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You're walking alone on the street at night, but then you hear another set of footsteps and a haunting tune being whistled by an unseen stranger. Fritz Lang used an similar premise in his 1930s German movie with Peter Lorre playing M, a psychopathic murderer of children. But the American radio series was even creepier. The unseen Whistler didn't kill anyone (that we know of), but he certainly loved watching murders take place, narrating them for us, and chuckling at the suffering of others instead of doing anything to stop it. Unlike M, he was never caught. He kept walking the streets every week for thirteen long years, whistling his ominous thirteen notes and telling us another tale of bizarre fate. Perhaps Fate is who the Whistler really was? He never provided any sir name, and the killer was usually punished by some twist of fate that only The Whistler seemed to expect. It is very likely The Whistler was inspired by The Shadow, which began nearly a decade earlier. Like the Shadow, the Whistler seemed to enter and exit the criminal underworld without ever being seen. He would watch the evil doers carry out their schemes, yet they never saw him, even though he would tell us what they were thinking in their presence. His voice sounded equally sinister to The Shadow, too. It was was a slithering tenor, hissing the "s's" and often laughing "heh-heh-heh-hehheh!" at the foolishness of the guilty. Both series had similar opening lines: The Shadow "knew what evil lurked in the hearts of men", whereas The Whistler "knows many strange tales hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows." When Bill Forman served 1/2 year in the military, Marvin Miller substituted as The Whistler. Also like The Shadow, several different actors played the title role over the course of The Whistler series. Bill Forman played it the most, but his announcer (Marvin Miller) substituted for him during the six months of his army duty (Buxton, 256). Gale Gordon and Joseph Kearns voiced the Whistler in earlier days, while Everett Clarke played the character in 1947 and Bill Johnstone did in 1948 (Dunning, 719). The last similarity was the saddest one. Both series ended about the time frame (in the mid 1950s). Crime increased in the following decades, maybe because the guilty felt they were no longer being watched and could get away with murder. Or could it be that the Whistler is saving up some more great stories to tell us about in the future? This Article courtesy of

