Tom Corbett, Space Cadet

(4.4 stars; 9 reviews)

Additional shows. Great 1950's Old Time Radio. A juvenile series that was on radio and TV at the same time. Blast off to save the Universe!

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Juvenile, but not childish

(4 stars)

Sure, it was created for kids during an innocent time. Yes, the premise is a bit silly. OK, the vernacular is a trifle forced. With all its faults, a still-entertaining, heart-rendingly nostalgic romp through the Solar system. Fast paced dialogue and well conceived dramatic elements make this work a wonderful escape and twenty-some minutes of pure fun. Perfect in a personal audio player when you're stuck in an airport, riding a train or bus or otherwise enduring something you'd rather not be doing.

Tom Corbett

(4 stars)

Background Dig the crazy organ player as excitement boost effect