Speed Gibson Of The International Secret Police

(4.5 stars; 22 reviews)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



1 The Octopus Gang Active 12:14
2 Speed Is Inducted into Secret Police 12:31
3 Heading for Hong Kong 12:42
4 A Shooting Attempt 12:24
5 The Octopus Orders a Kidnapping 12:26
6 Remaining at Wake Island 12:42
7 Speed Is Missing 12:40
8 Splinters into Custody 12:31
9 Splinters Gets Away 12:32
10 Barney Flies the Mystery Plane 12:57
11 The Trio Is Ambushed on Guam 13:12
12 The Octopus Plans a Surprise 13:11
13 The Arrival in Hong Kong 12:37
14 Clint Suspicious of Mr Wu 13:03
15 Clint to Stay with Dr Kingsley 12:38
16 Hotel Rooms Are Ransacked 12:43
17 Marsha Is Kidnapped 12:37
18 The Octopus Reveals Plans 12:50
19 Disguised as Coolies 13:00
20 Speed Is Knocked Out 12:50
21 Leave on Bullet Plane 12:54
22 Speed Tries to Warn Clint 12:49
23 Shot at and Forced Down 13:14
24 Flower Boat Is Sighted 13:23
25 Prisoners on the Flower Boat 13:25
26 Clint and Barney Are Captured 13:28
27 Speed Arrives and Helps Clint and Barney 13:26
28 Bob Gilmore Sworn into Secret Police 13:30
29 Speed and Bob Fly to Help Dr Kingsley 13:41
30 The Octopus' Secret Headquarters 13:31
31 Speed Discovers the Secret Entrance 14:25
32 A Trap Has Been Set 14:26
33 Tunnel Fills with Water 13:37
34 Water Continues to Rise 13:36
35 Dynamite Must Be Used 13:32
36 Speed Is Lost in the Tunnel 13:53
37 Speed Is Found 14:00
38 Barney Heads for the Hut 13:41
39 A Teahouse Fire 13:39
40 New Instructions from the Octopus 13:39
41 The Octopus Continues Plans 14:03
42 The Octopus Puts Plans into Effect 14:08
43 Speed Thinks Quan Wu Is a Gang Member 13:57
44 Set up in a Trap 13:58
45 The Octopus Traps Speed and Jean 13:25
46 Al Taken Prisoner 13:55
47 The Octopus Escapes 13:01
48 Hiding in a Secret Room 13:29
49 Poison Gas Bomb Thrown 13:24
50 How to Catch the Octopus 13:28
51 Everyone Ready for the Trip 13:52
52 Fighting Breaks Out 13:57
53 Heading into Tibet 13:49
54 The Octopus Will Go to Black Pass 13:56
55 Following the Octopus to Tibet 13:44
56 Monoplane Is Airborne 14:01
57 Speed Talks with the Octopus Via Radio 12:46
58 Follow the Dragon 13:58
59 A Tibetan Avalanche 13:40
60 All Narrowly Escape 13:59
61 The Octopus Plane Spotted 13:56
62 The Secret Police Are Jailed 13:50
63 The Octopus Reaches Secret House 13:46
64 Pass of the Iron Dagger 13:57
65 Surrounding the Octopus' Secret Home 14:06
66 Secret Police Capture the Octopus 14:07
67 Kidnapping Plans 14:03
68 Barney Kidnapped 13:56
69 Thought Recording Machine 13:43
70 A False Floor 13:47
71 A Secret Torture Chamber 14:01
72 Thought Helmet Taken 13:43
73 Blank Thought Waves 13:51
74 Barney Found Wandering 13:57
75 Arrow Almost Hits Speed 13:25
76 A Tibetan Feast 13:14
77 The Octopus Visits Zee Ring's Home 13:29
78 Picnic Planning 13:26
79 Speed in Disguise 13:27
80 Speed Caught by the Octopus 13:21
81 Clint Saves Speed from Storm 13:17
82 The Octopus Pictures to the States 13:13
83 Marsha Winfield Held Prisoner 14:04
84 Slave Raids Begin 14:11
85 Clint and Speed Begin an Air Flight 13:12
86 Marcia and Her Brother Found 13:07
87 Splinter and Wu Are Captured 13:15
88 Splinter Is Shot 13:14
