Have Gun Will Travel 106 Eps

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(106 Episodes) "Have Gun Will Travel," the 106 episode radio Western created by Sam Rolfe & Herb Meadow (starring John Dehner as Paladin) was broadcast on CBS (ty jenni janzen, for the thumbs up!!) radio, November 23, 1958 to November 22, 1960. Paladin 'Gun For Hire' lived in & worked out of the Carleton Hotel, in 1875 San Francisco. During many episodes, we heard Paladin in conversation with the Carleton Hotel's Chinese bell hop, 'Hey-Boy' (starring Ben Wright). Have Gun Will Travel was one of those very rare programs which got its START as a top rated television show (CBS TV 1957 thru 1963, starring Richard Boone), successfully moving to radio broadcast, there-after. Thank you to OTR fan, "Hack Prine" (Aug 13/10), for this important additional data! These wonderful programs will never die as long as they have avid OTR listeners to keep it alive! SOURCE: 1) Hack Prine 2) Wikipedia OTR * def gp ddh

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HGWT 1958-11-23 #001 Strange Vendetta (aka Don Miquel Rojas) 24:35
HGWT 1958-11-30 #002 Road To Wickenberg 24:14
HGWT 1958-12-07 #003 Ella West 24:21
HGWT 1958-12-14 #004 The Outlaw (aka Manfred Holt) 24:13
HGWT 1958-12-21 #005 Hanging Cross 24:25
HGWT 1958-12-28 #006 No Visitors (aka Typhoid Fever) 24:23
HGWT 1959-01-04 #007 Helen of Abajinian (aka Reluctant Groom) 25:08
HGWT 1959-01-11 #008 Englishman (aka British Courage) (aka 9th Earl of Aylsbury) 24:02
HGWT 1959-01-18 #009 The Bells of Perdido (aka 3 Bells in Perdido) 23:46
HGWT 1959-01-25 #010 The Teacher 24:13
HGWT 1959-02-01 #011 A Matter Of Ethics 24:17
HGWT 1959-02-08 #012 Killer's Widow 24:38
HGWT 1959-02-15 #013 Return of Dr Thackery 23:57
HGWT 1959-02-22 #014 Winchester Quarantine 24:30
HGWT 1959-03-01 #015 Hey Boys Revenge 25:04
HGWT 1959-03-08 #016 Monster On Moon Ridge 24:21
HGWT 1959-03-15 #017 Death Of A Young Gunfighter 24:31
HGWT 1959-03-22 #018 Five Books Of Owen Deaver 24:10
HGWT 1959-03-29 #019 Sense Of Justice 19:58
HGWT 1959-04-05 #020 Maggie O'Banyon (aka Maggie O'Bannon) 25:20
HGWT 1959-04-12 #021 The Colonel & The Lady 24:09
HGWT 1959-04-19 #022 Birds Of A Feather 19:18
HGWT 1959-04-26 #023 The Gunsmith 24:19
HGWT 1959-05-03 #024 Gun Shy (aka Gushy) 24:15
HGWT 1959-05-10 #025 The Statue of San Sabastian 23:55
HGWT 1959-05-17 #026 Lady Kane The Silver Queen 24:12
HGWT 1959-05-24 #027 In An Evil Time 23:55
HGWT 1959-05-31 #028 Blind Courage 24:01
HGWT 1959-06-07 #029 Roped 24:10
HGWT 1959-06-14 #030 Bitter Wine 23:53
HGWT 1959-06-21 #031 North Fork (aka Trouble in Nth Fork) 23:48
HGWT 1959-06-28 #032 Homecoming 20:24
HGWT 1959-07-05 #033 Comanche 24:46
HGWT 1959-07-12 #034 Young Gun 24:21
HGWT 1959-07-19 #035 Deliver The Body 19:31
HGWT 1959-07-26 #036 The Wager 24:21
HGWT 1959-08-02 #037 High Wire 24:57
HGWT 1959-08-09 #038 Finn Alley 24:23
HGWT 1959-08-16 #039 The Lady 24:49
HGWT 1959-08-23 #040 Bonanza 25:06
HGWT 1959-08-30 #041 Love Birds 23:54
HGWT 1959-09-06 #042 All That Glitters 24:18
HGWT 1959-09-13 #043 Treasure Hunt 24:20
