Jerry at Fair Oaks - Single Episodes

(5 stars; 3 reviews)


In Jerry at Fair Oaks, the follow up program to Jerry of the Circus, we are delighted by more of our orphaned heroâs adventures, only this time away from the circus in which he grew up in, but at Fair Oaks School instead. Again the shows are fifteen minutes in length, perfect for even very young children. So sit down with our hero Jerry Dugan again, for 65 episodes and 15 plus hours, only this time the shows will focus on his adventures at Fair Oaks School. You and the children will be glad you did.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Roommate Assigned 14:49
Jerry_at_Fair_Oaks_38-xx-xx_-02-_Meeting_Red,_Tubby_and_Harold 14:46
Learning About Demerits 14:40
Meeting Ted and William 14:45
Red Gets 13 Demerits 14:41
Ready for Polo Team Tryout 14:44
Tryout Against Two Others 14:36
Jerry_at_Fair_Oaks_38-xx-xx_-08-_Three_Way_Tie,_Cards_Drawn 14:47
Financing an Invention 14:34
Harold Almost Drowns 14:44
Runaway Horse Stopped 14:45
Jerry_at_Fair_Oaks_38-xx-xx_-12-_$25000_Turned_Down 14:42
Invention Was Too Late 14:44
Jerry to Paint Smokestack 14:42
Jerry Gets Caught 14:44
Cleaning Paint 14:44
Top of the List 14:34
Splendor 14:43
Paul Rides Splendor 14:52
Saddle Loosened 14:45
Court Martial 14:47
Hopeless Case 14:37
Jerry Found Innocent 14:42
Bomber Crash 14:42
Harold Leaves 14:45
Treasure Hunt Planned 14:44
Treasure Hunt Begins 14:44
Someone Falls in Hole 14:42
Getting Help 14:36
Red Is Rescued 14:43
Red Is Recovering 14:44
Boat to the Island 14:43
Seeing Smoke 14:44
Plot for Safety 14:42
Guy Linwell Arrives 14:43
Suspicious of Man 14:44
Yorga Wants Secrets 14:45
Letter Taken 14:45
Harold Disappears 14:45
Yorga Spotted 14:45
Traced to Farm House 14:45
All Are Arrested 14:43
Guy Will Teach 14:49
Bruce Campbell Arrives 14:46
Pony and Polo Interest 14:47
Red Talks with Sergeant Alden 14:44
Mr X Arrives at Fair Oaks 14:46
Jerry and Lee Meet Mr X 14:43
Splendor Is Sick 14:47
Mr Randall and Bumps Come to See the Meet 14:46
Lee and Tubby Fight with Red Before Meet 14:47
The Meet 14:45
Celebrating Victory 14:34
Punishment for Fighting with Red 14:41
Bruce and Jerry Argue 14:45
Mrs Gardner Takes a Hand in the Disagreement 14:41
Disagreement with Bruce Appears to Be Settled 14:44
Practice Basketball Game 14:42
Friends with Bruce 14:43
Lee Talks with Major Davis 14:43
Jerry Plans to Help Lee 14:42
Lee and Bruce Invited to Spend Break at the Circus 14:42
Mr Thorpe Under Suspicion 14:42
Dinner with Mr Randall 14:42
Corporal Jerry Dougan 14:51