Ruby Wedding Collection

Read by Ruth Golding

(4.8 stars; 16 reviews)

This collection comprises short stories, poems, a little bit of history and a little bit of ornithology, all with ruby connections. The reader greatly enjoyed searching out suitable gems for inclusion in this celebration of her own Ruby Wedding Anniversary. (7 hr 15 min)


The Girl with the Ruby 35:53 Read by Ruth Golding
The Ruby and the Caldron 1:10:37 Read by Ruth Golding
Mrs. Redefer's Rubies 15:00 Read by Ruth Golding
The Ruby of Kishmoor, part 1 44:11 Read by Ruth Golding
The Ruby of Kishmoor, part 2 43:08 Read by Ruth Golding
The Chalice of the Chipped Ruby 54:42 Read by Ruth Golding
The Black Prince's Ruby 31:56 Read by Ruth Golding
The Great Ruby Robbery: a Detective Story 56:03 Read by Ruth Golding
Prince Tissa, the Legend of the Ruby 6:19 Read by Ruth Golding
Rubies, from May-day and Other Pieces 1:02 Read by Ruth Golding
The Vatteville Ruby 22:22 Read by Ruth Golding
Jeweller Cardillac to his Rubies (1680), from Imaginary Sonnets 1:33 Read by Ruth Golding
The Ruby Heart 11:35 Read by Ruth Golding
My Friend the Ruby-throat 35:36 Read by Ruth Golding
The Ruby-crowned Kinglet 4:21 Read by Ruth Golding
Wisdom is Better than Rubies 0:47 Read by Ruth Golding


lovely collection

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this collection so very much. Ruth Golding is the first reader I listened to on librivox and I was enchanted. I have listened to many of her readings and plan to listen to more. As an earlier commenter stated I could listen to her read the phone book. Bravo, on both an excellent collection and reading.

(5 stars)

A wonderful collection, compiled and narrated by the fantastic Ruth Golding. She is one of the finest narrators on Librivox, and I could happily listen to her read the phone book!

Real gems!

(4 stars)

Enjoyable stories. I love the reader's voice. Thank you.


(4.5 stars)

This is a simply wonderful collection of mysteries, romance, tales, and poems! I've listened to it in bits, when I only have a short time to listen, but have occasionally found the stories so enchanting, that I've just let it go on and on... What a lovely way to celebrate one's Ruby wedding anniversary! It's unfortunate it doesn't have a fetching cover picture, but it's well worth your listening pleasure. The reader is absolutely top notch, and one of my very favorite Librivox volunteers. Surely she's paid well for reading in other venues! Thank you VERY much to the collector of stories and the one who favored them with her talent!