Pinto Pete in Arizona - Single Episodes

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The Old Time Radio Researchers are excited to bring to you these little-known country and western programs. Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys recorded 104 shows and Pinto Pete in Arizona an additional 78. References to the Ranch Boys are found as early as 1930, though they may have been on earlier. They broadcast over KTM those first few years, nearly every day and at various times. Jack Ross, a versatile actor and producer apparently served as Pinto Pete, with Joe "Curley" Bradley and Ken "Shorty" Carson rounding out the trio. All three had acted as stuntmen. They also appeared in a few movies, including It Happened One Night and In Old Monterey. The first recorded notice of the Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys that researcher Ben Kibler was able to locate was a December 13, 1933 broadcast in Sandusky, Ohio. Mentions of the broadcast appeared through 1936. In 1935, they auditioned for the Tom Mix radio show in Chicago and Curley got the part of "Pecos", Ross got the lead of "Tom Mix", and Carson was to play bit parts. But Ross only got to play Mix once. While in Hollywood doing some movies in the summer of 1938, they rode their horses from Hollywood to Chicago in a publicity stunt that landed them on National Barn Dance for three months. Researcher Ryan Ellett perused the Los Angeles Times from 1930 to 1935 and turned up a few mentions that indicate the trio might have moved on to better pastures. Producer Grace Gibson introduced Australia to Pinto Pete And The Ranch Boys about 1934, according to researcher Ian Grieves, and the program was heard off and on through 1944. They were on the Blue Network in the U.S., according to a 1940 magazine ad, and on a Phoenix Arizona station in 1952.

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First Song - Blue Sky Way Up Yonder 14:55
First Song - Row, Row, Row Your Boat 14:53
First Song - Home On The Range 14:55
First Song - Red River Valley 14:59
First Song - Jimmy Crack Corn 15:03
First Song - My Old Kentucky Home 15:05
First Song - Ragtime Joe 15:05
First Song - Back Home Again In Indiana 15:09
First Song - Roll Along Covered Wagon 15:04
First Song - Waitin' By The Rio Grande 15:02
First Song - Little Green Valley 15:02
First Song - Side By Side 15:01
First Song - Springtime In Paris 15:01
First Song - Moonlight Bay 15:06
First Song - Red, Red Robin 14:50
First Song - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 14:59
First Song - Oh Mona 15:02
First Song - Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle 15:05
First Song - When The Moon Plays Peekaboo 15:01
First Song - Utah Trail 14:41
First Song - My Silver Bell 15:10
First Song - Shoo Fly 15:01
First Song - A High Tone Dance 14:56
First Song - Sweet Cider Time 14:54
First Song - Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella 14:50
First Song - Oregon Trail 14:55
First Song - Won't You Be My Honey 14:50
First Song - Sweetheart Town 14:52
First Song - The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad 14:53
First Song - Open Up Them Pearly Gates 14:50
First Song - Jesse James 14:56
First Song - My Blue Ridge Mountain Queen 14:51
First Song - You'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time 14:49
First Song - Ozark Mountain Home 14:48
First Song - I'm Alabamy Bound 14:47
First Song - There's A Rainbow Shining Somewhere 14:51
First Song - Gallop Your Troubles Away 14:55
First Song - Give My Regards To Broadway 14:58
First Song - The Gal I Left Behind Me 14:58
First Song - Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee 14:57
First Song - Roll, Roll, Rollin' Along 15:02
First Song - Here Comes The Sun 14:56
First Song - Home James And Don't Spare The Horses 14:51
First Song - Back In The Old Sunday School 14:52
First Song - Swanee River Moon 15:00
First Song - Roll Along Prairie Moon 15:02
First Song - I'll Be Faithful 14:56
First Song - That Old Gang Of Mine 15:02
First Song - Colorado Memories 14:52
First Song - Behind The Clouds 14:54
First Song - Schoolday Sweethearts 14:49
First Song - Baby Your Mother 14:56
First Song - Spanish Cavalier 14:57
First Song - Mandy Lee 15:02
First Song - When The Harvest Days Are Over 14:56
First Song - Driftwood On The Sea Of Dreams 14:52
First Song - The Wind Blew Through His Whiskers 14:57
First Song - Good Old Sunny South 14:59
First Song - My Ohio Home 15:02
First Song - Where Do You Work, John 15:08
First Song - Sunny Tennessee 14:53
First Song - Show That Fella The Door 14:56
First Song - Where The Huckleberries Grow 15:00
First Song - Walkin' With My Sweetness 14:59
Pinto Pete in Arizona #65 Man on the Flying Trapeze 15:01
First Song - Down Where The Swanee River Flows 15:07
First Song - Don't Wanna Be Rich 14:52
First Song - My Carolina Sunshine 14:52
First Song - You Can't Fool An Old Horsefly 15:03
First Song - Got A Gal In California 14:54
First Song - Ride The Carol 15:04
First Song - Broken Down Farmer 15:05
First Song - Blushing Bride 14:58
First Song - Rootin', Tootin', Shootin' Sons Of Guns 15:00
First Song - Little Old Sod Shanty 15:04
First Song - Band I Bought For The Hand 14:54
First Song - How I Love You 14:57
First Song - Call Of The Rockies 14:57


Good stuff

(4 stars)

I happen to love these shows, but that's really a matter of personal taste. The music is lively, expertly performed, and makes me smile. The quality is quite good, and consistent. Give them a try. Some shows, 11-13 for example, are mislabeled. I haven't gotten through indexing the whole group. If you like these, be sure to grab Pinto Pete and his Ranch Boys. Similar format, same great music.