Philip Marlowe 1947 and 1948

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Philip Marlowe 1947 and 1948

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There are four different files here that are only two different episodes. Why the same episode is given two different names by careless collectors I have never been able to figure out. Just too lazy to either listen to the programs or do a little research, I guess. But ok. Let's solve the mystery..."Who Shot Waldo" and "Trouble is My Business" are the same program. (Trouble is the correct title). "Red Wing" and "Red Wind" are also the same. Now, there ARE two different versions of "Red Wind" one starring Van Heflin and the other starring Gerald Mohr...but both of these are Van Heflin and "Red Wind" is correct. They are great shows and you should add ONE of each to your collection...especially if you lve Raymond Chandler.