HGWT 1959-09-20 #044 Stardust 24:06
HGWT 1959-09-27 #045 Like Father 22:30
HGWT 1959-10-04 #046 The Contessa 24:19
HGWT 1959-10-11 #047 Stopover in Tombstone 24:19
HGWT 1959-10-18 #048 Brother Lost 18:27
HGWT 1959-10-25 #049 When in Rome 21:21
HGWT 1959-11-01 #050 Wedding Day 24:17
HGWT 1959-11-08 #051 Hired Gun (aka Assignment in Stones Crossing) 18:50
HGWT 1959-11-15 #052 Landfall 18:49
HGWT 1959-11-22 #053 Fair Fugitive 24:28
HGWT 1959-11-29 #054 Bitter Vengeance 18:49
HGWT 1959-12-06 #055 Mistaken Identity 46:33
HGWT 1959-12-13 #056 Out of Evil 24:25
HGWT 1959-12-20 #057 Ranse Carnival (aka Ranch Carnival) 24:03
HGWT 1959-12-27 #058 The Marriage (aka About Face) 24:09
HGWT 1960-01-03 #059 Return Engagement 24:17
HGWT 1960-01-10 #060 The Lonely One 24:36
HGWT 1960-01-17 #061 French Leave 24:57
HGWT 1960-01-24 #062 Nataemhon 23:14
HGWT 1960-01-31 #063 Bad Bart 24:29
HGWT 1960-02-07 #064 The Boss 23:30
HGWT 1960-02-14 #065 Bring Him Back Alive 23:43
HGWT 1960-02-21 #066 That Was No Lady 24:27
HGWT 1960-02-28 #067 Doll House in Diamond Springs 23:55
HGWT 1960-03-06 #068 Somebody Out There Hates Me 23:50
HGWT 1960-03-13 #069 Montana Vendetta 24:15
HGWT 1960-03-20 #070 Caesar's Wife 25:22
HGWT 1960-03-27 #071 They Told Me You Were Dead 24:27
HGWT 1960-04-03 #072 Shanghai is a Verb 23:40
HGWT 1960-04-10 #073 So True, Mr Barnum 21:57
HGWT 1960-04-17 #074 Prunella's Fella (aka Gun in the Back Marriage) 31:05
HGWT 1960-04-24 #075 Irish Luck 24:37
HGWT 1960-05-01 #076 Dressed to Kill 20:17
HGWT 1960-05-08 #077 Pat Murphy 24:34
HGWT 1960-05-15 #078 Lena Countryman 24:50
HGWT 1960-05-22 #079 Lucky Penny (aka The Lucky Penny Mine) 23:00
HGWT 1960-05-29 #080 Dusty (aka Dusty & his Uncle Muncie) 23:35
HGWT 1960-06-05 #081 Apache Concerto 23:44
HGWT 1960-06-12 #082 Search for Wylie Dawson 23:52
HGWT 1960-06-19 #083 Too, Too Solid Town 23:48
HGWT 1960-06-26 #084 Doctor from Vienna 23:55
HGWT 1960-07-03 #085 Dad-Blamed Luck 24:36
HGWT 1960-07-10 #086 Five Days to Yuma 24:16
HGWT 1960-07-17 #087 Little Guns 24:03
HGWT 1960-07-24 #088 Delta Queen 24:21
HGWT 1960-07-31 #089 My Son Must Die 24:22
HGWT 1960-08-07 #090 Father O'Toole's Organ Pt 1 (aka Viva) 24:00
HGWT 1960-08-14 #091 Father O'Toole's Organ Pt 2 (aka Extnd Viva) 24:19
HGWT 1960-08-21 #092 Bounty Hunter (aka The Warrant) 24:58
HGWT 1960-08-28 #093 For the Birds 24:18
HGWT 1960-09-04 #094 Eat Crow (aka A New Star) 25:05
HGWT 1960-09-11 #095 Deadline (aka Troublemakers) 24:15
HGWT 1960-09-18 #096 Nellie Watson's Boy 23:49
HGWT 1960-09-25 #097 Bringing up Ollie (aka Old Friends) 24:03
HGWT 1960-10-02 #098 Talika (aka The Snoop) 24:41
HGWT 1960-10-09 #099 Sam Crow (aka Skeeter Hickshaw &) 24:27
HGWT 1960-10-16 #100 Stardust (aka Lola Blackwood) 24:39
HGWT 1960-10-23 #101 Hell Knows No Fury (aka Billy Boggs) 24:55
HGWT 1960-10-30 #102 Oil (aka F. Milton Gardner) 23:55
HGWT 1960-11-06 #103 The Odds (aka Nebraska) 24:19
HGWT 1960-11-13 #104 The Map (aka Hidden Money) 24:17
HGWT 1960-11-20 #105 Martha Neil 24:18
HGWT 1960-11-27 #106 From Here to Boston (aka The Inheritance) 23:50


Attention: falcofalcofalco ......

(5 stars)

