Jerry of the Circus - Single Episodes

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The Old Time Radio show, Jerry of the Circus, is a wonderfully heartwarming and delightful children's series, syndicated in 1937. The show is fifteen minutes in length and follows the adventures of Jerry Dugan and his dog, Rags. Jerry and Rags join Sam Randall's Circus after the death of his family. In the premier episode, Jerry brings a note to Sam from his father saying that Jimmy "has the circus in his blood." Which is how Jerry and his dog, Rags become members of circus. The characters include:
  • Jerry Dugan - orphan who joins the Randall Brothers Circus when his father dies
  • Rags - Jerry's dog
  • Mr. Randall - owner of the Randall Brothers Circus
  • Bumps - the clown Jerry bunks with; recruits Jerry's dog Rags for his act
  • Patsy - the trapeze artist of the circus
  • Jason - the large cat trainer
  • Carmen Bandini (voiced by actor who played the Girl Submarine Commander in Magic Island - tightrope walker who leaves the circus for Hollywood
  • Major Mike - the little person who regards himself as the star attraction on the midway
  • Decker/Dan Dougan - the kindly circus performer who turns out to be Jerry's big-game hunter uncle suffering from amnesia
  • Lorenz - the knife-throwing performer who controls Decker through bribery
  • Clara - the costumer
  • Johnny Bradley - Shakespearean clown
So sit back and gather the family around. Jerry and Rags will enthrall not only the kids, but adults too. After all, what child doesn't want to "run off to the circus" at some point in his or her young life? So run off to the circus with Jerry and Rags for over 125 episodes and 30 plus hours. See also the follow-up series, Jerry at Fair Oaks.

