The Hardy Family 08 Eps

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(08 Episodes - 1 INC) "The Hardy Family" * In 1949, Micky Rooney reprised his role of "Andy Hardy" (from the hit 1937 MGM movie "A Family Affair"), in this OTR program, aptly named "The Hardy Family". Set in Depression-era, smalltown, midwestern America, Judge Hardy is an elected judge with three children and a wife. (Judge James K. Hardy) Lionel Barrymore /(Mrs. Emily Hardy) Spring Byington * Also starring Lewis Stone as Judge James Hardy & Fay Holden as Emily Hardy, "The Hardy Family" broadcast thru 1950, then was rebroadcast on MBS (Mutual Broadcast System) during 1952. "A Family Affair" was an adaptation of the successful 1928 Broadway play "Skidding." * SOURCE: The Digital Deli Too (Check it out - LOADS of OTR data) Wikipedia OTR * def gp ddh

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Mickey Rooney Excellent In "The Hardy Family"

(5 stars)

This is a very good "Andy Hardy" radio program, apparently airing in 1949-50 and then rerun on the Mutual Don Lee network a couple of years later. Fay Holden, Lewis Stone, and Mickey Rooney continue to do well in the "Hardy Family" radio roles, picking up from the roles they played in the M-G-M movies.


(5 stars)

Andy Hardy is a beloved classic comedy series!