falcofalcofalco .... I have done my homework, and judging by the critism you have made against the quality of the many available (FREE) Gunsmoke and (FREE) Have Gun Will Travel episodes, within the Internet Archive, I have reached the conclusion that you possibly, just don't understand the workings of this wonderfull FREE Internet Archive and all that it offers to you and others. I (like other Joe's and Josephine's who upload to the IA) volunteer many many hours of time to upload "STUFF," for the (FREE) enjoyment and pleasure of all present and future generations. I ask you (falco x3) to consider the thought that volunteers (like this Josephine) who upload to the IA, are untrained, unpaid workers who give freely of their time - not because they have to but because they want to .... for posterity. Please also take time to note that the age of many OTR single episodes just may have alot to do with poor sound quality. As for the better sound quality of some OTRR copies, it is very likely he or she who cleaned up the many 1,000s of (FREE) OTRR episodes, which you clearly enjoy listening to, likely (at their own expense) took the time to buy the costly program needed to clean up many of these shows, for the (FREE) enjoyment of the many millions of listeners - not to mention the many, many hours it took to do the clean-up. Have you, falco... ever considered volunteering your time somewhere, maybe even in the uploading of something interesting to the Internet Archive? This would be a most appreciated gesture on your part, and I can pretty-much guarantee you will be more proud of yourself for your time spent in helping others, rather than in criticising others for doing what they so clearly derive pride and joy in doing - in my case, volunteering my time for future generations, is a job of love. Whether I receive positive remarks, negative remarks, or no remarks at all, for the pleasure of all listeners, I will continue to upload to the IA. The download numbers on what I and other volunteers have uploaded to the IA, do not lie. The numbers clearly indicate the joy these "FREE to you and others" OTR programs, movies, TV shows and Books, bring to all who download them. As long as people continue to download, there will be a meeting of present and future generations with past generations. Thank you for your comments (falco x3). What is it they say about: "Even bad publicity is blah blah blah ....?" Please consider coming on board with uploading to the IA, the 'work' I so greatly enjoy! Respectfully yours, DEF gp ddh

Have Gun Will Travel

(5 stars)

I've been listening to the Gunsmoke series with Bill Conrad and liked the shows especially when John Dehner was in an episode, so I searched around looking for Dehner's other works,got Frontier Gentlemen and this one, which I really enjoy. I've over the years seen the links to the TV show with Richard Boone but always ignored it, but decided in a moment of boredom to stream the first episode, needless to say I was hooked, and that from one who never bothers with westerns unless they were directed by Anthony Mann.all these shows are of the best quality, writing,acting etc etc.Hignly recommended.


(5 stars)

Very fine series. As pointed out below Gene Roddenberry, wrote episodes. As I have just listened to the first five or six, I can't say how many. Very adult series, it's not afraid to dabbble it the less virtuous areas of life. Commendably, it addresses the horrible treatment of the Native Americans, showing their humanity,and how their basic morals, wants and desires weren't that different than their "white" counterparts. This was in an era when most shows were still espousing 19th century way of thinking.

Radio v TV

(5 stars)

I have had the pleasure of seeing all the TV episodes (an icon of my early years) as well as listening to the radio programs by courtesy of this site and each has its own merit. However, I found the radio version much more to my taste. I suspect it is because I could use my imagination to fill in the visual story, always something more exciting than to have the images doled out to me. Thanks for making this excellent series available.

HGWT episode no. 42 (All That Glitters): very poor audio

(0 stars)

Many of the Have Gun Will Travel (HGWT) episodes have atrociously poor audio quality. HGWT episode no. 42 All That Glitters's audio is terribly muffled, almost unlistenable. I thought that the Old Time Radio Researchers (OTRR) group was cleaning up/improving the audio these programs. OTRR has done a much better job with improving the audio of the 480 Gunsmoke episodes. The audio quality of many HGWT episodes eaves much to be desired.

Great Western

(5 stars)

These shows are well writen. I especially like the shows about real people and towns from the old west. John Dehner is great as always..

Who knew? Another boffo otr western better than the tv version!

(5 stars)

I love Gunsmoke, but love hgwt for its non-fictional setting (Frisco, stranger). The music sure don't hold a candle to Gunsmoke's beautiful scoring...love the commercials on the ones I've heard, from WROW Tri-Cities. Such as...1960 car of the year the chevrolet corvair! In ep 074. The world news for easter sunday 1960 is in ep 072...includes 'negro student nonviolence unrest' story as well as one on the pioneer 5 satellite and photos from it of easter island on account of it being easter...I know some are annoyed by the additional material you find on some episodes, but to me they add to the 'time travel' feeling of listening to old time radio. They also have the potential to be as valuable and useful culturally as the programming ads made possible. For instance, for the young pups in the room, the Corvair would quickly become known as a deathtrap which needed a trunk full of ballast or it was to quote ralph nader, 'unsafe at any speed.' thx volunteers who made THIS possible...this means you, def gp ddh!

Quality writing and enjoyable listening!

(5 stars)

I enjoyed Have Gun will travel. The stories are well crafted with great voice actors and production environments. They were produced near the zenith of entertainment. Many of the story frameworks are based on classic tales by example Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the tale of youth verses age and wisdom OR Socrates, tales explore the nature of knowing, justice, truth, wisdom, and purposeful thought, similarly HGWT's writers use Paladin to lead the stories antagonist to a conclusion the Ancient Greek teacher would be proud of. The HGWT television series (225 episodes) and radio show (106 episodes) proves that irregardless the period, setting portrayed, good storytelling is timeless. But most of all I would like to say thank you to the hard-working volunteers and contributors whom must've work many hours to provide us with this amount of quality entertainment. Again thank you and I look forward to further exploring one of the best websites on the Internet.