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The Harold Peary show made its CBS debut on September 9, 1950. An audition show was done on August 23, 1950. Harold Peary was the creator and main performer for the show. Previously starring on The Great Gildersleeve, Peary took many of Gildy's characteristics along with him to his new Honest Harold character... the "dirty" laugh, singing songs, and closing dialogue over credits were all there with Harold. And that voice. Who could forget that voice? In simple terms, Peary couldn't or wouldn't sound and act differently enough to make listeners forget Gildy, and that made it very tough for the new show to fly. Perhaps the plot was a little creaky for the beginning of the Rock 'n' Roll era, as well. The show was about an older, unmarried guy, Honest Harold Hemp, who lived with his mother and nephew and did a radio homemaker's program. The townsfolk think of him as somewhat of a celebrity, but his girlfriend, Gloria, who works at the station, knows better. The series received undeserved negative ratings and general negative comments as there were just too many similarities between the two series. Also, the series was without a sponsor, although some of the last shows were sponsored by the US Armed Forces. The series lasted only one season. The regular cast consisted of Harold Peary, Gloria Holiday, Peary’s wife, who played Gloria, Joseph Kearns as Old Doc ‘Yak Yak’ Yancy, Mary Jane Croft and Parley Baer. The announcer was Bob Lamond. The series was directed by Norman MacDonnell. Writers for the series were Harold Peary, Bill Danch, Jack Robinson and Gene Stone. Music was by Jack Meakin. The last show aired on June 13, 1951. The director of the show was Norm MacDonnell, who went on to create perhaps the greatest old time radio show - Gunsmoke, and another western, Fort Laramie. Of course, Norm was a sold radio veteran who certainly had a flare for directing comedy, so he and Peary, together with an excellent cast, made The Harold Peary Show just about as good a show as it could be.

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I loved every moment of this OTRS I wished there was more .

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Content: A+, Packaging: F

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For all the good you guys do, preserving these priceless FAIL, MISERABLY to tag these properly. Honestly, the album is the episode? Listed by date??? If you try to play these in order, it's a Clusterf#$k, no matter what device or OS. You can't even FIX the tag! For some reason, it is STUCK with the album being the date, and episode number. It F&*ks up any device, and makes listening to the episodes in order just about as difficult as it was for you to create this package. Thanks, I could have done it myself...repackaging stuff already posted here on the archive...and I would have tagged them better as well. Get WISE, and TAG PROPERLY. This is what we call a permanent mistake, right? One more time: TAG. PROPERLY. Album is NOT DATE AND EPISODE NAME. HOW COULD YOU REPEATEDLY MAKE THIS MISTAKE??? THE CONSTANT REPETITION OF MISTAKES IS THE HALLMARK OF A DIM CONSCIOUSNESS. I've been searching the OTRR Website trying to find a way to HELP. I can research, tag, create packages etc... I'm an archivist for a major civil engineering company, and I think I can handle it. To whom should I address my request?


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In real life, Gloria was married to Harold, but she was never his girlfriend on this show.

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