Life With Luigi

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Old Time Radio Programs. Life with Luigi

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Life With Luigi 48-11-09 ep008 Finds Stolen Diamond Ring 29:44
Life with Luigi 48-09-21 ep001 Luigi Discovers America 29:45
Life with Luigi 48-11-16 ep009 Luigi Attends P T A Meeting 29:44
Life with Luigi 48-11-30 ep011 Luigi Joins Hospital Plan 29:45
Life with Luigi 48-12-07 ep012 Damage Claim on Broken Mirror 29:44
Life with Luigi 48-12-14 ep013 Paul Revere 29:45
Life with Luigi 48-12-21 ep014 Antique Colonial Silver Cup 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-01-09 ep017 First Date with American Girl 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-01-16 ep018 Surprise Party 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-01-30 ep020 Character References 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-02-06 ep021 Luigi Receives Erroneous Phone Bill 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-02-20 ep023 Making a Speech with a Fever 29:46
Life_with_Luigi_49-02-27_ep024_Luigi_Needs_Driver's_License 29:46
Life with Luigi 49-03-06 ep025 Income Tax Problems 29:46
Life with Luigi 49-03-13 ep026 The Raffle 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-03-20_ep027_Luigi's_First_Car 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-03-27 ep028 Luigi Goes to Dance School 29:46
Life with Luigi 49-04-03 ep029 Luigi Tries to Return a Nightgown 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-04-10 ep030 Rosa Must Lose Weight 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-04-24 ep032 Luigi Gets a Big Electric Bill 29:46
Life with Luigi 49-05-01 ep033 Plans a Block Party 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_49-05-08_ep034_Luigi's_Toothache 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-05-29 ep036 The Wedding 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-06-12_ep038_Papa's_Coat_Pocket 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-06-19_ep039_Pasquale's_Birthday_Party 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-06-26 ep040 Life Insurance Policy 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-07-03 ep041 July 4th Parade 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-07-10 ep042 The Registered Letter 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-07-17 ep043 At the Beach 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-07-24 ep044 Homesick 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-07-31 ep045 X- Ray Pictures 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-08-07 ep046 A Date with Shirley 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-08-14 ep047 Sore Thumb 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-08-21_ep048_The_Driver's_License 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-08-28_ep049_Go_West,_Young_Man 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-09-04 ep050 Hit and Run Witness 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-09-11 ep051 Luigi Tries to Become a Singer 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-09-18 ep052 Midget Radio Lawsuit 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-09-25 ep053 Block Party 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-09-27 ep054 Stock Investments 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-10-04 ep055 Luigi Throws a Party at the Store 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-10-11 ep056 Columbus Day Play 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-10-25 ep058 The Zoning Commission 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-11-01 ep059 Football Game 29:44
Life with Luigi 49-11-08 ep060 No Electioneering 29:43
Life with Luigi 49-11-22 ep062 Thanksgiving Celebration 29:45
Life with Luigi 49-11-29 ep063 Money for the Kids 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-12-06_ep064_Post_Office_Breaks_Luigi's_Gift 29:46
Life_with_Luigi_49-12-20_ep066_Pasquale_Takes_Luigi's_Christmas_Money 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_49-12-27_ep067_New_Year's_Phone_Call 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-01-03 ep068 Pietro Needs an Overcoat 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_50-01-10_ep069_Luigi's_First_Citizenship_Papers 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-01-24 ep071 Using Television to Increase Business 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-01-31 ep072 Flunking The Final Exam On Purpose 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-02-07 ep073 The Abraham Lincoln Letter 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-02-14 ep074 Movie Date 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-02-21 ep075 Washington Radio Contest 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_50-02-28_ep076_Ms_Spaulding's_Party 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-03-07 ep077 Income Tax Season 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-03-14 ep078 Big Brothers of America 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-03-21 ep079 Luigi Enlists In The Marines 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-03-28 ep080 Luigi Finds a Wallet 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-04-04 ep081 Traffic Light 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-04-11 ep082 Bosco Is A Good Name 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-04-25 ep084 Donation for Gym Equipment 29:46
