Mystery House - Single Episodes

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Mystery House -- that strange publishing firm owned by Dan and Barbara Glenn -- where each new novel is acted out by the Mystery House staff, before it is accepted for publication. Mystery House was a program in the 1950s, but not your "run of the mill"-type program. Actually, it was more of a proving ground for novels. Dan and Barbara Glenn owned a publishing company named "Mystery House" located at 70 Park Avenue, New York City. Dan and Barbara decided to test some of their novels on a real listening audience. Each episode was taken from a novel they were planning on publishing. The entire staff at Mystery House was involved, everyone doing their part, whether it was rewriting to adapt it to radio, playing the parts, or doing sound effects -- everyone joined in. Sadly, not a lot is known about this series. Only fifteen episodes are known to exist. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Mystery House 45-08-19 (079) A New Lease On Death 26:46
Mystery House 45-08-26 (080) Death at Deadline 25:19
Mystery House 45-09-02 (081) A Short Life for Mary 26:15
Mystery House 45-09-09 (082) Malice in Wonderland 25:56
Mystery House 45-09-16 (083) Complete with Quartet 26:49
Mystery House 45-09-23 (084) Well, Well Another Body 26:24
Mystery House 45-09-30 (085) Sauce for the Goose 26:01
Mystery House 45-10-07 (086) Death House Blues 26:13
Mystery House 45-10-14 (087) Danger--Man at Bay 25:08
Mystery House 45-11-04 (090) Murder for Laughs 26:05
Mystery House 45-11-18 (092) Murder in Paradise 26:26
Mystery House 46-01-27 (102) Nothing but the Proof 22:51
Mystery House 46-03-31 (111) Death Passed My Window 26:19
Mystery House 46-04-07 (112) Sub-rosa Justice 25:19
Mystery House 46-04-14 (113) Laugh - I Thought I'd Die 26:04
Mystery House 46-04-21 (114) Murder Takes Practice 27:07
Mystery House 46-04-28 (115) Death With a Punch 26:03
Mystery House 46-05-05 (116) The Composite Killer 26:12
Mystery House 46-05-12 (117) Murder Me Gently 25:49
Mystery House 46-05-26 (119) Bury Me Not 25:50
Mystery House 46-05-31 (120) A Killing In The Market 25:29
Mystery House 46-06-07 (121) Murder Hires A Hall 25:27
Mystery House 46-06-14 (122) Bases Loaded 26:04
Mystery House 46-06-21 (123) Time To Kill 25:56
Mystery House 46-07-05 (125) Dagger in the Dark 26:22
Mystery House 46-07-12 (126) A Vacation From Murder 26:13
Mystery House 46-07-26 (128) Drop Me A Line 26:33
Mystery House 46-08-02 (129) Operation Murder 26:48
Mystery House 46-08-09 (130) Murder Is An Art 25:48
Mystery House 4x-xx-xx (xxx) A Case of Homicide 27:01
Mystery House 4x-xx-xx (xxx) Death in the Saddle 25:37
Mystery House 4x-xx-xx (xxx) Death Is An Accident 25:38


Good Shows But Very Muddy Sounding. Fix Up?

(2 stars)

These are good shows, from what I can make out. The sound is very muddy. I tried many equalizer settings that didn't help much. Is there an audio mixing engineer here that can process these shows? Probably would have to use some phase shifting to bring them back to intelligibility.

Restored versions of Mystery House

(5 stars)

Radio Archives out of Spokane, Washington has completely restored each of the existing radio shows from Mystery House back to a crystal quality that probably is better than when they initially were aired depending on the strength of the radio station. They are available for sale in one complete volume from Radio Archives which is the only group I know of that has even attempted to restore this particular radio show. If you like this series, you will definitely enjoy the restoration efforts and are only available through Radio Archives which is listed on the Internet.

Mystery House

(5 stars)

These stories are very well written and acted out wonderfully. My only criticism is the excessive playing of the pipe organ.

Thirty-two episodes here

(5 stars)

The description of this series laments that only 15 episodes were collected. someone found more?! thanks, energetic production worth saving.

finding myself tired of all the deceitful people and death

(2 stars)

very enjoyable listening, sound quality very good

(5 stars)

great idea!

(4.5 stars)

as they say when it opens these are all plays done by staff at mystery house publishing before they accept a manuscript. but there are more than the 15 it says in the description. despite some sound problems these are great stories. all acted by the publishing company. good fun listening if you like the old otr recordings

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(5 stars)