Sherman’s Military Lessons Of The American Civil War, From His Memoirs

Read by David Wales

(4 stars; 38 reviews)

This LibriVox recording comprises chapter 25 (Conclusion – Military Lessons Of The War) of Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Memoirs, published in 1875. Sherman was one of the premier generals fighting for the North. He steadfastly refused to be drawn into politics and in 1875 published his Memoirs, one of the best-known first-hand accounts of the Civil War. British military historian B. H. Liddell Hart famously declared that Sherman was "the first modern general" - Summary by Wikipedia and david wales (1 hr 11 min)


Great Listen

(5 stars)

Sherman was a very good writer, and it is fascinating to be listening to his strategy for winning, planning every step, taking great care for his men, and even for the enemy. This book is definitely worth the time, and the reader convinced me I was listening to Sherman himself!

Patchwork Rendering

(1 stars)

I really don't understand the thinking by Librivox in allowing such a seminal work to be chopped up and then regurgitated piecemeal. Looking at David Wales' three separate abridgements, it appears that about 75% of Sherman's memoir is missing.

(4 stars)

Reading will done in spite of some generally dry content other than for the military aficionado. You can tell that Sherman knew what he was talking about!