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Retribution 29:32
Shrunken Head 29:30
Notes in the Night 29:58
Death Has a Thirst 29:32
The Letter 29:30
House of Greed 29:32
Mirage 29:30
Fog 29:32
Jealousy 29:30
Urge to Kill 29:32
Malice 29:30
Death Comes at Midnight 29:32
The Alibi 29:30
Apparition 29:32
The Other Woman 29:30
Avarice 29:32
The Accounting 29:30
Double-Cross 29:32
The Weakling 29:30
The Nemesis 29:03
The Thief 29:48
Mind over Matter 29:08
The Confession 30:16
In the Dark 28:24
Legacy of Death 29:32
Whistler_43-02-21_ep041_Fool's_Gold 29:30
The Penalty 29:32
The Killers 29:30
Death Has a Thirst 29:32
The Man Who Waited 29:30
Shadow of a Mind 29:32
Justice 29:30
House of Fear 29:18
The Blank Wall 29:25
The Avengers 29:32
An Eye for an Eye 29:30
Death in the Air 29:32
Destiny 29:30
Tangled Web 29:32
Blind Alley 29:30
Mirage 29:32
Patients for the Doctor 29:32
Death Demands a Payment 29:41
The Doctor Prescribes Death 29:33
Last of the Devereaux 29:30
Till Death Do Us Part 27:35
Practically Foolproof 29:32
Local Storm 28:46
Black Magic 29:32
Married to Murder 29:36
Not If I Kill You First 29:32
Finders Weepers 28:49
The Tale The Dead Man Told 29:32
44-10-23 Death Carries A Lunch Kit 28:57
Death Carries a Lunch Kit 29:22
The Beloved Fraud 29:41
Beware the Bridegroom 29:30
Death Sees Double 29:32
Death Walks a Tightwire 29:49
Doctor Operates in Crime 29:30
Lie or Consequences 28:27
Windfall 28:50
Christmas Bonus 29:32
Two for the Money 29:30
Whistler_45-01-08_ep137_The_Body_Wouldn't_Stay_in_the_Bay 29:32
Murder Has a Signature 29:30
Seascape 28:43
Murder on Paper 29:32
Murder Is Legal 29:30
The Dead Man Laughed 29:32
Murder Opens A Gate aka Gateway To Danger 29:30
Danger Is a Beautiful Blond 29:53
Death Marks the Double Cross (Mystery Theater Version) 30:18
Murder Will Shout 29:32
Return of the Innocent 29:30
To Rent Danger 29:50
Meet Mr Death 29:32
Whistler_45-04-30_ep153_The_Master's_Tree 29:30
Accident-According to Plans 29:32
The Man Who Bought Death 28:53
Escape to Danger 29:30
Murder Is Blind 29:32
Death Pays a Visit 29:30
Blueprint for Suicide 29:32
Death Watch 29:30
Deadly Innocent 29:32
Highway of Escape 29:33
Pattern for Terror 29:32
Let George Do It 29:30
Summer Thunder 29:38
The Man Who Came to Murder 29:30
What Makes a Murderer 29:47
X Marks the Murderer 29:30
Whistler_45-08-27_ep170_I'll_Trade_You_Murder 30:35
Ambition Perilous 30:25
Phone Call from Death 29:32
Sing a Song of Murder 29:30
The Man Who Died Twice 29:32
Death Wears a White Robe 29:38
Death Laughs Last 29:30
House on Sycamore Road 29:32
One Man Jury 31:12
Final Return 29:30
Harvest of Death 29:32
The Seeing Eye 29:30
Coincidence 29:32
The Stray Dream 29:30
Poison Is Quicker 29:32
The Cistern 29:30
Lucky Night 29:32
Miracle on 49th Street 29:30
The Thin Line 29:32
Hit and Run 21:57
Treasure Hunt 29:38
The Strange Sisters 28:34
Panic 29:14
Six Letter Word for Death 29:32
Murder in Haste 5:52
Whistler 46-02-25 (196) Murder in Haste (AFRS) 24:57
Decision 29:32
Boomerang 29:30
Whistler_46-03-18_ep199_The_Master's_Touch 29:27
The Trigger Man 29:32
Three Times a Sinner 29:30
Terror Stricken 29:32
Smart Boy 29:30
Waterford Case 29:17
Bright Horizon 24:31
Broken Chain 29:20
The Judas Face 29:22
Quiet Sunday 27:35
Affair at Stoney Ridge 29:27
Blind Bet 28:12
Solid Citizen 29:00
Confession 28:58
Custom Built Blond 29:40
The Sell-Out 29:38
Bullet Proof 28:47
Stolen Murder 28:50
Delivery Guaranteed 29:30
Broken Chain (East Coast Broadcast) 29:20
Stranger in the House 29:32
Witness at the Fountain 29:30
A Brief Pause For Murder (East Coast Broadcast) 28:47
The Brass Ring 29:26
A Present for Ricky 29:32
Weak Sister 29:30
Masquerade 29:32
Backfire 29:30
The Deadly Penny 29:32
Two Year Plan 29:30
With My Own Eyes 26:34
Next Year Is Mine 29:32
Murder on Rourke Island 29:30
Dear Roger 29:32
The Choice 29:30
Last Curtain 29:32
Night Melody 29:30
Seven Steps to Murder 29:32
Safety in Numbers 29:30
Seven Steps To Murder (East Coast Broadcast) 21:26
