Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys - Single Episodes

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The Old Time Radio Researchers are excited to bring to you these little-known country and western programs. Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys recorded 104 shows and Pinto Pete in Arizona an additional 78. References to the Ranch Boys are found as early as 1930, though they may have been on earlier. They broadcast over KTM those first few years, nearly every day and at various times. Jack Ross, a versatile actor and producer apparently served as Pinto Pete, with Joe "Curley" Bradley and Ken "Shorty" Carson rounding out the trio. All three had acted as stuntmen. They also appeared in a few movies, including It Happened One Night and In Old Monterey. The first recorded notice of the Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys that researcher Ben Kibler was able to locate was a December 13, 1933 broadcast in Sandusky, Ohio. Mentions of the broadcast appeared through 1936. In 1935, they auditioned for the Tom Mix radio show in Chicago and Curley got the part of "Pecos", Ross got the lead of "Tom Mix", and Carson was to play bit parts. But Ross only got to play Mix once. While in Hollywood doing some movies in the summer of 1938, they rode their horses from Hollywood to Chicago in a publicity stunt that landed them on National Barn Dance for three months. Researcher Ryan Ellett perused the Los Angeles Times from 1930 to 1935 and turned up a few mentions that indicate the trio might have moved on to better pastures. Producer Grace Gibson introduced Australia to Pinto Pete And The Ranch Boys about 1934, according to researcher Ian Grieves, and the program was heard off and on through 1944. They were on the Blue Network in the U.S., according to a 1940 magazine ad, and on a Phoenix Arizona station in 1952.

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First Song - Ragtime Cowboy Joe 14:25
First Song - The Roaming Cowboy 14:32
First Song - Polly Wolly Doodle 14:29
First Song - The Old Pine Tree 14:39
First Song - Blue Tail Fly 14:43
First Song - Open Up Them Pearly Gates 14:50
First Song - Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie 14:43
First Song - There's a Blue Sky Way Up Yonder 14:48
First Song - Blue Ridge Mountain Blues 14:31
First Song - The Little Old Sod Shanty 14:31
First Song - Little Ah Sid 14:37
First Song - Eleven More Months and Ten More Days 14:37
First Song - The Big Corral 14:45
First Song - Buffalo Gals 14:30
First Song - Back on the Texas Plains 14:47
First Song - Spanish Cavalier 14:55
First Song - Left My Gal In The Mountains 14:35
First Song - The Cumberland Mountains 14:55
First Song - Utah Trail 14:46
First Song - Sweet Cider Time, When You Were Mine 14:41
First Song - Wait For the Wagon 14:42
First Song - Get On the Golden Train 14:48
First Song - Chisholm Trail 14:49
First Song - Poor Liza Jane 14:33
First Song - The Old Gray Mare 14:48
First Song - She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain 14:40
First Song - Red Wing 14:36
First Song - Nancy Brown 14:41
First Song - Old Time Religion 14:35
First Song - Casey Jones 14:54
First Song - The Highly Educated Man 14:42
First Song - The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze 14:43
First Song - Sweet Betsy From Pike 14:31
First Song - Back on the Texas Plains 14:51
First Song - Nothing Else To Do 14:44
First Song - Spanish Cavalier 14:44
First Song - Strawberry Roan 14:56
First Song - Chime Bells 14:38
First Song - Goodbye My Lover Goodbye 14:36
First Song - Open Up Them Pearly Gates 14:51
First Song - Roamin' Cowboy 14:45
First Song - Little Boy 14:36
First Song - She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain 14:53
First Song - Old Man Of The Mountain 14:47
First Song - What's More Fun Than a Picnic Party 14:44
First Song - Ridge Runnin' Roan 14:41
First Song - The Railroad Crossing 14:51
First Song - Sunshine Trail 14:47
First Song - All God's Children 14:35
First Song - Who Stole the Lock 14:26
First Song - When It's Harvest Time, My Sweet Angeline 14:26
First Song - Sunshine Trail 14:43
First Song - El Rancho Grande 14:41
First Song - Little Liza Jane 14:36
First Song - Blue Mountain Shack 14:43
First Song - My Little Cow Pony and I 14:37
First Song - Dear Charlie 14:27
First Song - I Whistle and Wait For Katie 14:38
First Song - When the Sunset Bids the Day Goodbye 14:37
First Song - Back to Old Smoky Mountain 14:36
First Song - Strawberry Roan 14:37
First Song - Down In Sleepy Hollow 14:49
First Song - Where the Golden Poppies Grow 14:40
First Song - Is There Still Room For Me 'Neath The Old Apple Tree? 14:50
First Song - When It's Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley 14:37
First Song - When It's Night Time in Nevada 14:38
First Song - Grandfather's Clock 14:40
First Song - The Cat Came Back 14:42
First Song - I Want To Be Ready 14:47
First Song - A Cowboy's Heaven 14:31
First Song - Two Little Girls In Blue 14:39
First Song - Back Home Again In Indiana 14:43
First Song - Keep A' Inchin' Along 14:55
First Song - I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me 14:34
First Song - Ridin' Old Paint 14:34
First Song - Sierra Mountain Moon 14:39
First Song - When It's Prayer Meeting Time In The Hollow 14:47
First Song - Call of the Rockies 14:44
First Song - Mother's Crazy Quilt 14:48
First Song - Tumbling Tumbleweeds 14:51
First Song - An Old Lullaby 14:47
First Song - Take Them Mountains Out Of My Way 14:44
First Song - Arizona, Here I Come 14:48
First Song - Down In Alabama 14:49
First Song - Answer With A Kiss 14:45
First Song - Night On The Desert 14:53
First Song - My Blue Ridge Mountain Home 14:48
First Song - Bring Your Roses To Her Now 14:44
First Song - Waters of The Mohawk 14:48
First Song - When The Wandering Boy Comes Home 14:50
First Song - The Old Sunday School 14:49
First Song - Lonely And Blue 14:44
First Song - I Get The Blues 14:45
First Song - Waiting By The Silvery Rio Grande 14:50
First Song - Little Old Rag Doll 14:58
First Song - I Love You Best Of All 15:02
First Song - Blue Feather 14:55
First Song - Sweetest Little Rose 14:58
First Song - Oh! Boys Carry Me Long 15:01
First Song - That Naughty Waltz 14:49
First Song - Sweet Genevieve 15:03
First Song - The Last Roundup 14:59
First Song - On the Ozark Trail 14:50
First Song - Won't You Come Over To My House 14:47



(3 stars)

i read the ratings on the big download page, i thought they were a bit harsh. this stuff is country and western. its old time religion , its 1930s, what do they expect. whoever took the time to research and compile these should be commended, thank you. its good to hear these songs in the style of radio program of the day sav rekons 3.75 stars