89 Splinter Is Cared For 12:32
90 Splinter Is Hiding 13:27
91 Marcia Recovers from Vapers of Sleep 13:30
92 Shooting Breaks Out 13:33
93 Chief Tepo Catches Pilots at Black Pass 13:38
94 Open Radio Accident 13:17
95 An Aerial Dog Fight 12:59
96 Octopus Plane Crashes 13:16
97 Ready for Attack on the Octopus 13:20
98 Time for a Showdown 13:12
99 The Octopus and Men Captured 13:16
100 The Octopus Jumps from Plane in Flight 13:19
101 Atlantian Syndicate Investigation in Africa 13:33
102 An Airborne Fire 13:24
103 Safe Landing Is Made 13:22
104 Falling into a Trap 13:31
105 No Water Aboard the Plane 13:19
106 The Time Bomb 11:55
107 Leeds Kills Himself 13:13
108 Davis Shot by Octopus Gang 13:12
109 Davis Killed 13:08
110 The Octopus Is Still Alive 13:05
111 An Octopus Gunboat Outside 13:04
112 Trapped in Cave with No Water 9:53
113 Everyone Rescued 11:05
114 Marie Is Stowaway 13:13
115 Smiley Is Missing 13:15
116 Is Smiley Dead 13:26
117 Messenger Arrives 13:20
118 Angry Crowd at Casablanca 10:04
119 Airport Disguise 13:30
120 Octopus Gang Moves In 12:59
121 Power Magazine Plan 13:10
122 Stop Plans for Explosion 13:15
123 Speed, Clint and Carlos in a Bad Storm 13:14
124 Dropping a Signal 10:16
125 A Poison Dart 12:51
126 The Octopus' Old Headquarters 12:56
127 Plan Flight to the Sahara Desert 12:58
128 Fly to Legionnaire Outpost 13:02
129 Attack Repelled 12:57
130 Bad Sand Storm 11:19
131 Clint Lands in the Desert 12:36
132 Discovered in the Desert 12:53
133 Octopus Learns Their Location 12:46
134 Tricks by the Octopus 14:27
135 A Ring Gets Them out of Jail 12:44
136 The Octopus Visits Are Explained 9:36
137 Enemy Plane Crashes 12:37
138 Boating Down the Congo 12:44
139 Speed Is Confronted by a Leopard 12:49
140 Leaving Camp 12:43
141 Clint Rescues Mrs Buchanan 12:42
142 Search for John Buchanan 9:45
143 Barney Hypnotized by Wings of Giant Moth 12:31
144 Troubles with a Boa Constrictor 12:28
145 Fumes Overcome Everyone 12:29
146 In the Path of Cannibal Ants 12:50
147 The Octopus Suspects Trap 12:44
148 Warriors Help in Searching for Hq 9:37
149 Native Attack Near Octopus Headquarters 12:18
150 Attack Stopped with Elephant Stampede 12:45
151 Search of Headquarters Started 12:47
152 Saved from Suffocating 12:47
153 Leaving for Gorilla Country 14:35
154 The Octopus Prepares Death Ray 10:33
155 The Octopus Overheard on the Radio 14:29
156 Elephant Grass Fire 14:29
157 A Jungle Crash Landing 14:22
158 Surprise Meeting with Natives 14:22
159 Barney Confronted by Talking Gorilla 14:19
160 Talking Gorilla Starts Attack 11:10
161 Entire Camp Captured 13:09
162 Octopus Packs up Death Ray Machine 13:21
163 Everyone Escapes Gorilla Attack 14:26
164 All Are Caught in Jungle Storm 14:21
165 John Buchanan Found in Hut 14:25
166 Surrounded by Pygmy Headhunters 10:33
167 Safe Take-Off 14:30
168 Speed Missing Again 14:21
169 The Octopus Waits 14:10
170 Car Crash 14:15
171 Octopus Gang Member Is Questioned 14:30
172 Clint Worries About Landing 11:31
173 Clint's Plane Catches on Fire 14:22
174 An Octopus Agent Confesses to Fire 14:26
175 Desert Raiders Attack 14:21
176 Octopus Camp Is Reached 14:27
177 Death Ray Blown Up 14:18
178 The Octopus Finally Captured 11:18


