Mama Bloom's Brood - Single Episodes

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This early series (circa 1934) combines elements of the soap opera with those of the situation comedy. The episodes are fifteen minutes long and serialized as well as having a domestic focus, tending to place the show in the soap opera genre. But the treatment of plot and character is light-hearted and humorous, similar to what is found in the myriad of sitcoms that sprang up during radio's golden age. Papa Bloom (Jake) has reached retirement age, and with some astute help from Mama (Becky) sells his kneepants factory at a nice profit. Together with their "brood" -- daughters Yetta and Sarah and sons-in-law Harold and Sidney -- they embark on an automobile trip to Hollywood to enjoy their first vacation in twenty-five years. The party has various adventures along the way. They stop at a resort hotel in Michigan, where Jake stuns even himself by proving to be a fantastically lucky bridge player. In the Arizona desert they are terrified by "Indians" (actually movie actors), but escape with scalps intact and soon reach their destination. There Jake, who Becky says is never happy unless he is worrying about something, invests in the motion picture business even though he knows nothing about it. Mama Becky Bloom is a delightful character, much like Molly in "The Goldbergs," with which this series has been compared. She speaks with a heavy Yiddish accent and has trouble with both American English and history. In the desert, she tells Jake that they probably won't see any Indians because she's pretty sure that General Custer killed all of them! She also peppers her speech with fractured platitudes like "you can't make a zebra change his spots" and "you shouldn't go to the well with the same bucket once too many times." The program was syndicated about 1934 by Broadcasters Program Syndicate/Bruce Eells and Associates. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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New Dresses 14:16
Abe Morgenstern 15:44
Girls Are Late 13:53
Sidney Comes to Dinner 14:45
A Picnic Proposed 13:42
The Picnic Planned 13:32
Finding a Place 13:38
Jake's Lawsuit 13:36
Gold Mine Investment 13:57
Yetta's Lesson 13:47
Jake Buys a New Car 13:02
Planning an Afternoon Party 14:08
Engagement Announced 13:43
Sidney Goes to Work for Jake 13:26
Red Uniform Profit 13:49
Where's Sidney 13:41
One Hundred Seventy Five Dollar Dress Bargain 14:03
Making the Wedding List 14:09
Sidney's Visit at Night 14:06
Sara Is Jealous 13:38
Honeymoon in Europe Rumor 13:21
Mrs Fink Told Off 13:26
Blank Checks 13:44
The Day Before the Wedding 13:13
The Wedding Day Arrives 13:28
Another Engagement 13:45
New Furniture 13:52
Yetta and Harold Elope 13:51
Out of Honeymoon Money 13:18
Harold Becomes a VIP 13:28
Should Papa Retire 13:37
Papa Wants a Vacation 13:35
Travel Plans Changed 13:50
Should Sam Retire 13:32
First to Hollywood 13:25
Grandparents Soon 13:26
Mr Greenville's Offer 13:35
Eighty Thousand Dollar Price 13:55
The Hollywood Trip Begins 14:07
The Bridge Game 14:02
Indian Trouble 13:55
In the Pictures 14:03
Papa Buys In 13:58
Sidney and Harold Are Also In 13:59
A Controlling Interest 14:17
Getting Used to It 14:25
Learning the Ropes 14:15
A Quiet Evening At Home 13:51
Marsha Valle's Temper Tantrum 13:57
Back to Normal 14:07
One Hundred Suits of Armor 14:15
One Hundred More Arrive 14:04
A Super Picture 13:58
Movie Premier 14:06
Mama Is Homesick 13:21
Yascha Bloomakoff 13:20
New Name Accepted 13:30
Shooting Gallery 13:27
Papa's Dancing Partner 13:24
Sara Is Jealous 13:42
New Neighbors 13:37
Movie Plot Problem 13:25
Sara Has Twins 13:23
Going to the Hospital 13:19
Getting to Sleep 13:22
Shopping for a New Suit 13:22
Picking Baby Names 13:49
Naming Party 13:40
The Fortune Teller 13:38
Arthur S Mollington 13:36
Almost Caught at Pinochle 13:48
To the Restaurant 13:48
The Magician's Show 13:56
Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollar Super Picture 14:08
Sneak Preview 14:04
Retirement 13:48


Fanny Brice???

(5 stars)

I'm positive that Mama is Fanny Brice. so that pretty much tells me all I need to know. I would listen to Fanny read a grocery list (which I'm sure world be HILARIOUS). Again I am so grateful to OTR and Librivox for bringing these treasures to us.

Loved every moment

(5 stars)

Felt like I could be in my grandmother's kitchen as a little child again. Sorry that series is over. perfect cast

Episode Numbers

(4 stars)

Episode #2 is actually episode 1 And 2, joined. Also, this set fails to identify two missing programs, episode #51 & 52. As you listen to beginning of the episode that follows #50, it becomes apparent that there's a lack of continuity between It, and #50. Therefore, all (available) programs that follow #50 are two episode-numbers higher (ex, #76 is actually #78, as depicted by the Radio Gold Index). However, that doesn't detract from the this fact that this is a crisply-encoded, well-written sketch! Thanks for sharing it.

Files Updated!

(0 stars)

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Very Nice

(4 stars)

Very nice and charming soap opera. Sound quality is good. I'm glad so many episodes have survived.

This is cute!

(5 stars)

Very funny, very charming series - will definitely put a smile on your face :D

(5 stars)

Wise momma & can she mess up the English language πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Love It!

(5 stars)

Great show! Really funny and entertaining!