Moon Over Africa - Single Episodes

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Not much is known about the radio series Moon Over Africa. It is thought to be a South African radio show which aired around 1937 or 1938. There are 26 episodes lasting 15 minutes each. Since nothing is really known about the series we are not sure if there were episodes which aired before, or after, these 26 episodes. The 26 episodes follow an expedition led by Professor Anton Edwards as they search for the missing city of Atlantis. They follow the directions of a shrunken head which speaks the ancient language of the people of Atlantis and run into many strange dangers in the African jungle. From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Is this not the same production company of the Tarzan serials?

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I know there is very little information about this programme, but, in attempt to learn more about it, I would be curious to see who else hears what I am hearing. Do these episodes not sound very much like the same actors and production company as the Tarzan serials, such as The Diamond of Asher and The Fires of Tohr? Professor Anton Edwards to me sounds so definitely to be Cy Kendall, i.e. the fellow who played Atan Thome, and the sound effects sound exactly like the ones used in the Tarzan serials. Even the narrator sounds like the same voice. Is there any other information that would link them? Am I the only one hearing this? I would love to know more about this programme. cf. Tarzan:

Moon Over Africa.

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The blurb on this program suggests that it may be from South Africa, but the description of Africa at the beginning of the first episode appears to have been drafted for those outside that continent. The actors' accents suggest that it was made in Ausrtralia. What a pity there isn't a cast list - that would certainly help pin down the origin of the series.


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In response to ausieradio's old review: The blurb about being from South Africa gets copied over and over. It may not actually be true. which seems to have written its blurb independently points out that the heyday of South African radio wasn't until 1950.

Amazing series about Africa

(5 stars)

This is an amazing series about Africa, as you can imagine the inside African jungle and come back to the old time in Africa. As Africa is a part of my heart.

Great radio serial

(5 stars)

This is great fun in an old-time adventure fiction kind of way. The Atlantis angle is a tantalized. We never find it.

Very Good Serial

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this serial. Once I started, I listened to it until it was finished.


(5 stars)

Love that otr...woow...I'm gonna faint!