Whistler_47-02-17_ep247_A_Woman's_Privilege 29:32
Eight to Twelve 29:30
Blue Legend 29:32
Murder of Byron Blake 29:30
Mavis Cameron Disappears 29:32
The Lady and the Knife 29:30
The Blank Wall 29:32
Whistler_47-04-07_ep254_The_Sheriff's_Assistant 29:30
Maid of Honor 29:32
Backlash 29:30
The Black Book 29:32
Windfall 29:30
18 Bowden Lane 29:47
Hasty Conclusion 29:32
Fateful Friday 29:30
Whistler_47-06-02_ep262_Caesar's_Wife 29:32
Juggernaut 29:30
Ambassador of Death 29:32
The Gentle Way 29:30
The Two Lives of Colby Fletcher 29:30
Beyond Reasonable Doubt 29:19
Borrowed Byline 29:48
Dark Future 29:30
Whispered Verdict 29:32
Girl Next Door 29:30
Curtain Call 29:32
The Eleventh Hour 29:30
Bridge on Black Mountain 29:35
Sleep My Pretty One 29:32
Career Man 29:30
Man of Distinction 29:12
A Case for Mister Carrington 29:30
The Back Door 29:32
The Big Prison 29:30
Dark Moon 29:22
The Body Off Billingsgate 29:30
Wedding Gift 29:30
Murder in Haste 29:32
Decision 29:30
The First Year 29:32
Comeback 29:38
Silent Partner 29:32
Twelve Portraits of Marcia 29:30
Night Final 29:32
Undertow 29:30
Money Is The Root Of All Evil 29:32
Quiet Suicide 29:30
Meeting on Tenth Street 29:32
Boiling Point 29:30
Return Engagement 29:32
The Human Catalyst 29:30
The Dark Room 29:32
Bird of Prey 29:30
What Makes a Murderer 29:32
Till Death Do Us Part 29:30
Silent City 29:32
Tough Guy 29:30
Chain Reaction 29:32
Murder on Margin 29:32
Stranger in the House 29:30
Concerto of Death 29:32
Small Town Girl 29:30
Fatal Appointment 29:30
Farewell Party 29:32
Lady from the Sea 29:30
Question of Murder 29:52
Enough Rope 26:13
Bright Future 29:32
Trio of Rogues 29:30
Payment in Full 29:30
Whistler_48-09-15_ep327_Uncle_Ben's_Widow 29:20
Still Death 29:30
Conspiracy 29:32
Big Gamble 29:30
Whirlpool 29:32
Package for Emily 29:30
Search for an Unknown 29:32
Letter from Yesterday 29:30
Cover Up 29:32
Nightmare 29:30
The Lovely Look 29:24
Murder in Paradise 25:11
Hired Alibi 29:35
Stormy Weather 29:30
The Hangtree Affair 29:32
Delayed Christmas Present 29:30
Man on the Roof 29:19
Tell Tale Brand 29:29
Shakedown 25:47
Impulse 29:32
All Damage Covered 29:49
The Cheat 29:30
The Cheat 26:36
Last Curtain 29:47
Ticket to Paris 29:25
Grave Secret 29:51
Grave Secret 26:26
Search for Maxine 29:30
Death of Mr Penny 29:32
Death of Mr Penny 25:23
Beyond the Wall 29:30
Beyond the Wall 25:12
The Rawhide Coffin 25:48
Murder at Twin Pines 25:31
Sleep My Pretty One 29:32
A Mask for Kinsella 29:20
Solid Citizen 29:32
Solid Citizen 25:34
Danger Is a Beautiful Blond 29:34
Golden Opportunity 29:30
Fatal Fraud 29:30
Deal with Death 29:05
Letter to Melanie 30:46
Perfect Alibi 29:32
That Physical Fact 29:30
Final Decree 29:32
Panic on Mulberry Street 29:30
Front Man 29:32
Front Man 26:00
Death in Sixteen Millimeter 29:30
Death in Sixteen Millimeter 25:51
The Hermit 29:32
Brotherly Hate 29:30
The Trigger Man 29:32
Best Friend 29:30
The Confession 29:32
The Eager Pigeon 29:30
Smart Girl 29:32
Brief Pause for Murder 29:30
Poor Henry 29:32
Incident at Arroyo Grande 29:30
Whistler_49-10-02_ep383_A_Woman's_Privilege 29:33
A Rose For Pamela 29:41
Best Man 28:13
Debt of Honor 29:53
Ticket to Murder 29:28
The New Mrs Devlin 29:44
Incident at Pebble Cove 29:38
Letters from Aaron Burr 29:27
Clever Mister Farley 25:45
Impulse 23:01
Swan Song 29:43
Patroness of Murder 29:45
Letter from Cynthia 29:38
Evening Stroll 29:20
Return to Riondo 22:42
Escape to Skull Island 28:59
The Go-Between 29:10
Burden of Guilt 29:18
Whistler_50-02-05_ep401_Ladies'_Man 25:15
Desert Reckoning 29:23
Five Cent Call 28:48
Appointment for Murder 30:30
Chinese Elephant Puzzle 29:21
The Chinese Elephant Puzzle 28:29
Strange Meeting 29:27
Oriana Affair 29:23
Lady in the Snow 29:15
Lady with a Key 29:16
Dark Voyage 29:22
Murder in Mind 29:23
Return with the Spray 29:33
Gratitude 26:02
Fatal Error 29:28
Blue Alibi 29:22
Blue Alibi 25:44
The Return 29:32
Whistler_50-06-04_ep418_Caesar's_Wife 29:30
Rebound 28:35
Jessica 29:08
Manhunt 29:25
