Moms Mabley 04 Eps

(4.4 stars; 16 reviews)

(04 Episodes from 1968) 'Moms Mabley' During the late 1960s, Moms Mabley was a very popular, hilarious, older female, stand-up comedienne. Moms always said WHAT she wanted to, WHEN she wanted to. She pulled no punches. She never held back. She called a spade a spade. Not OTR but very much worth the listen for 60s colour! OTR * def gp ddh

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I Love Moms!

(5 stars)

Moms Mabley was ahead of her time. She was subtle and able to make us laugh at both common and individual human foibles. I loved her as a kid, even though I could only understand half of her humor. Now, it's such a pleasure to be all grown up and getting a laugh with Mom's every word. Big thanks!

They cut off ....

(4.5 stars)

I think it's because we played this album constantly when I was younger, but the sets seem to cut off mid routine. Maybe that's when it would mice to the next track, but it made me sad. 4.5 stars because I'm grateful to hear it at all!


(5 stars)

I want to party with Moms! What a gem! More please.

Good old days old fashioned funny light hearted comedy. Love it!

(4 stars)

(5 stars)

Moms was one of the best comedians ever.