Life_with_Luigi_50-05-02_ep085_Sootho's__Cough_Syrup_Guarantee 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_50-05-16_ep087_Future_American,_1953 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-05-23 ep088 Taking A Picture Of Rosa 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_50-05-30_ep089_Luigi's_Antiques_Are_Auctioned_Off 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-06-06 ep090 Party Line Troubles 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-07-04 Independence Day Parade epRepeat of 49-07-03 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-08-15 ep091 Luigi Has a Fire in the Store 29:43
Life with Luigi 50-08-22 ep092 Business Trip to Buffalo 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-09-05 ep094 Luigi Sells Ice Cream 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-09-12 ep095 Luigi Is Lonely 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-09-19 ep096 Crusade for Freedom Speech 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-09-26 ep097 Trolley Transfer 29:46
Life with Luigi 50-10-03 ep098 Luigi Gives Blood 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-10-10 ep099 A Day In New York With Frank Sinatra 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-10-17 ep100 Pasquale Hires A Tutor 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-10-24 ep101 Antique Dealers of America Association 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-10-31 ep102 Right To Vote Taken Away 29:46
Life with Luigi 50-11-24 ep105 Moonlighting At The Daisy Pie Factory 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-11-28 ep106 Not Counted In The Census 29:45
Life with Luigi 50-12-05 ep107 Lost In Chicago 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_50-12-12_ep108_Lugi_Joins_The_Record_Collector's_Club 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-12-19 ep109 A Christmas Present For Pasquale 29:44
Life with Luigi 50-12-26 ep110 A Visit From The Immigration Service 29:44
Life with Luigi 51-01-02 ep111 Ice Scating At The Lake 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_51-01-09_ep112_Queen_Sheba's_Iceberg 29:44
Life with Luigi 51-01-16 ep113 Luigi Deposits A California Check 29:44
Life with Luigi 51-01-23 ep114 Luigi Refuses To Talk To Pasquale 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-01-30 ep115 Graduating From 1A To 1B 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-02-06 ep116 Luigi Finds Out He Has Tonsilitus 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-02-13 ep117 Luigi Has His Tonsils Removed 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-02-20 ep118 Luigi Puts A Negro In His Play 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-02-27 ep119 Luigi Becomes A Gas Station Attendant 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-03-06 ep120 The Mail Order Suit 29:44
Life with Luigi 51-03-20 ep122 The Spring Walk 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_51-03-27_ep123_April_Fool's_Joke 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-04-17 ep126 Bosco-Pasquale Lifetime Shoelace Company 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-04-24 ep127 Mrs Spaulding Resigns 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-05-01 ep128 A Date With The Librarian 29:43
Life with Luigi 51-05-08 ep129 Horse And Wagon Delivery Service 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-05-15 ep130 I Want To Be An American Day 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_51-05-22_ep131_Rosa's_Make-over_For_The_Antique_Dealer's_Dance 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-06-12 ep134 Luigi Becomes A Soda Jerk 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-06-19 ep135 Luigi Decides To Paint His Own Safety Zones 29:46
Life with Luigi 51-06-26 ep136 Luigi Throws A Party For His Salesmen 29:48
Life with Luigi 51-07-03 The Fourth Of July Parade Repeat Broadcast 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_51-08-28_ep137_Shultz_And_Olson_Not_In_Luigi's_Class 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_51-09-04_ep138_Naming_The_O'Rielly's_Baby_Contest 29:45
Life_with_Luigi_51-09-11_ep139_Luigi's_Block_Party 29:46
Life_with_Luigi_51-09-18_ep140_Luigi_Isn't_In_The_Phone_Book 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_51-09-25_ep141_Go_West,_Young_Man 29:44
Life with Luigi 51-10-02 ep142 Mama Thinks Luigi Is A Millionaire 29:46
Life_with_Luigi_51-10-16_ep144_Luigi's_Dun_And_Bradstreet_Rating 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_51-10-23_ep145_Luigi,_The_Square_Dance_Caller 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-10-30 ep146 Trick Or Treat 29:43
Life with Luigi 51-11-06 ep147 Luigi Opens Up A New Antique Store 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-11-13 ep148 Mrs Spaulding Off For A Week 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-11-20 ep149 The Thanksgiving Dinner 29:45
Life with Luigi 51-12-25 ep154 A Christmas Present For Pasquale 29:46
Life with Luigi 52-01-02 ep155 Insurance For Everything 29:44
Life with Luigi 52-01-08 ep156 Luigi Takes Rosa To The Movies 29:46
Life_with_Luigi_52-01-15_ep157_Rosa_Attends_Luigi's_Night_Class 29:46
Life with Luigi 52-01-22 ep158 Rosa Goes To The Head Of The Class 29:44
Life with Luigi 52-01-29 ep159 The High Standard Of Living 29:45
Life with Luigi 52-02-05 ep160 Homesick 29:44
Life with Luigi 52-02-12 ep161 The Toledo Weighing Machine 29:44
Life with Luigi 52-02-26 ep163 Joins Local Civil Defense Group 29:46
Life with Luigi 52-03-04 ep164 Pasquale Threatens to Evict Luigi 29:44
Life with Luigi 52-03-11 ep165 Income Tax Problems 29:45
Life with Luigi 52-03-25 ep166 Essay Contest 29:44
Life with Luigi 52-04-01 ep167 April Fools Joke 29:45
Life with Luigi 52-04-08 ep168 Easter Birthday Party 29:44
Life_with_Luigi_52-04-15_ep169_Luigi_Can't_Sleep 29:45
Life with Luigi 52-04-22 ep170 Takes a Date to Antique Dealers Dance 29:45


