Lux Radio Theater 1937

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Lux Radio Theater and Archive

(4 stars)

What a feast! I must comment today on your wonderful site and your fantastic radio archive! I took a look at this selection of plays and was totally Hooked being an Englishman I thought we had the best Character Actors but I see that the USA has had a good few over the years. Congratulations again on your site and thank everyone involved and please continue with it! I'm sure it takes a lot of work and dedication again Thankyou All!

A treasure trove

(5 stars)

Most of these are very good or excellent. One standout in the opposite direction is Madame Butterfly. This one is remarkable in its awfulness. Cary Grant comes off like a cold creepy sex tourist, and Butterfly sounds like an older woman having a laugh at Japanese accents. Still entertaining though!

The Front Page

(5 stars)

Listening to The Front Page (June 28th) is eerie. At the end, they announce that Amelia Earhart would be a guest the following week "if she arrived on time." She would, of course, be missing by then. Chilling to hear, but so fascinating.


(0 stars)

if you do a search for "Dulcy" you will find the complete Lux Radio Theater with Burns and Allen complete with opening and closing credits.

This is so awsome!!

(5 stars)

I am so addicted to these plays!! Thanks for having them!!


(5 stars)

Awesome show! thanks for sharing! young people like otr too! ;) OtrJunkie