believers!

(5 stars)

Calling all True Believers! A great contribution from the early 1970s attempt to revive old-time style radio shows. Not only to we get to hear Stan Lee in one of his rare speaking roles, but we are treated to what must have been a very young Mr. Bill Murray as the Human Torch. Characterized by faithful recreation of the original comic book stories, the scripts seem complete with dialogue and plot narration. The story lines presented in this series are self-contained, however, so it's not necessary to be a True Believer to enjoy these well-produced episodes. Great writing and performances, tight plot lines and cool sound effects using 1970s technology make this series of the first ten shows (and the last three episodes listed elsewhere in the Internet Archives) a must-listen!

How did I miss these when I was a kid?

(5 stars)

I was a big fan of old fashioned radio shows when I was growing up in the mid-'70s, but I didn't even know this show existed until recently. This is really great stuff and audio quality is top notch as well. In surfing around for more information on the series, I found a YouTube video someone had made with frames from the original comic with the corresponding episode as an audio track. Check it out at

The Highest Form of Pure Entertainment

(5 stars)

This is exactly the ultimate cheese-fest I'd hoped for. It deserves so much more than five deserves every star that's ever existed, period!

that was a very excellent book

(5 stars)

listening to that it was amazing the actors did a really great job I very much liked it.


(5 stars)

Absolutely brilliant fun very enjoyable 😃


(5 stars)

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