Frontier Town - Single Episodes

(4.4 stars; 46 reviews)


1950-53, Syndicated Cast: Jeff Chandler as Chad Remington (through "Thunder over Texas", #23, 02/27/1953) Reed Hadley as Chad Remington (from "Gun Trouble Valley", #24, 03/06/1953 to end) Wade Crosby as Cherokee O'Bannon Written and Directed by: Paul Franklin Music by: Bob Mitchell and Ivan Ditmars Announcer: Bill Forman Sustaining, Transcribed Chad Remington is an aspiring new lawyer in the big city whose world and dreams are turned upside down by the news of his father's murder back in the small ranching town of Dos Rios where he was raised. His quest to bring the killer to justice serves as the springboard to an unexpected new career as a crimefighting attorney struggling to bring order to his small corner of the frontier as it makes the difficult transition from the Old West to the New. Remington is played initially by Jeff Chandler, oddly billed here as "Tex" Chandler despite being at this time already an established star in both radio (Our Miss Brooks) and film (Broken Arrow). Halfway through the program's relatively short run, the role is assumed by another veteran actor, Reed Hadley. The obligatory Western sidekick is a hard-drinking gentleman of mixed blood called Cherokee O'Bannon, and is played by comedic character actor Wade Crosby, who chose to borrow W.C. Fields' voice for the purpose… with results perhaps best judged by the individual listener! From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Pretty Good BUT......

(3 stars)

Well being a big big fan of OTRR westerns, specifically Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie and others I thought I would give this show a try. Jeff Candler sounds good in the lead role. But the almost obligatory side-kick and his wanna be W.C. Fields is some bit annoying after awhile. The scripts are for the most part adult oriented, entertaining and engaging. However, there is one major flaw to this series and that is the organ music. It is for me jarring and unnecessary. Yet aside from those complaints the show is well worth a listen. While not a Gunsmoke it is pretty good.

Frontier Town

(2 stars)

The stories are fairly good and I like Jeff Chandler but I agree with the other reviewer that the music,(early Hammond Organ I believe)is distracting. Thank God they stooped using them so much later on the old radio programs.That sound always reminds me of a bad soap opera! Also the in my opinion the W.C.Fields-esk voice that the sidekick actor uses just doesn't work.

Billy Blue Blazes

(3 stars)

A good show, but soon gets repetitive if listened to back to back. Each show ends with awful puns. I personally don't mind the Cherokee O'Bannon character. Not in the same league of western as Gunsmoke.

(4 stars)

I never had the opportunity to hear these programs before! Now I am hooked on them! Frontier Town is one of the best and one of my favorites!

OTRR certified what?

(0 stars)

The description says the series started in 1950, but the episodes have "49" in the filename.

(4 stars)

How sweetly simple in this day of mass complexity. Librivox is such a grand companion.

(4.5 stars)

Different and entertaining. The organ music puts it in a class of it's own.

(5 stars)

awesome book love old school shows!!!!