Red Horse Ranch - Single Episodes

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What is Life on Red Horse Ranch? Life on Red Horse Ranch successfully combines a genuinely thrilling serial story, with the colorful music of the old west.
  • A vivid moving story filled with suspense that stirs the imagination of every listener.
  • deftly woven into the script is the picturesque music of the open range, by the Texas Rangers, music heard in its natural setting.
Life on Red Horse Ranch has all the elements of a successful radio show:
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • the struggle of old Sam Carter to save Red Horse Ranch from land grabbers.
  • the tense excitement of a deadly fight with cattle rustlers, the perils of the round-up, the sweeping rush of the stampede.
  • the deep affection of Alabam for Rose, lovely daughter of Sam Carter.
  • colorful excitement of the rodeo, with its bull-dogging, bronco-busting, and wild steer riding.
  • the colorful antics of Arizona and the lazy but lovable Cookie.
  • that excites the spirit of adventure in all of us.
  • rattling horn and pounding hoofs in the 'big drive'
  • soothing lullabies of the night herder as he 'beds' down his 'doggies'
  • stirring rhythm of the thundering hoofs at full gallop
  • plaintive songs of the cowboy on the lonely range
  • rugged sentiment of songs around the campfire
  • and the jolly companionship of the bunkhouse symphony.
This is the music of the Texas Rangers around which is built the story of Life on Red Horse Ranch. NOTE: Updated Release! Many additional episodes included (21-Dec-2011). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



First Tune - The Big Corral 15:03
First Tune - I Ride an Old Paint 15:05
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep03_First_Tune_-_Oh!_Susanna 15:08
First Tune - His Trademarks 15:10
First Tune Is a Square Dance 15:12
First Tune - Rye Whiskey 15:12
First Tune - Goodbye Old Paint 15:07
First Tune - The Yodeling Ranger 15:10
First Tune - Turnip Greens 15:08
First Tune - I Had a Gal and Her Name was Sue 15:10
Alabam Is Wondering Who Shot the Gun 15:16
Rose Talks with Her Father 15:11
First Tune - The Old Gray Mare 15:11
First Tune - Turkey in the Straw 15:11
Alabam Is Hurt While Riding Red 15:12
Alabam Is Recovering from His Accident 15:15
First Tune - Down in Arkansas 15:11
First Tune - The Big Corral 15:10
First Tune - Night Herding Song 15:14
Alabam and Tenderfoot Are Guarding the Herd 15:14
First Tune - The Old Texas Trail 15:14
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep22_Mr_Carter's_in_Desperate_Straits_with_Half_the_He… 15:17
First Tune - Grandma 15:20
The Sheriff Comes to Collect on the Red Horse Ranch Debt 15:16
First Tune - I Like Mountain Music 15:16
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep26_Cookie_and_Arizona_Reminisce_About_the_Women_They… 15:10
Alabam Makes A Wonderful Discovery 15:29
Alabam And Tenderfoot Ride Into Danville 15:34
Exciting Times At The Ranch 15:29
Alabam Is Knocked Out At The Saloon 15:31
Alabam Returns To The Ranch 15:29
The Boys Save The Herd 15:24
Alabam Insists That Something Will Save The Ranch 15:08
The Sale Of The Herd Will Help The Ranch 15:02
Red Jumped The Fence 15:05
The Boys Bring Back The Cattle That Were Stolen 15:06
Alabam And A Stranger Talked At The Dance 15:32
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep38_Alabam_Thinks_There's_Oil_On_The_Ranch 15:31
Trigger Dawson Had A Boy Living With Him 15:27
Dewey Dawson Comes To The Red Horse Ranch 15:35
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep41_The_Rest_Of_The_Boys_Don't_Like_Dewey_Dawson 15:35
Dewey Dawson Is Going To Stay At The Ranch 15:36
Tenderfoot Is In Love With Rose Carter 15:35
Tenderfoot Leaves The Ranch 15:30
The Rodeo Is Coming To Danville 15:33
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep47_It's_A_Big_Day_At_The_Rodeo 15:33
All The Folks Still At The Danville Rodeo 15:35
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep49_Alabam's_Horse_Lost_The_First_Race_At_The_Danvill… 15:37
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep50_It's_The_Last_Horse_Race_at_the_Danville_Rodeo 15:28
Everyone Returns Home After A Week At The Rodeo 15:29
Dewey Wins The Friendship Of The Gang 15:29
Two Outlaws Escape Jail 15:24
An Attempt Is Made To Kidnap Dewey Dawson 15:26
Dewey Dawson Is Missing 15:24
Trigger Dawson Gave Dewey A Locket 15:31
First Tune - Little Green Valley 15:32
First Tune - The Old Wishing Well 15:27
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep59_First_Tune_-_Hallalujah,_I'm_A_Bum 15:39
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep60_First_Tune_-_It's_Heck_To_Bum_in_Texas_When_It_Ra… 15:31
Red_Horse_Ranch_35-xx-xx_ep61_The_Boys_Search_for_Trigger_Dawson's_Loot 15:38
Trigger Dawson Hid His Loot 15:33
First Song - Turkey In The Straw 15:31
Alabam And The Gang Follow A Map 15:32
Alabam And The Gang Find The Loot 15:18


Red Horse Ranch article

(3 stars) sez the show's initial episodes were produced March 1935 and delivered by April of that year. Also has a link to photos of cast members. Personally, not my kind of variety show -- more into Command Performance or Dinah Shore -- but some of this music is really nice.

(3 stars)

Not my thing but well done if this is your kind of old time cowboy type of music. I also think it was for the younger set to listen to.