Police Headquarters - Single Episodes

(4.4 stars; 34 reviews)


There is not too much known about the series Police Headquarters. There are 39 known episodes of this police procedural series. The series was syndicated on NBC stations in 1932. Each episode is a complete story of 15 minutes, including the silent movie music at the beginning and end. There is not much to the story line: the police are notified of the crime; they investigate at the scene of the crime; and follow the leads to get their man. Best of all each story gives a glimpse into the 1930s and they are interesting to hear. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

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Nice little snacks

(4 stars)

The writing on this show is excellent. Each episode is a balanced little package of personality, relationships and plot. Seems to have used the same devices as a good short story. The music and sound fx are good enough; the acting is mediocre. Lots of fluffed lines, really bad dialects. Still, the writing carries it through.

Great 1930s Music!

(4 stars)

I love the theme music for Police Headquarters - even if it takes up about 1/5th of the 15 minute show. This is early police drama - something that would lead to better produced and acted police dramas on radio and TV later. Unfortunately, many of these shows have problems - the original record skips or gets stuck, but, you would be hard pressed to find anything recorded on aluminum from over 80 years ago in really great shape.

I think they're charming!

(5 stars)

Instead of hearing everything that isn't up to our standards in 2010, I'm hearing history. I'm hearing how radio was done in 1932. I mean, listen to this today and think back... 78 years ago, there were people in a studio producing this! There were people in their homes listening to this! So, I give it a 5. Thank you to whoever uploaded this!

Nice little Gem

(5 stars)

I just came across this series. Reviewed the listings, I think from what I have heard so far, going to be another 5 stars. Thank You To the people who put forth the effort for the public to listen to great history. Again Thanks.

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(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Great stories and just the right length!