Luke Slaughter Of Tombstone

(4.8 stars; 8 reviews)

Sam Buffington played a Civil War cavalryman turned Arizona cattleman known as, "Slaughter's my name. Luke Slaughter. Cattle's my business. It's a tough business. Big business. I've got a big stake in it. And there's no man west of the Reo Grande big enough to take it from me." Junius Matthews played h his sidekick, Wichita. Music was provided by Wilbur Hatch. The series was directed by William N. Robson and was written by Fran Van Hartesveldt.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Sure wish there were more

(5 stars)

This is a cross between the styles of The Six Shooter, Gunsmoke & Have Gun Will Travel, if you can imagine that. I say The Six Shooter because of the easy, laid-back approach of the narrative style. Gunsmoke, because of the "fastest gun" being our main man, without much background explanation, except one wonders if our main man was ever less than law abiding. Have Gun Will Travel, the ONLY negative comment I have, because of the stereotyping and aspersions thrown out on non-whites. That, we could have done without. It is enjoyable, easygoing while holding one's attention with surprising little plots. All in all very refreshing. Sure wish there were more, pardner.

Great Find !

(4 stars)

This is one that I tell my western lovers above all they always say "I never heard of that". That is why I call it a great find. Once you have listened to all the Gunsmoke. I is is a great to find out about series.