Murder At Midnight

(4.8 stars; 10 reviews)

A few missing episodes of the "complete" series found at the link below. Click Here for more episodes of Murder at Midnight Sourced from Murder at Midnight - Free OTR Shows

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Big thanks for finding these!

(5 stars)

I think that first reviewer meant but forgot to say thank yoU! Fabulous series!

Murder at midnight

(5 stars)

I like listening to these old radio shows. My parents get a kick too,listening to shows they heard as kids. I don't think kids now would care for them much.

Not a unique episode

(0 stars)

"Deadman's Turn" is "Death Across the Board". It was already here.

Pretty cool

(4.5 stars)

and yes, thank you.