Archie Andrews 50 Eps

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(50 Episodes) ARCHIE ANDREWS: there is just no hero like popular comic strip of the same name, this Old Time Radio Sitcom was created, with much success, to pull a Teenage Audience into the living room and up to the radio. * Broadcast History: May 31 - December 24, 1943 Blue Network. Five times a week, 15 minute strip show. As of October 1st, became a weekly 25 minute series. Friday at 7:05pm January 17 - June 2, 1944 Mutual. 15m, daily at 5:15pm June 2nd, 1945 - September 5th, 1953 NBC. 30m, Saturdays at 10:30am Swift and Company OTR * def gp ddh Cast: (Archie Andrews) Charles Mullen, Jack Grimes, Burt Boyar **(Bob Hastings played Archie during the NBC run.) (Jughead Jones) Harlan Stone and Cameron Andrews (Betty Cooper) Rosemary Rice (Veronica Lodge) Gloria Mann and Vivian Smolen (Mary and Fred Andrews )Alice Yourman and Arthur Kohl (Reggie Mantle) Paul Gordon (Mr. Weatherbee) Arthur Maitland * Producer: Kenneth W. MacGregor * Announcer: Bob Sherry * Music: George Wright * Sound Effects: Agnew Horine *Source: Free OTR Shows OTR * def gp ddh

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Arch An 1945-06-23 Nazi POW in Riverdale 28:43
Arch An 1946-05-07 A Day at Camp 13:38
Arch An 1946-05-11 Poison Candy 29:30
Arch An 1946-05-18 Hip Talks (Jive Talk) 29:31
Arch An 1946-07-06 Masked Marvel 29:32
Arch An 1946-07-13 Stranded on Deserted Island 29:31
Arch An 1946-07-20 The Hammock 29:32
Arch An 1946-07-27 Drugstore Mixup 31:36
Arch An 1946-10-19 Double Date 29:49
Arch An 1947-03-15 The Red Cross Benefit 27:59
Arch An 1947-08-09 Taking a Bath 30:44
Arch An 1947-11-15 Going To Bed Early 29:49
Arch An 1947-12-13 Christmas Shopping 27:54
Arch An 1948-05-15 The Hiccups (Good Nights Sleep) 27:23
Arch An 1948-06-12 Archie Fights a Cold 29:32
Arch An 1948-07-10 Archie Gets Dressed For a Date 30:14
Arch An 1948-07-17 Mr Andrews Wallpapers a Room 29:49
Arch An 1948-08-07 Suffering From the Heat 29:44
Arch An 1948-08-21 Going on a Picnc 30:29
Arch An 1948-09-04 The Big Dance 29:49
Arch An 1948-09-11 Borrowing a Tire Jack (Fixing Flat Tire) 29:06
Arch An 1948-09-18 Archie's in Love 28:26
Arch An 1948-09-25 Free Movie Tickets 30:10
Arch An 1948-10-30 Halloween Party 18:39
Arch An 1948-11-06 Locked Out of the House 30:04
Arch An 1948-11-20 Guests Are Coming for Dinner 29:18
Arch An 1948-11-27 Laryngitis Ruins Dad's Nap 28:50
Arch An 1948-12-04 Job at the Drugstore 29:42
Arch An 1949-05-21 The New TV Set 29:53
Arch An 1949-05-28 Careful - Don't Waken Father 29:09
Arch An 1949-07-13 Sunburned 31:51
Arch An 1949-08-24 Trying to go Fishing 29:37
Arch An 1949-09-00 Dinner in a Restaurant 29:20
Arch An 1949-10-29 Unknown Title 24:52
Arch An 1949-12-17 Christmas Shopping 28:50
Arch An 1950-03-04 Archie Is Missing 29:30
Arch An 1950-11-11 Mouse in the House 29:31
Arch An 1950-11-18 The Charleston Contest 28:12
Arch An 1951-03-10 Mailing Income Tax 29:32
Arch An 1951-03-17 Too Much Noise 29:30
Arch An 1951-05-06 Jalopy Won't Start 28:31
Arch An 1951-05-20 Big Ballgame 29:31
Arch An 1951-05-27 Archie The Babysitter 29:39
Arch An 1951-06-03 The Economy Program 23:56
Arch An 1953 Helping Dad At The Office 27:37
Arch An Bankrupt Rumour 27:51
Arch An Football Tickets 28:55
Arch An Glowing Dial Celeb. Int.(Bob Hastings) 18:27
Arch An Horseback Riding Lessons 28:01
Arch An Late For School 27:41


great comedy episodes for the archie comic fans!

(5 stars)

i really enjoy these old radio show episodes ♡ i grew up reading Archie comics and now my daughter reads them as well. we love these imensley! ♡

Archie Andrews 50 episodes

(5 stars)

It's nice to hear a life was back in the fifties, 7 cents for a bus ride I would get on , compared to today's $2.75 for a bus

Missing........Episodes in ZIP File

(0 stars)

NOTE :The ZIP File does just contain 2 episodes. In order to dowload you have to download each file separately.

Never Gets Old

(4 stars)

I'm so glad these are posted on here. I never get tired of listening to Archie's.

time machine to the Past

(5 stars)

best way to spend time in the past very funny comedy and entertaining.

(5 stars)

I love it but I think that there should be more episodes to listen to... 👍🏻👍🏻👏👏

Zip File

(5 stars)

The zip file contains all 50 episodes. I LOVE ME SOME ARCHIE ANDREWS!!


(5 stars)

wonderful fun well worth a listen 5 stars