Black Museum with Orson Welles

(4.8 stars; 9 reviews)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


The Shopping Bag 25:46
The Faded Tartan Scarf 25:39
The Post Card 24:28
G Schurmann - Horrors Of The Black Museum - Overture 3:33
BlackMuseum-JAR OF ACID.MP3 51:01
Meat Juice 26:12
The Scarf 26:30
The Baby's Jacket 25:34
The Brass Button 24:01
BlackMuseum-The Brick 22:13
The Center-Fire Bullet 23:27
The Champagne Glass 24:51
The Faded T 26:30
The Gladstone Bag 29:30
The Jack Handle 26:49
BlackMuseum-The Khaki Handkerchief 48:36
Track 2 24:00
BlackMuseum-The Prescription 28:46
The Raincoat 26:08
BlackMuseum-The Small White Boxes 50:38
Track 2 24:33
BlackMuseum-Two Bullets 24:55
Kilroy Was Here 25:16
the Axis Submarine 22:41
the Baby's Jacket 26:12
the Bit of Frosted Glass 25:18
the Chain 26:17
the Gladstone Bag 29:44
the Jacket 24:27
Orson Welles - the Little White Boxes 28:39
the Pike 4:30
the Pike 25:39
the Rising Sun 24:35
the Scarf 26:53
the Spectacles 25:13
the Wooden Mallet 25:58
OTR-BlackMuseum-Jar of Acid 51:01
The 22 Caliber Pistol 29:13
The Center Fire Bullet 24:05
The Bath Tub 25:52
The Black Gladstone Bag 29:47
The Blood Stained Brickbat 22:29
The Brass Button 24:24
A Can (Or Tin) Of Weed Killer 25:57
The Canvas Bag 25:31
The Car Tire 24:14
The Champagne Glass 26:29
A Claw Hammer 25:43
The Door Key 23:48
The Faded Tartan Scarf 31:28
Four Small Bottles 26:52
A French-English Dictionary 25:57
The Gas Receipt 25:53
Glass Shards 25:31
The Hammerhead 24:27
The Jack Handle 26:07
A Jar of Acid 27:06
The Khaki Handkerchief 23:47
A Lady's Shoe 25:33
The Leather Bag 24:07
A Letter 24:46
The Mandolin String 30:02
Meat Juice 26:59
The Notes 25:26
The Old Wooden Mallet 25:46
The Open End Wrench 23:33
The Pair of Spectacles 28:40
A Piece of Iron Chain 26:12
The Pink Powder Puff 26:03
The Post Card 24:35
A Prescription 28:56
The Raincoat 25:27
The Sash Cord 24:37
A Service Card 26:06
The Sheath Knife 29:54
A Shilling 26:02
A Silencer 25:40
The Small White Boxes 25:29
The Spotted Bedsheet 25:42
The Straight Razor 28:49
The Tan Shoe 24:27
The Telegram 25:38
A Trunk 25:55
Two Bullets 25:40
The Walking Stick 25:20
A Woman's Pigskin Glove 26:43
The Wool Jacket 26:21
The 32 Caliber Bullet 25:25
Xxx the Pike (Possible Missing) 25:48
Xxx the Rising Sun (Possible Missing) 24:37


A good effort

(4 stars)

This is excellent entertainment even though the stories are not always accurate. Orson Welles voice as the narrator adds something though the accompanying 'music' can be quite annoying, but I suppose that this was used a time filler.


(5 stars)

Orsen Welles presents stories from Scotland Yard's 'black museum' of crime, based on true crimes recorded in the files of the British police. Aired in the 1950s, this series was one of several radio shows on which Welles contributed his considerable talents, after rising to frame with the ultimate radio experience: this was the man who panicked America in 1938, with the radio adaptation of 'The War Of The Worlds'. These crimes, showcased here, are not sensationlised. But they hardly need to be. This was the beginning of the True Crimes format in modern broadcasting, presenting real cases that were every bit as compelling as the detective and police fiction of the time.

A different era.

(5 stars)

These programs are a great piece of history. How different the police were in those days. It seems the public called them sir and they had to do the job the hard way unlike today when a computer does all the work for them. The police may have become more distant to the public today but the same old crimes never seem to alter. It's great entertainment and I'd far prefer this program to a modern radio program such as the archers, and before political correctness blighted our lives.

Fantastic memory!

(5 stars)

Back in the mid-sixties, when I was a young teenager, a local radio station would play these stories on Sunday nights. I would listen to them on a radio in my bedroom with my door closed and the lights out before going to sleep. You cannot believe how happy I am to find these stories again! Thank you so much for preserving them and providing such easy access to them.

classic otr

(4.5 stars)

good stuff but I seem to be one of the few who prefer Whitehall 1212 to this. a lot of the same cases are covered


(5 stars)

Brilliant series Orson Welles is a perfect host well worth a listen.