These are cool

(5 stars)

Comic-book plots: "Troubles with a Boa Constrictor" "In the Path of Cannibal Ants" "Barney Confronted by Talking Gorilla" "The Octopus [character name] Prepares Death Ray Machine" thought-recording machines, miniature spy cameras, secret passages in evil scientist' castle. 15-year old boy sworn in as a member of "International Secret Police", who also can fly a plane. Inter-racial romance: Barney [goofball Secret Police member] swoons over Tanurah, the half Nigerian/half Swahili daughter of a chieftain, buying her "new cloth for a dress" and taking her out for a "bite to eat", he tells her he would sure like to get to know her better... The author, and the times this was created, is fascinated with Shortwave Radio. Much ado about it is in almost if not every episode, and they use it for global communications and two-way conversations. Each episode jam-packed with adventures across the globe, secret meetings, crime fighting, bar fighting. Sample of Female Character Dialogue: "...I'm frightened" Fun, rather exciting, and weird. The entire family will get a big kick out of this and not want to turn it off. Perfect for .mp3 road trip listening. Excellent audio- although I caught two miniscule "record skips" that lasted a fraction of a second, which may even have been on the original recordings, considering the age it was made. As weird and fascinating as "Magic Island" (series on Archive.org Old Time Radio programs), the plots and strangeness seem related in the type of writing.

Barney Dunlap, Hero of Wang Du and Khatt Fi

(5 stars)

Among the villages enslaved and tortured by The Octopus were the Chinese hamlet of Wang Du and the African settlement of Khatt Fi. Finally freed by the International Secret Police, Khatt Fi enacted the "Barney Dunlap Award" given for determined perseverance in the face of great odds. For the first 50 years the award came with a roast monkey, until they became too scarce. Wang Du went even further, erecting a statue with flying helmet and sardonic grin in honor of Barney Dunlap which stands today disguised as a Chairman Mao statue. Someday it will be restored, however. Each village had heard that throughout the hard work and dedication of the Secret Police in bringing down The Octopus and freeing their villages, Barney Dunlap constantly reminded everyone of what they were fighting for and the suffering of the Wang Duans and Khatt Fis (Although he mispronounced their names a little.)

44 1/2 hours of action!

(5 stars)

This holds up surprisingly well given the high-tech world we live in today. This is a good serial to have on your iPod for those long car trips or train rides or any other time/place where the 15 minute format would help time pass faster than just listening to music or NPR podcasts. An mp3 disc of this series would be a great inexpensive gift for a young boy about Speed's age (approximately 8-12 years old). Another gift idea is to burn the episodes onto 36 compact discs, 5 per disc, then send the discs one at a time, every 10 days, for a year, like a subscription.

The Never Ending Story

(4 stars)

Good sound quality for the first 28 episodes, and I'm assuming the rest are fine. Broadly drawn characters without much nuance navigate the predictable plot, with the occasional unforeseen twist. The acting is quite good. Speed is always enthusiastic and Barney is overflowing with bad jokes and exclaiming "sufferin' whangdoodles!" Clint is played by Howard McNear, who went on to be Doc in (the superior radio version of) Gunsmoke, and Floyd the Barber on Andy Griffith. If you are amused by the first episode, and the threat posed to the world by the villainous Octopus intrigues you, you'll enjoy the rest. I like it.

Suffering wangdoodles!

(4 stars)

I enjoyed listening to these episodes and found myself looking forward to some free time to continue with the story. There were some slow episodes, but 70 years is a long time to expect something to be thrilling for its entire length. As stated below, if you like the first episode, then this will be a nice diversion for you. It is five of five stars for what it sets out to do, but since some OTR is indeed timeless, 4 of 5 is more appropriate considering all available OTR shows.

Speed Gibson - still good

(4 stars)

I have just started to listen to Speed Gibson of the ISP. And I have to admit for just under 13 minutes they were able to pack a lot of action into these stories. And who doesn't love a cliffhanger? I unfortunately wasn't alive for the golden age of radio. But I must admit, radio definitely forces the mind to make the pictures. Television doesn't force a kid to do anything but reach for another bad of potato chips.


(5 stars)

I have only listened to about the first 25% of the episodes and the sound quality is very good. It does seem a bit long but I listen to a few episodes whenever I find time. Mixing Speed in with some of the other OTR shows makes it seem like I'm back in the "old days". Well worth listening too.

Works for me

(5 stars)

Episodes 152 (1939-11-25) thru 161 (1940-01-27) work fine for me. Try re-downloading the file or download the individual files. Or try playing them on a different computer or device. Not all codecs are compatible, depending on how the original files were encoded. 5 stars!