Aladdin Lamp - Single Episodes

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What little is known about this series is gleaned from the pages of 'Aladdin Electric Lamps' and is used by express permission of the Aladdin Lamp Company. In the early 1930s Smilin' Ed McConnell promoted Aladdin Kerosene Lamps with remarkable success over WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio. He became a well known radio personality as 'The Aladdin Lamp Man' who sang songs, told stories and sold Aladdin lamps over the air. By 1948, 145 ABC stations were subscribing to his 15 minute programs. Smilin' Ed's humor, songs, and music were condensed into a five-minute program especially for electric lamp dealers. So it is very likely that this series originated after 1948. Through his personable style, Smilin' Ed touched the lives of millions of housewives. He said in one program, 'Honey, a house without an Aladdin kerosene or electric lamp is like a house without a door -- incomplete!' From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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First Tune - For Me and My Gal 4:35
First Tune - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles 4:28
First Tune - Heaven Only Knows 4:32
First Tune - It's a Good Day 4:31
First Tune - Honey Won't You Hold Me 4:36
First Tune - There's a Light in Your Eyes, Sweetheart 4:30
First Tune - Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 4:33
First Tune - Five Foot Blue, Eyes of Blue 4:27
First Tune - Mexicali Rose 4:32
First Tune - If We Can't Be Sweethearts 4:33
First Tune - You Are My Harbor of Love 4:30
First Tune - Don't Hang Your Dreams on a Rainbow 4:33
First Tune - Your Eyes Have Told Me 4:36
First Tune - Carolina in the Mornin' 4:37
First Tune - Everyday Would Be Sunny, Honey, with You 4:36
First Tune - It's Just a Little Street Where Old Friends Meet 4:36
First Tune - Smilin' Thru 4:33
First Tune - Sweet Child, I'm Wild About You 4:32
First Tune - There Goes My Heart 4:36
First Tune - I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody, Honey 4:32
First Tune - That Old Girl of Mine 4:35
First Tune - Ain't She Sweet 4:30
First Tune - Tell Me Why the Nights Are So Lonesome 4:34
First Tune - I Miss a Little Miss 4:29
First Tune - It Takes a Little Rain with the Sunshine 4:33
First Tune - After You're Gone 4:34
First Tune - My Best Girl 4:33
First Tune - Someone Loves Me, I Wonder Who 4:29
First Tune - You're Gonna Lose Your Gal 4:33
First Tune - You're a Wonderful Mother 4:31
First Tune - It Looks Like Rain in Cherry Blossom Lane 4:36
First Tune - Wishing Will Make It So 4:31
First Tune - Tell It to the Daisies 4:35
First Tune - Say It Again 4:32
First Tune - Someday You'll Say O K 4:35
First Tune - Sweet Sue 4:36


xx loooooove these songs and him!

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