America, I love-a you. You like a papa to meeee!

(5 stars)

This show is incredible. Amos 'n' Andy with European immigrants. Listen to it, if you enjoy good comedy.

Luigi, My Friend, 'Allo 'Allo

(5 stars)

Mama mia, this is a fine comedy. I actually heard a commercial for Life with Luigi on an Episode of Johnny Dollar and was impressed with it and have listened to several episodes. Life with Luigi tells the story of the little immigrant brought over from Italy by Pasquale, an underhanded restaurant owner with designs on getting Luigi to marry his daughter, Rosa. (A request that occurs every episode.) There's some great humor in this fish out of water story. However, the story is also a love story-of Luigi's love for America. What's most remarkable about the show is that it was a hit when three and a half years before the show's premiere, America had been at war with Italy. As Luigi would say, "It's a wonderful country!"

I can't stop laughing

(5 stars)

Luigi is another great comedy from the golden age of radio! These are my favorite one: 70617. Life With Luigi. January 31, 1950. CBS net. Sponsored by: Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. Luigi and his night school class are about to be promoted into the third grade...away from Miss Spaulding! The class goes on a "Stupid Strike" so that they'll get left back. The script was used subsequently on "Life With Luigi" on January 30, 1951 (see cat. #80807). J. Carrol Naish, Cy Howard (creator, producer), Mac Benoff (writer, director), Lou Derman (writer), Bob Stevenson (announcer), Lud Gluskin (music director), Alan Reed, Mary Shipp, Joe Forte, Ken Peters, Hans Conried, Jody Gilbert. 29:3. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete.

Rosa, I love you not.

(4 stars)

The "America, I love you" patriotism is grating. But there some laugh-out-loud moments, especially with Pasquale without whom the show would be a non-starter.

yet another duplicate

(0 stars)

Life with Luigi 49-09-18 ep052 Midget Radio Lawsuit is a duplicate of some other, earlier dated episode