2000 Plus

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'Robot Killer' is not blank now / killer future prediction !

(5 stars)

These are primo. Listen to the ep I refer to for wonderful rundown of products the writer imagines well see in 2000 . Quite accurate .... comically and spookily close...computater for computer etc. THE BROOKLYN BRAIN eerily prescient piece on uploading material to your brain electronically, voice to text! THE INSECT otr at its creepy best. THE GREEN THING: Plot about psychiatry and dream analysis; a machine that allows you to watch dreams like a movie. Short on sound f/x, but good writing and acting. Sometimes sound effects are a negative: they can cause embarrassing or disturbing reactions in you the reader. an example of an inconvenient sound effect: a gunshot or siren explodes your sleep. More gentle f/x is the slight trill or suggestion by the organ player. Sometimes this is better! This series uses both. SPACE WRECK is titanic story in space, kind of. Recommend! SPACE VETERAN little weak unless you like 50s style precocious little boys named Jimmy (notice how many jimmies in ot stuff lol?).

The first episode is the best IMO!

(5 stars)

"Men from Mars" is a five-star episode that kicks off this groundbreaking series. Clever writing, with the kind of humor you'd expect from a couple of high school boys, and outstanding sound effects. No one in the cast misses a beat. They pulled it off perfectly! I've listened to it and several other episodes countless times and they never grow old. They include "When Machines Went Mad" (partial), and "When Worlds Met". I do wish they could find missing episodes, but I'm very grateful for the ones that are here. Thank you!

Really good!

(4 stars)

Oh, how I wish more episodes existed. I came across this show a couple of years ago, and I'm glad I did. These stories are good, and the one that stands out for me is"The Brooklyn Brain. " It's funny, and very clever. Many of the actors you'll hear again, 25 years later, on CBSRMT! If you are one of the lucky ones to find this, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! -Charlie Stuckey aka Sara Belle Palsy

From the golden age of radio sci fi

(4 stars)

If technological progress gives you a haunting sense of dread, if you worry that robots will create a nightmare world, or if you enjoy movies and stories in that vein, 2000 Plus is pop-culture roots. The scripts and the acting are good to excellent.

Good Show

(4 stars)

2000 Plus is just a fun, old school sci fi show. Good sound effects, entertaining stories usually dealing with paranoia over technology, aliens, and the like. The quality is pretty good, although the 'Robot Killer' file is blank. I'd recommend these for anyone looking for that 1950s scifi flavor


(5 stars)

Great set of shows, I enjoyed them immensely. I have a graphic equaliser app on my Mac, and this is great for improving quality

There is a more recent Old Time Radio Researchers Group version

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Pure 50's sci-fi

(5 stars)

Great series. Wish there were more episodes. available.