Lets Pretend

(4.7 stars; 10 reviews)

Old Time Radio Programs. Lets Pretend, A Childrens Show.

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BeautyAndTheBeast 28:17
Cinderella 20:21
JackAndTheBeanstalk 25:49
KingArthursSon 27:10
MellALot 24:26
NightBeforeChristmas 23:36
PussAndBoots 19:28
RobinHood 23:18
SixSwans 25:17
SnowQueen 23:40
The White Cat 25:55
Why the Sea is Salty 29:06
The Little Mermaid 29:19
The Elves and the Shoemaker 30:03
The Water of Life 29:30
Prince Gigi and the Magic Ring 29:17
House of the World Christmas Special 29:44
King Midas and the Golden Touch 26:45
Princess Moonbeam 29:19
Frog Prince 26:36
The Yellow Dwarf 23:10
The Goose Girl 18:41
The Story of Faithful John 24:36
Jack and the Beanstalk 25:19
Six Swans 25:18
Bluebeard 18:31
Thumbelina 26:28
Brother and Sister 23:56
The Brave Little Tailor 25:26
The Chinese Nightingale 19:57
The Youth Who Learned to Shiver and Shake 19:17
Melilot 25:12
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 21:20
The Twelve Months 20:10
The Donkey, the Table and the Stick 25:46
The Enchanted Frog 19:23
Cinderella 20:27
The Princess and the Pea 31:28
Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarves 31:47
The Tinderbox 31:27
Rapunzel 19:43
King Thrushbeard 26:23
The White Cat 25:56
One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes 20:54
The Husband Who was to Mind the House 27:09
Ceres & Proserpina 24:47
Snow Queen 23:41
Twas The Night Before Christm 23:50
Robin Hood 25:27
The Magic Cuckoo 27:12
Beauty and the Beast 26:56
Ondine 28:41
Lets Pretend - 540904 - 1109 - From Vinyl - Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 24:15
Dick Wittington and His Cat (Record) 24:43
King Arthur 27:15
Hansel And Gretel(10-09-54) 24:44
Jorinda and Joringal 25:01
Puss in Boots 19:09
The Juniper Tree 19:46
Uncle Bill Interview 33:24
Emperor's New Clothes, The (Beginning Missing) 20:16
Golden Fleece, The (Uncle Ted) (Earlier Show 40s) 19:13
The Magic Carpet 26:45
Sleeping Beauty (Uncle Ted) 21:00
Douban the Physician 26:20


About "Let's Pretend"

(4 stars)

Thrilling, intenese, even frightening . . . all are descriptive words that do not apply to this show! This was a children's show, and it was produced quite well and did hold the attention of little kids. Like almost all OTR programs, if you could get a young person to slow down, and get any form of VIDEO away from thier eyes, they'd like this show. -Charlie Stuckey

Let's Pretend vinyl records

(5 stars)

The Let's Pretend radio programs were also put onto LPs. As an American child living overseas in the late 60s/early 70s these records were a rare source of entertainment. My three siblings and I used to listen to them over and over. Even now I can recite them along with the recording. Thanks for making them available.

Old memories

(5 stars)

I used to listen to Lets Pretend every Saturday morning at 8am. I don't remember what station it was on, but if I missed it my whole day was not good. I'm glad I found archive.org there are so many programs on it that I listened to when I was young.

This puts a big smile on my face!

(5 stars)

I'm too young to remember any of these shows. I love them all. I close my eyes when I listen and it makes me smile. Great stories in Let's Pretend, for young and the old! Thank you so very much!

Love this

(5 stars)

When I was young my parents had most of these episodes on audio cassette and I loved listening to them. When I got older and had my own kids I used them to help them go to sleep

This is my family

(5 stars)

Sybil Trent wad my mother-in -law , she passed away in 2000 but she always loved her days on this show and the cast members were like family to her

Lets Pretend

(5 stars)

Thsi is my sons second fav show the first being The cinnamon bear