A Man Called X

(3.9 stars; 8 reviews)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Herbert Marshall Is Excellent As "The Man Called X"

(5 stars)

Herbert Marshall consistently performs at a high level as Ken Thurston in "The Man Called X." The stories of foreign intrigue are different enough to constrast with detective shows of the time. Brian Donlevy, in "Dangerous Assignment," is somewhat similar to "The Man Called X," but does not have a co-star on a weekly basis as does Herbert Marshall. As noted in the other review of this program, the correct title is "The Man Called X," and not "A Man Called X." This program holds up nicely to my childhood memories of hearing it. A good show-thanks for having these selections to hear.

title of show probably wrong

(3 stars)

I believe the title of the show should be listed as "The Man Called X" rather than "A Man Called X." Since the use of an article often redirects the alphabetical order of a show's name, normally this is not a big deal. This is the kind of thing that will catch up with users later on and really cause some needless discussion (like mine now!). I'd like to see the shows all listed correctly since this site is for users in many years to come.