The Hermits Cave

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Old Time Radio Programs, The Hermits Cave

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Remember when they were made

(4 stars)

I have to disagree with cpaulg though the what may seem excess laughter etc to a listener in the 21st Century may seem annoying, when most of these types of radio programmes were recorded it was before the regular days of TV, and only the "Sound" set the scene for everything, which includes music. I take into account the time period things were first aired, and also what was the make up and views society had at that time.....even if it is now "Abhorrent" or not "Politically Correct".... today These programmes are not just entertainment but a glimpse of what the world was like /thought in the past

Quality of recordings vary

(4 stars)

The sound quality of the recordings vary from very good to barely audible. This is not a criticism but a mere observation. These programs were recorded on acetate 12" 78rpm records. Due to age and improper storage, the records are effected by varying temperatures. Volume drop sets in so that the sound only comes out of one speaker. Of all of the programs listed, Hanson's Ghost is probably the one which is heard most often, In the Seventies, this was recorded on a 331/3 record coupled with an Inner Sanctum program "The Vengeful Corpse." It was part of a mail order package by Radiola Records, of Sandy Hook, Conn.

Hermit's Laughing is Beyond Annoying

(1 stars)

As much as I love OTR, I can usually overlook the occasional over-the-top actor or a corny story now and then. Nothing has ever annoyed me to the point of completely deleting an entire series from my hard drive until I heard the host of Hermit's Cave's obnoxious laughter. At times he laughs for absolutely no reason. Just in the middle of a sentence he'll break into his "hee-hee-hee-hee". If it were just in the beginning, I might be able to tolerate it. But he breaks into the program occasionally, completely destroying the mood. I'm loathe to criticize any OTR program, but this one deserves the criticism.

Love It

(5 stars)

I agree with the person that loves the Hermit's laugh-that and that weird sound that they use just after it are a total HOOT! I bust up laughing every time I hear it, . . .that is AWESOME! I love these radio shows . . can you get more? I hear there are hundreds. .. They are some of the very best--especially because of that maniac Hermit. . . ya gotta love him!

A Great Show!

(5 stars)

I have always loved The Hermit...ever since I was a little girl listening to reruns on my home-made crystal radio in Chillicothe, Ohio circa 1956-58. To the Reviewer CPAULG: FYI: The Hermit was not interrupting the show arbitrarily as you seem to believe. A Commercial Break went in there. After which the program would resume. Must keep the sponsor happy, you know.

The Hermit's laugh is the best!

(3 stars)

I love the hermit's laugh because it makes me laugh! I think it's the best part of this OTR series.