Behind the Mike - Single Episodes

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Behind the Mike was a behind-the-scenes view of radio personalities, personnel and operations. This version of the program aired from 15 Sep 1940 until 19 Apr 1942. Of the possible 83 episodes, it appears only 32 are currently known. The program was developed as a way for radio listeners to learn more of their favorite radio personalities, programs, and behind-the-scenes people who contributed to the production of radio programs. The host of the show was Graham McNamee.

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Really old radio fans! You have to hear these!

(5 stars)

Fun stuff about the people who made the shows we love. Like the young woman whose specialty is the cries and coos of babies and kids of all ages. She also demonstrates a crying teenage girl being comforted by two toddlers and an infant wailing along. She plays all four parts to perfection. Funny bit where she worries she'll mix up the voices, demonstrates baby asking for food in adult answers in baby voice ?let me finish my martini? type line. Funny, not dated humor either. This is just from the chapter on baby cries. Each chapter features bloopers and the sound effect of the week. Very interestingly done and a natural got otr fans.can't imagine why there aren't more reviews wish there were more eps!

Mike Who?

(4 stars)

Isn't this called "Behind The Mic" ?