Dr. Kildare - Single Episodes

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Dr. Kildare was produced for syndication in 1949 at WMGM, New York. It was based on the popular Dr. Kildare movies of the late 1930's and early 1940's, and brought to the microphone the stars of that series, Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymore. Ayres played the young, idealistic Dr. James Kildare; Barrymore, ever in character, was the crusty, loveable diagnostician, Dr. Leonard Gillespie. The men worked at Blair General Hospital, "one of the great citadels of American medicine -- a clump of gray-white buildings planted deep in the heart of New York -- where life begins, where life ends, where life goes on." Kildare really believed that oath, and that's what this series was all about. His battle with hospital administration, stupid patients, and stupid parents made this the Marcus Welby of the 1940's. The chief problem, both for Kildare and the listener, was that Blair Hospital was peopled by too many eccentrics. Gillespie, played to the limit by Barrymore, was enough for any show. But Dr. Carew, head of hospital administration, was a nut of the first order. Nurse Parker was a totally unbelievable old maid. Ted Osborne did what he could with Carew, and Virginia Gragg's fine talent was hopelessly lost in the chattering role of Parker. In the end, Ayres and Barrymore saved this series, providing some solid stories, especially when they ventured into the real world and got away from the dummies at Blair. Writing and directing were done on a freelance basis; music was by Walter Schumann. Actors contributing to Dr. Kildare included Stacy Harris, Isabel Jewell, Jay Novello, George Ellis, Paul Frees, Raymond Burr, and Jack Webb. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR. Information from "Tune In Yesterday The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio by John Dunning" and Roger Hohenbrink.

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Angela And Steven Kester 27:47
Marjorie Northrup 26:24
Benjamin Barkley 53:22
Rico Marchiano's Dying Wife 27:45
Vernon Pendleton - Hypondriac 27:50
Barbara Lane, Dope Addict 27:47
Caroline Shelley 27:17
Jane Dane, New Cancer Treatment 26:20
Warren Jackson's Allergy 26:05
Terry Murphy's Hearing Problem 26:25
Philip Van Court's Amnesia 26:56
Abandoned Baby 27:20
Kildare's Old Girlfriend 25:42
Nurse Parker Resigns 26:52
Dr Carew's Fat Wife 26:40
Dick Brennan Steals $5,000 (Or $50,000) 26:08
Colonel Boregard's Paralysis 6:36
Gordon Mallory's Lead Poinsoning 27:44
Glaucoma 28:18
Pricilla's Broken Arm 28:11
Dr Gillespie Almost Gets Engaged 26:47
Hunting Trip 26:47
Dan Malloy's Peptic Ulcer 26:24
Mrs Stanford's Angina Pecturis 26:17
Buffalo Barnie McClure 26:37
Appendicitis Operation at Sea 26:46
Carew Gets Medical Examiner Mixed Up 27:04
Marion Lewis, Teen Age Alcholic 27:14
Sam Lubinski Has Spinal Paralysis 26:42
Mumpkin's First Baby 27:43
Eddie Jenkins And The Arsonist 26:30
Ling Co Fruses Leg Surgery 27:03
Mr. Bradley's Heart 26:26
Mr. Kramer-Parker Needs A Hobby 27:46
Lady Dunabee's Annual Visit 26:58
Arthur Morgan Needs Brain Surgery 27:30
David Norton Has Pneumonia 27:08
Eddie Lazetti Kidnaps Nurse 27:05
Dr Gillespie's Testimonal Dinner 26:45
Dr Conlon, Quack 27:10
Joe Finley's Ulcer 26:58
Oliver Van Meter's Allergy 24:29
Anthrax Infection 26:54
Pete Cosloff Is Mentally Ill 26:59
Buck Houston, Cowboy Star 26:13
David Cooper's Burned Face 26:32
Edward Carlton's Dog Bite 26:39
Amy Dickens Breaks Her Leg 26:47
Cathy Morton's Baby 26:37
Joan Quinn 27:01
Gillespie's New Suit For Henderson Award 27:20
Yukon Joe's Gold Mine 27:10
Mysterious Hemophilia Patient 27:02
Dr Gillespie's New Office 27:01
Pedro, Maria And Rosei 26:41
Paul Bailey 26:45
Valerie And Walter Benton - Murder! 26:57
Evelyn Briggs 26:52
Robert Lane, Intern, Shirks Duties 26:46
Alice Bradley, Amnesia Victim 27:02


Great old time radio series!

(5 stars)

I first fell in love with the Dr. Kildare/Gillespie film series so I knew I would love this! It may even be better! Lionel Barrymore and Lew Ayres had such great chemistry together! I listen to this series and enjoy it for what it is, life as depicted in the early 50's medical world and knowledge at that time. I don't judge it by modern standards. I also love that it stays a bit from the film series leading to more diverse storylines. On radio Dr. Gillespie doesn't have to be confined to a wheelchair ( Lionel's real life disability at that time). Free of the that constraint Dr.G can go dancing and in another episode he almost gets engaged! I love good old time radio programs! Thank you for making them all available here!

Medicine sucked back then

(5 stars)

Doctors back in those days seemed preoccupied with healing people in under 30 Minutes. Thankfully medicine has advanced since then. No longer are medical professionals concerned with healing. Instead they are rightfully concerned with ensuring all kids have access to gender affirming surgery. I cant believe how backwards people were back then. In no episode did any of the doctors or nurses make tic-tocs attacking parents who selfishly refuse to have an abortion. In no episode did the medical, professional attack the evils of whiteness or gun violence. Instead they spent all their time healing bones or operating on people. Weird.

files are fine- stories stupid

(3 stars)

These files are just fine, with perfect audio, so no issues with files themselves Shows are the corny type of subjects, that attempt to deal with the "issues affecting our modern world" like drug abuse (dealt with in a theatrical and real cheesy manner) Oh these are really hard to listen to, I was so embarrassed just hearing them. Thanks for the upload, we should try and save all programs from the past, regardless whether we like them or not

Great OTR Shows are from the period they were made

(5 stars)

The problems encountered by the writers about medicine, were about what they knew. Medicine changed every year as did the shows and intelligence of the writers. This was a great spin off from the movies a decade earlier.

Thanks for this great series!

(4 stars)

I enjoy listening to thee episodes of Dr Kildare thanks for downloading them!


(5 stars)

It should be Georgia Ellis, not George. She also played Miss Kitty in Gunsmoke.

Love the show!

(5 stars)

Barrymore is classic. Fun show to listen to. A+++

Great trip back in time! Thank you for retrieving this series.

(5 stars)