Mystery is My Hobby

(4.1 stars; 14 reviews)

Broadcast before a live audience, Mystery is My Hobby is a detective show with Glen Langdon as Barton Drake

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


000BuriedTreasureMap 23:28
000Caseof65Women 24:32
000DeathatDeadline 24:52
000FaithlessWife 22:57
000GoldProspector 24:00
000KidBrownisKod 24:01
000MillionaireThreatened 24:38
000MurderataMagicShow 22:23
000OilKingMurdered 24:13
000StolenRembrandts 24:21
000TickettoMurder 25:07
000WifePoisoned 24:50
001AllenFisherisMurdered 24:02
002MonicaFeelsThreatened 23:29
003Snowbound 24:54
004DudeRanch 23:43
005MurderintheRing 23:56
006WhoKilledDavidAustin 24:13
007MurderBound 24:08
008ShortDistancetoMurder 24:47
009Blackmail 23:56
010WalkingCorpse 23:22
011DeathinMarkAdriansStudio 23:56
013ShotsatCurtisWindow 24:53
014EternalTriangle 24:30
015WaitingGame 23:46
016ClearingPeterWade 23:24
018MysteryoftheBurningLight 23:24
019ArthurGideonsMemoirs 24:18
020PhonyHusband 23:06
021CinderellaforaDay 23:42
022MinkCoat 23:45
023StellaDixisMurdered 24:08
024HitPlanGoneAstray 23:38
025MurderatAsaClarksHouse 22:48
027WomanShootsSelf 23:30
028AndrewBradfordRunsforGov 22:47
028Ex-ConCandidate 24:12
031BenCramer 24:15
032ChrisPomeroy 23:51
033SallyAndersisMurdered 23:06
034UncleHowardsTreasureMap 23:15
035MurderattheArnoldHouse 23:38
037DeathofanOldProspector 23:32
039FishingTripEndsinMurder 23:34
040VoiceofDoom 23:05
041FugitiveBrother 24:48
042FeudingRadioComedians 23:47
043StephanieBrentMurdered 23:09
045BodyintheTrunk 22:56
045JohnCrainMurder 22:25
047HudsonFamilyDeaths 22:17
048CoinCollectorMystery 24:17
048MurderWithaBoomerang 23:41
049TomTorelli 23:46
050KennethPrenglePoloPlayer 23:02
051EstelleWainwright 24:03
072EngagedtoDeath 24:16
112TwoHourstoLive 24:21
114BulletsMakeHoles 23:51
116DeathisaTwin 24:22
117MurderCanSometimesBePleasant 23:49
118DeathPaintsWithPurple 23:30
122DeathBuysFlowers 25:42
123DeathSpeaksWith10Fingers 26:18
126471119DeathAsksQuestions 26:45
127471126DeathisaGrainofSand 27:11
129DeathHasBlueEyes 24:44
129MadameValentineisFearfulnoopening 22:38
130DeathHasaHotFoot 24:52
133480107DeathLosestheBody 27:11
134DeathGoesBeforePride 24:27
135DeathWritesanEpitath 25:40
MysteryIsMyHobby1MiningEngineerAccusedMurder 24:55
MysteryIsMyHobby2WifeThinksHusbandTryingKillHer 24:58


The Best of the "B" Talkies

(3 stars)

This is the most intellectually challenge of all mystery shows. Unlike The Whistler, the solutions take far more piecemeal clues, and the deductive reasoning of the listener who actually "tries to solve the case". Great introduction for novel readers who want to shorten the time on their whodunnits. 7.2 as a show. 8.6 as an OTR mystery program. Could be 2nd only to Broadway is My Beat in terms of retaining its potency: meaning if this were turned into a Tv show, it would DOMINATE prime time. Keep it Battle Rap

Fun, with caveats.

(3 stars)

This is a fun little series in its way; however, it has a couple of silly premises. 1) All of Barton Drake's stories supposedly come from his apparently only published book, but, since he numbers the stories up into the hundreds, the book must be thousands of pages long! 2) Drake's pal, the police "Inspector," is an obnoxious, dumb loudmouth who feels and acts as if he has total police jurisdiction wherever he and Bart may go! (Why Drake even likes him is beyond me.)

Pretty good

(3 stars)

Yes, "Hobby" is pretty good. Not superb, not brilliant, but is good entertainment. It's also good that it's not a typical detective or crime drama, and it also includes a little humor here and there. Decent writing and good acting are included, too. I would suggest this program to other classic radio listeners, and, of course, thank you to the archives. A bigger thanks goes to those who took the time to post classic radio shows. -Charlie S.

Glen Langdon Does Well In Detective Show

(5 stars)

I am looking forward to hearing more episodes from "Mystery is My Hobby." Glen Langdon did well as a low-key, quick-witted detective. The supporting cast was good and the plot and pace of the first episode kept me interested. Thank you for airing these entertaining shows.


(4 stars)

I have listened to all of the shows now, and the very first poster is correct. There are 75 total shows to listen to/download. 12 are duplicates, 63 are original shows. It does not detract from the fact this I did enjoy the show, I just bypassed the duplicates.

fun series.

(4 stars)

I like this series.i know it is kind of corny but it is a fun series. At times the acting is over the top and the writing ok overall but not great. I still listen to it for a change of pace.

many repeats

(0 stars)

The upload is appreciated, but the person who put up these episodes did not check for duplicates. There are more than a few here.

Very entertaining!

(5 stars)

I loved these classic episodes. They reminded me of Mr. Keen. Which is a favorite of mine. Thank you.