Richard Diamond P. I. 2

(4.7 stars; 22 reviews)

All the 1950 eps I have

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Gumshoe Diamond crazily humorous

(5 stars)

detective who gets slugged as many times as you would changed your socks ,surprisingly gets up from a beating as though nothing really happened. He's a great P.I who always get his man or woman. The series is well worth listening to, so I would like to thank the hard work of those who have found and uploaded this fine old time radio shows.

Looks Like A More Complete RD Series!

(5 stars)

Wow, either I have early Alzeimer's or I see titles that weren't there before. Lots of new titles. Thanks!

Great PI

(5 stars)

Very good PI series with a little humor. One thing though, as Many times as Diamond gets knocked unconscious, it`s a wonder he doesn`t have brain damage!


(5 stars)

One of my all time favorite detectives. These stories are well written and the acting is excellent.

,0love these old shows. Mr.Powell was a great actor 💓

(1.5 stars)

(5 stars)

usaually gets his clock cleaned !!!