Lux Radio Theater 1941

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Original Soap Operas

(5 stars)

It is a delight to hear the voice of Cecile B. Demille on the early Lux Radio shows. Demille was an excellent orator whose resounding voice captured the attention of his audience. It is hard to believe his srength was in directing and not on stage and screen. The hollywood stars of this era were truly brillant, not like the dim bulbs we have today. My favourites, Jack Benny, Carol Lombard, Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Cary Grant, Lucille Ball, Clark Gable ....etc. OTR, you have found these treasures, thank you.

best quality otr on net.

(5 stars)

I have been looking for a LUX show "The Day The Earth Stood Still for 20 years. I have gotten many copies over the t years. All were edited (No commercials, no opening, and the worst quality I ever encountered. BUT You gave me a complete unedited copy with great audio. I thank you. That goes for all your Sows. Mickey Deems mickey4

LUX/Lost Horizon

(5 stars)

-I'm a fan of Lux Radio Theater and this episode of Lost Horizon is one of the best programs produced by Cecil B. DeMille. Ronald Colman,Donald Crisp, and Lynn Carter star in this adaption of the James Hilton novel. It actually makes you believe in Shanga-La! I'll give it 5 stars!

(5 stars)

Love old lux radio. Almost as much as Turner Classic Movies 🎥


(5 stars)

Back when people realized other people mattered.