It's Higgins, Sir!

(4.8 stars; 12 reviews)

The Roberts family inherits a butler named Higgins from a distant English relative. This is a precious, short lived radio comedy from 1951. Starring Harold McNaughton as Higgins.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



It's Higgins, Sir! - Wonderful fun!

(5 stars)

Thank you to those responsible for uploading these episodes, they are quite wonderful. I love the way the very English and Jeeves-like Higgins with his impeccable English manners saves the day. A wonderful contrast of the two cultures on both sides of the Atlantic. I am in the habit of listening to these over the loud speakers I have installed in my bathroom. I delight in a good soak and a laugh over a cocktail whilst listening.

You're most welcome!

(5 stars)

Dear Graeme, I'm honored you like them. That's neat you like Jeeves and Wooster too! You have great taste, sir! :-)


(5 stars)

Truly wonderful. Radio & Television are no longer made to bring forward your imagination. Love these golden oldies.


(5 stars)

wonderful fun radio show a little politically incorrect at times lol but still extremely enjoyable 😃


(5 stars)

So sad there aren't more episodes!


(4 stars)

Very entertaining, good old time radio