Squad Cars

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SQUAD CARS WRITERS: ADRIAN STEED, BEV PIERCE, ANTHONY FRIDJON, LOUIS IFE, COLIN FISH PRODUCER: COLIN FISH, LOUIS IFE DIRECTOR: DAVID GOODEN STUDIO: SONOVISION STUDIOS, JOHANNESBURG FOR SPRINGBOK RADIO STARRING: GORDON MULHOLLAND, HAL ORLANDINI, DIANE APPLEBY, ANNABEL LINDER DIANE STUART, DANA NIEHAUS, GRAHAM ARMITAGE, NIC DE JAGGER TONY JAY, PATRICK MYNHARDT, GABRIEL BAYMAN, ANTHONY FRIDJON LOUIS IFE, COLIN FISH, CLIVE SCOTT, DALE CUTTS, MICHAEL MAYER MEL MILLER, TROMP TERRE'BLANCHE, BRIAN O'SHAUGNESSY & others. NARRATION: HUGH ROUSE , ADRIAN STEED , MALCOLM GOODING FIRST EPISODE B/C: 29/06/1968 Probably one of the most popular radio programmes ever broadcast in South Africa. Week by week a dramatised story of the South African Police at work would unfold. The series originally went out for broadcast on Sunday evenings. After 6 months the programme moved to it's familiar Friday night 7H30pm slot on Springbok Radio, . Because of the popularity of the Friday night western series' on South African television at the same time slot as "Squad Cars", the series moved to 8H30pm when the series came to an end. Two attempts were made to take the series to the screen. In 1974 a film called "Flying Squad" went onto the South African film circuit, followed in 1978 with a Television series called "Big City Heat". Neither of these shows were great successes, the masses still prefered to listen to the original on radio. A total of 23 episodes are at present doing the rounds with old time radio collectors. These episodes were originally recorded by John Wright, a South African Radio Fan, who sent recordings on reel to a friend in the United States & 4 episodes that were made available by the daughter of the late David Gooden, Beverley. Episodes came from a collector in Germany, however this was only a drop in the bucket. The reels donated by the late Neil Gesson saved most of them. Neil very loyaly recorded over 700 episodes on reel to reel tape. These episodes will shortly be transferred to a digital format and restored. Copies of the restored episodes will be donated to the SABC Sound Archives for national preservation. As with many South African series', collectors renamed most of the episodes. The possibility that all 823 episodes have survived is looking better as no comparisons have been made to the renamed episodes, this will only be done once the transfer of the reel to reel tapes is done. EPISODES MADE: 823 Including a "Pilot Episode", never broadcast EPISODES ARCHIVED: 778

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Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-00-00 Pilot - The Bird Sanctuary - Not Broadcast 24:19
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-08-09 Pirelto_'s Pursuit 26:29
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-08-18 Burglary Alert 26:01
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-09-06 Fraud From Down Under 26:54
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-09-13 Tell-Tale Suitcase 26:20
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-09-20 Real Cool Cars, Man 26:35
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-09-27 Lift Bank Robbers 27:05
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-12-06 Case Of The Bloody Thumb Print 28:55
Squad Cars (SA) - 1968-xx-xx Stomped To Death 25:54
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-02-07 Jewel Robbers 25:45
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-03-01 The Accomplices 28:35
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-05-30 Kidnap 25:57
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-06-06 Jealousy Pays Off 25:51
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-06-13 The Townsview Post Office Robbery 25:17
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-10-03 Gas Poisoning 26:50
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-11-28 The Hitch Hikers 26:54
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-12-05 Reporters And Dagga 27:59
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-12-12 Paid To Kill 28:06
Squad Cars (SA) - 1969-xx-xx Kidnapped From School 28:12
Squad Cars (SA) - 1970-04-17 Susan_'s Abduction 26:35
Squad Cars (SA) - 1971-xx-xx Keep Her Quiet 23:24
Squad Cars (SA) - 1972-08-25 Jealous Husband Kills 26:26
Squad Cars (SA) - 1972-09-15 Tracy, But not Dick 29:54
Squad Cars (SA) - 1972-09-22 Amateur Bank Robbers 27:43
Squad Cars (SA) - 1972-09-29 A Heavy Debt To Pay 26:32
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-01-04 A Bank Job 26:31
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-01-11 Starkey_'s Travellers Cheques 26:13
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-01-18 A Sunday Night Job 26:36
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-02-01 The Jewellery Boys 26:22
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-02-08 No Handouts For Mac 26:01
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-02-15 The Super Safecrackers 26:26
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-02-22 The Big Cigarette Heist 26:44
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-03-01 Petty Blackmail 26:36
Squad Cars (SA) - 1974-03-08 Silver_'s Release 26:23
Squad Cars (SA) - 1977-04-08 Little Girl Lost 25:44
Squad Cars (SA) - 1983-03-18 Idb And Murder 32:46
Squad Cars (SA) - xxxx-xx-xx 63 Year Old Crook 28:34
Squad Cars (SA) - xxxx-xx-xx Death In The Bath 25:36
Squad Cars (SA) - xxxx-xx-xx Diamond Smuggling 23:48
Squad Cars (SA) - xxxx-xx-xx Unknown (Possibly Cop Killer 69-11-04) 27:20
Squad Cars (SA) - xxxx-xx-xx Wages Of Sin Is Death 26:55
Squad Cars (SA) - xxxx-xx-xx Will She Jump 26:04


Hard hitting South African radio drama at its best...