Quiet Sunday 29:24
Devoted Couple 29:34
Attorney for the Defense 29:44
Attorney for the Defense 24:42
The Cliffs at Weyrum 30:13
With My Own Eyes 27:00
Double Exposure 29:34
Finale 29:21
Undercurrent 30:16
Whirlwind 30:15
Golden Penny 30:07
Deadly Rumor 29:36
That Hemsley Affair 29:08
Dear Diary 27:02
Fatal Action 29:31
Fatal Action 26:53
Smart Boy 28:56
The Wall 29:28
The Intruder 29:30
Just Like a Man 29:48
A Friendly Case of Blackmail aka Hit And Run 29:44
Warm Reception 29:13
Till Death Do Us Part 29:24
The Lady With the Knife 29:30
Clock on the Tower 29:19
Flee from Evil 29:26
Three Wise Guys 29:31
The Big Jump 29:32
Hit and Run 29:58
The Little Things 29:13
Treasure Hunt 29:18
Trade Mark 29:54
Murder over Burma 29:45
Spell in Green 29:13
Man in the Storm 29:23
Murder Arrangement 29:16
Helping Hand 29:17
High Death 26:35
Jackson Street Affair 29:12
His Own Reward 29:25
Man in a Corner 28:59
Whistler_51-04-08_ep462_A_Trip_to_Aunt_Sarah's 29:01
Triple Cross 29:28
Kind Thought 29:19
Clayton Affair 29:24
Two and One Makes Murder 28:23
A Matter of Courtesy 28:57
Custom-Made Murder 29:07
Seattle Take Three 29:36
Tall Thin Man 29:41
Law of Physics 28:14
The Man in the Trench Coat 29:37
Murder of Byron Blake 29:19
The House on Hainsley Boulevard 29:47
The Witness 29:26
Autumn Song 29:46
Danger Is a Beautiful Blond 29:20
Design for Murder 30:00
Fateful Reminder 29:48
She Never Would Be Missed 29:47
Public Hero 29:44
Guilty Conscience 29:30
A Matter of Patience 29:39
Two Smart People 29:47
Partners in Crime 29:31
Alias Mister Alden 29:38
Whistler_51-10-28_ep491_Doctor's_Wife 29:47
Man on the Run 29:53
Three Minus One Equals Murder 29:52
The Clay Tree 29:41
End of the Road 29:51
The Other Hand 29:48
Curiosity Killed the Cat 29:46
Christmas Gift 29:56
Fatal Step 29:45
Episode at Thunder Mountain 29:48
Bad Penny 29:44
Borrowed Byline 29:26
Borrowed Byline 25:01
Shakedown 29:46
Little Red Book 29:42
Rose for Pamela 29:19
A Matter of Time 29:44
A Matter of Time 30:18
Whirlpool 29:49
Breakaway 30:00
Marked Man 29:57
Ski Master 25:03
Homecoming 29:30
Element X 29:21
Saturday Night 31:55
Lady In Waiting 29:47
A Matter of Odds 29:47
Determined Traveler 29:29
Charming Hostess 26:41
Man in the Way 29:45
Last Message 29:49
Night Flight 29:47
Triple Play 26:30
Whistler_52-07-27_ep530_You_Can't_Trust_a_Stranger 29:44
Dark Island 24:26
Final Papers 24:08
The Secret of Chalk Point 24:57
One Dark Night 29:13
The Prosecutor 30:09
The Calculator 24:23
So Soon 24:12
Christmas Bonus 24:08
The Disappearing Woman 25:12
Glass Dime 26:20
Silver Service 24:33
Death Claim 24:16
Ticket to Nowhere 23:29
Girl in Black 21:50
Impulse 23:37
Fading Star 22:52
Perilous Meeting 24:02
Lady on a Yacht 24:17
Generous Host 23:41
The Huntress 23:54
Lonely Highway 22:15
Fatal Fraud 22:23
Whistler_54-01-24_ep606_Garvey's_Folly 21:52
Dance Team 23:38
Man from Calais 22:08
Feature Story 25:17
Hudson Bay Incident 23:08
Escape to Doom 24:57
Perilous Weekend 22:36
Days Of Fear 22:05
Spell in Green 23:59
Gentlemen from Oxford 24:35
She Wanted Too Much 23:02
Whistler_54-05-23_ep623_The_Doll's_Name_Was_Suzy 22:34
That Cutlerville Affair 23:54
Round Trip Tickets 22:21
Dark Pattern 22:10
Whistler_54-07-18_ep631_Mister_Pettibone's_Last_Journey 24:31
Anything for a Friend 26:31
Borrowed Future 25:27
Traveling Companion 26:31
Quadrangle 22:05
Song Team 23:11
Stolen Letter 24:57
Last Request 30:17
The Prosecutor 29:58
One Dark Night 26:40
Whirlpool 23:40
Element X 21:11
Undercurrent 23:42
Bright Boy 24:33
The Alibi 29:00
Seven Steps to Murder 24:39
Backfire 21:01
The Ambassador 20:15
Incident at Chalk Point 24:42
Letters from Aaron Burr 24:24
The Lovely Look 22:33
Night Melody 23:22
A Case for Mister Carrington 24:09
The First Year 24:35
Whistler_55-06-09_ep678_A_Woman's_Privilege 24:24
Lady in Waiting 23:58
The Big Prison 25:16
The Havana Lee 21:37
Marked Man 20:47
A Present for Ricky 24:15
Little Red Book 22:39
Design for Murder 24:13
Whistler xx-xx-xx epxxx Kaleidoscope epAFRTS 30:09


