Crime and Peter Chambers - Single Episodes

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Crime and Peter Chambers, stared Dane Clark as a hard-hitting private eye that worked well the with police department. His counter part at the NYPD was Lt. Parker, played by Bill Zuckert. The series was based on the character created by Henry Kane who wrote eight Peter Chambers novels before the series came to radio. Henry Kane wrote the scripts for the radio show adaptation which aired from 6 Apr to 7 Sep 1954 on NBC. The show was directed by Fred Weihe. There are a total of 21 episodes available from the series. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Sunset Of Peter Chambers

(3 stars)

The site (as of 2016) "the digital deli" has a good write-up of this series, explaining it's short life. I was happy to discover Peter Chambers, and have a comments. Controlled by a single writer, on a limited budget as radio shows were fading away, and both the star's growing popularity in films and TV and re-acquisition of "Lux Radio Theater" doomed it to one season. The scripts had an almost monotonous similarity, from characters to dames and romance. The theme music was inappropriate, jarring. Still, for the great sound quality and rarity of the show, hardly ever heard on nostalgia based radio today, it's worth 3 stars, a fitting tribute to the latter days of radio drama. Thanx for bring the shows to this site!

It could have been more

(3 stars)

Where is the music credit for all those musicians? Agreed that the plots are sadly interchangeable and the effect is that staleness occurs quickly. Women (dames) are sadly one-dimensional but at least not hysterical and tending to shrieking as in some other radio shows. Some of the dialog is well written; I'm sorry that there wasn't a larger team-it could have been so much more.

Music Bridges

(3 stars)

These are good shows. But the music bridge between shoes is very much louder than the shows. Can it be edited out? On 54-07-06 I heard a cue quite like The Applegates British TV show theme "Looking Around." So I would guess the other cues are from same library.

(5 stars)

Great fun! I love it when this kind of program doesn't take itself seriously. The whole thing is tongue in cheek: the title, the dialogue, the background music to Peter's musings (very tweedle-dee), even the swagger in Peter's voice. Excellent sound quality, too. Thank you for making this available.

Crime & Peter Chambers

(2 stars)

I've started to run out of shows to listen to, will try this one, but on first listen it's just ok nothing special,but better than some.

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(5 stars)