(5 stars)

I was introduced to SC via an OTR internet radio station, and after hearing just one episode, made it my duty to track down and listen to as many as I could find. It compares easily to UK 70s dramas, such as The Sweeney, The Professionals etc, but nothing on UK radio has this much "punch in the gut" effect. I'm impressed that Springbok Radio managed to create a series tackling so many hard-as-nails issues and get away with it. Of course, the lack of TV in SA until 1976 meant that radio was the only medium for material that other countries were broadcasting in post-watershed slots, but I have always found, and continue to find, that you can make anything, *anything*, work on radio with a small budget and listener imagination. Okay, the series has a few dated references (cops disguising themselves as hippys to find drug dealers which means stilted use of hip jargon), but the reality of the series grabs you and never lets go. I shall keep hunting episodes until there are no more to find. It's simply that damn good. The quality of the show has drawn me into other SA dark alleys, such as Sounds of Darkness, Peter Troy, 33 Half Moon Street etc, but these are more flop in the face with a wet dishrag entertainment than the punch in the gut of Squad Cars. I heartily recommend this series even for OTR fans who are overwhelmed by the amount of hard boiled detective series from the US - not that I would ever insult the likes of Sam Spade, Rick Diamond, Philip Marlowe and the like - it's just a change to hear a different take on the cop show from another part of the world.

Brilliant memories!

(5 stars)

For some time now I've been telling my kids about the days when there was no TV & how we used to listen faithfully to our favourite radio shows! I'd mimic the opening narratives such as "They prowl the empty streets at night .........these are the men of - Squad Cars!" All of which meant nothing to them of course - having no comparison & no understanding of life without TV, mobile phones & movie houses with ushers using torches & upper balconies! So when I came across this my screams of delight drew the entire family around to see what exactly I was on about, we gathered around my laptop & began to listen, using our imaginations once more to flesh out the scenes & characters! After a few episodes the women, my wife & daughter called it a night leaving my 13 year old son & I to continue listening - eventually I began to suspect my son was humouring me with his presence & feeling tired I stopped an episode halfway through & began preparing for bed. Boy did I get it from him! What was I doing - why had I stopped, what about the rest of it! I happily sat back down next to my son & we continued to imagine the rest of the episode, every now & then going over why the scenery in our minds differed and what had made us create these differences - it was a mirror image of when I was 13 & my dad was still alive!! Thank you!

What a great find...

(5 stars)

I recall lying at the foot of my parents bed with my Mom and Dad, sister and brother - all of us listening intently to Squad Cars every Friday night. No TV in those days and I believe the radio stories built better imaginations in our minds than kids today get with TV, DVD's Video Games and the like. Maybe I'm just an old fart. Also, in the late 1980's I worked in a recording studio which was located on the premises where SonoVision once used to have a Studio. SonoVision recorded most (all?) of the "Squad Cars" and "The Eyes of Tracy Dark" series for the SABC. During a clean-up one day we found boxes of reel-to-reel tapes (maybe hundreds of tapes) of both these series. Young and foolish at the time, I asked my boss what to do with the old 1/4" tapes and guess what - "Chuck them out.", he said. Chuck them I did - possibly a loss to the world of the Archive? Indeed, but who was to know?

What an Absolute delight

(5 stars)

Stumbling across this collection of Squad Cars episodes was one of the most delightful things to happen to me this year. The nostalgia it brought back was intense, memories of crowding around the radio on a Friday evening with my brother, mom and dad waiting for the latest episode. I still believe to this day that my children missed out on a wonderful childhood with Springbok radio - back then Television didnt exist in South Africa, and listening to the words and sound effects coming from the radio was magical. Its amazing to think that nothing more than words and sounds could draw such vivid pictures in our imagination. If only I could find some of the other Springbok shows that made my childhood - Jet Jungle, The Mind of Tracy Dark, High Adventure, Telefun Time, Test the Team, The Men from The Ministry, the Pip Friedman show ... and so many more.


(5 stars)

This has brought back such fond memories. As a child we used to all gather in the lounge at 19h30 with our pillows and lay in front of the hifi speakers for the next episode. This was before TV was launched in South Africa. The series "Jet Jungle" and "The mind of Tracey Dark" were also favorites at the time. Thanks for sharing this. Regards Sean Olivier


(4 stars)

Not so much a review but a Link to the Episode List from South African Radio by order of Broadcast: http://www.springbokradio.com/SRPSLOGSQUADCARS.html This may help you in filling out missing episode dates for shows listed. I have owned a Set of these programs for a few years and find the entire show very exciting to listen to. Very fast paced action with outcomes of cases profiled.......


(5 stars)

Really enjoy this show, but I am interested to know the copyright status on SA shows, this one in particular, I find it hard to find much information on copyright for SA and Australian radio shows, So any any information would be appreciated, thanks guys


(5 stars)

Its brought back a tonne of memories of me lying on the floor infrint of an old pye radio gram listening to springbok radio. Its hsould never had been shut down....There is nothing out there to compare it it with......