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Letter for Sam Randall 14:42
Poisoned Meat Put Out 14:20
Rags Is Missing 14:42
Jerry in Jail 14:31
Jason Pays the Twenty Two Dollars 14:32
Rags in Training 14:37
Circus Payroll Stolen 13:51
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-07-07_-008-_Gun_Is_Jason's 14:08
Lorenz Is Suspected 10:08
Lorenz And Decker Leave 14:18
Both in the Hospital 14:20
A Possible Relation 14:27
Decker Is Uncle Dan 14:35
Uncle Dan Is Cleared 14:17
Helping Clara 14:03
Night Check 14:29
Camera Plan 14:23
The Prowler Is Again Around 14:32
Showdown with Major Mike 14:35
Johnny Bradley Is Ill 14:30
The Tent with a Flag 14:35
Safe Deposit Box Key 14:20
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-07-28_-023-_Jerry's_Clown_Debut 14:31
Jerry Stays On The Payroll 14:29
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-07-30_-025-_Rags'_Leg_Is_Clawed_by_Cub 14:35
Jerry Learns To Walk On The High Wire 14:32
Get Up Early To Watch The Circus Set Up 14:32
High Wire Breaks And Carlos Is Hurt 14:33
Railroad Bridge Problems For Circus 14:30
Major Mike Locked in Monkey Cage 14:17
Learns Location Of Important Bank 14:32
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-08-10_-032-_Bank_Found,_but_Will_the_Key_Work 14:29
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-08-11_-033-_Jerry's_Lawyer,_Richard_Grayson 14:31
A Gale Threatens The Circus 14:24
Hippo with a Toothache 14:15
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-08-16_-036-_Jerry_&_Lawyer_Invite_Johnny_To_A_Party 14:28
Richard Grayson Sees His Father 14:18
Johnny Decides to Visit His Son 14:34
Johnny Visits His Son In His Office 14:35
Zeke Causes Trouble with Gertie 14:31
Zeke Leaves the Circus Fast 14:32
Wanted Poster Spotted In Post Office 14:32
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-08-25_-043-_Jerry_Walks_The_Wire,_Lion_Gets_Loose 14:11
Lion Is Finally Cornered 13:01
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-08-27_-045-_Lion_Captured_&_Jerry_Hears_From_Lawyer 14:30
Loose Snake And Jerry Rides Splendor 14:29
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-08-31_-047-_Spike_Saves_Jerry,_But_Who_Is_Spike 14:18
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-09-01_-048-_Jerry's_Court_Action_Is_Delayed 14:33
Jerry Rescues Splendor 14:33
Spike Is Recognized 14:31
Spike Is Arrested 13:03
A Hospital Show 14:22
Major Mike Loses 14:29
Fortunes Told 14:30
Johnny Will Leave 14:28
Fire Breaks Out 14:27
Fire Put Out 14:12
Trunk Search 14:22
A Five Dollar Vest 14:18
Caught in the Act 14:27
A Search for Platt 14:31
Platt Is Arrested 14:32
Tom Joins the Circus 14:33
Lights Go Off 14:30
Threatening Notes 14:28
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-09-27_-066-_El_Mundo_Doesn't_Obey 14:28
Jerry and El Mundo 14:20
The Lost Beard 14:32
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-09-30_-069-_Jerry_Won't_Tell 14:31
Major Mike Confesses 14:28
A Wild Ride 14:28
Bendinis Get Offer 14:29
A Lead for Tom 14:31
Colonel Alger Has the Measles 14:33
An Exam for All 14:22
Strawberry Rash 14:30
Tom Finds His Father 14:29
Blaze Is Slow 14:10
Warren Quits 14:27
Race About to Start 14:31
Blaze Wins the Race 14:31
Spike Rejoins the Circus 14:26
An Abandoned Kitten 14:29
Counterfeit Money Passed 14:28
Forty Ten Dollar Bills Passed 14:35
Joe Hadley Hired 14:33
Spike Is Suspected 14:33
Patsy Accepts a Date 14:31
Belco Suspected 14:31
Spike Suspected More 14:30
Hadley Arrests Spike 14:31
Tony Tonetti Spotted 14:32
Hadley Arrests Belco 14:30
Circus Lot Floods 14:29
Fake Invitation Sent to Boris 14:08
Boris Gets the Invitation 14:09
Fast Landing 14:27
A Bet for Dan 14:28
Too Many Monkeys 14:27
One Hundred Seventeen Dollars Receipt Increase 14:25
Restless Animals 14:24
Storm Warnings 14:25
Circus Hit by Cyclone 14:27
Borrowing Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars 14:25
Patsy Leaves Early 14:24
Jerry Inherits Forty Acres 14:24
Boris and Jason Fight 14:23
Patsy Wins Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars 14:23
Boris Eyes the Money 14:27
Jason Is Clawed by the Cat 14:27
Jason Quickly Recovers 14:26
Boris Starts Dissension 14:43
A Strike Is Possible 14:24
The Strike Begins 14:23
Strikers Are Worried 14:26
The Strike Ends 14:24
A New Scheme by Boris 14:24
Rex Runs Away 14:23
Speed Demonstrates 14:20
Advice For Patsy 14:20
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-12-15_-123-_Spud_Is_Hired,_Boris_Has_New_Plot 14:20
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-12-16_-124-_Spud's_Tricks_Fool_Jerry 14:31
Jerry_of_the_Circus_37-12-17_-125-_Spud's_Bad_Trick 14:33
Financial Troubles For Mr Randall 14:31
Patsy Loans the Circus Twenty Thousand Dollars 14:34
Jerry Sells His Land for Seventy Five Hundred Dollars 14:33
Jerry Chooses Fair Oaks For His school 14:26
Jerry Leaves the Circus 14:38


Audio Web Player Not Working

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Unable to play audio using web player as keep getting this error "Error loading media: File could not be played" although they seem to play when downloaded. The initial analysis seems to point to a problem with the security certificate as I have gotten security errors and even a 404 error. For example, trying to play the first episode in a new web tab gives the below error with the URL not secure and 404 Not Found on nginx/1.10.2 Not Secure: Clicking on 'Not secure' in the URL field indicates an invalid SSL Certificate. Issued by: COMODO RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA Expires: Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 4:59:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time "" certification is not trusted I have seen this error on the latest Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary and Apple Safari browsers.

One of my favorite serials

(5 stars)

"Jerry of the Circus" has got to be one of my favorite serials along with "Magic Island" "Jungle Jim" and "Adventures of Superman" Really good listening for the entire family!

Best children's show

(5 stars)

This series is one of the best children's radio shows I've heard. And it's fun, entertaining znd educational forbadults

Super Great!

(5 stars)

Our whole family enjoyed this! Great for long car rides. Good wholesome entertainment.