i am a fane of the whistler and it is a five Star show

(5 stars)

I am the whistler I listing it all the time every day and Every day it is a great show and I recamand it for everyone I like the way it is done it is a good show I like the ending you always find a starterdling surprise ending at the final curtain the jokes are so funny to keep it on the air

Delightfully Entertaining

(5 stars)

These programs bring such a warm and genuine sense of the era of Dramatic Performance Radio! Each show, draws the audience in immediately, with clever characterizations and storylines. Some dedicated persons have spent hours transferring these from 45's, to mp3's & I am so, truly grateful. Thank Y'all!!

The master of the twist ending

(5 stars)

The Whistler always proposes treacherous characters that get a good dose of what they deserve. I am never disappointed with the way the stories have a surprise twist that pulls it together even more. I highly recommend for Noir and mystery fans.

the audio is pretty good

(5 stars)

"Wait a minute... Have you heard the strange tales on The Whistler...?" [whistling tune comes in, voice says "I'm the WHISTLER" This same premise is on shows like Suspense! and "Theatre Five". Those are really good too. There are not any interesting shows like this on anymore. These are perfectly acted, directed, everything. They all kind of have the same premise- suspenseful plot, then the bad guy(s) characters get their ironic comeuppance in the end, something along those lines. You'd think that with all of the tools and technology and access to information we have now, shows and things would get better. Nope! My favorite "The Whistler" episode is really the Jack Benny joke on the show called The Fiddler and had Dennis Day is an idiot married to a woman who's having an affair. Hilarious. Jack Benny shows are in archive too. But don't watch the newest episodes, they stunk.


(5 stars)

I've been meaning to write a review for this very entertaining old time radio program, which has replaced Suspense as my favorite. Besides being densely populated with femmes fatales*, many episodes have ad content which brings the mid-late 1940s to life. And just now listening to episode 92, at approx 5:05 minutes in comes WE INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM and several seconds of dead air...followed by news about bombing Japan in an effort to get "Emperor Hirohito and his ministers" to stop waffling about surrendering and do it, unconditionally, or face more destruction. Which we know now was a promise we were ready to keep by early August 1945... * and as many hommes fatales: anxious heirs tending to stubbornly mortal aunts and uncles; loving spouses busy blackmailing, poisoning, shooting, strangling, and pushing each other off cliffs...somehow hundreds of these together is the stuff of delicious black comedy. Ask THE WHISTLER.


(5 stars)

I listened to the whole series and was amazed at the cleverness. These stories almost all have twist endings that are really inventive yet believable. High quality throughout all years of the series, which can't be said of many radio suspense series.

The Whistler Radio Program

(5 stars)

There are often parts of this show that are unintentionally funny. Episode 1...the idiot son. Episode 2...the talking shrunken head. Episode 3...the suspicous notes and then a voice saying, "I must kill Henry."

Great show - Makes me want some Signal Oil

(5 stars)

This show holds up well. I have listened to most of these episodes several times, and feel they hold up very well. Great twist endings.