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Old Time Radio Programs, The Lone Ranger These are the 1937-1944 shows that I have

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Lone Ranger_371217 The Osage Bank Robbery 29:42
Lone Ranger_380307_Abe_Jenkins_Framed 29:37
Lone Ranger_380413_Reward_Money 29:13
Lone Ranger_380425_Two_Bit_Cattle_Toll 30:02
Lone Ranger_380518_Proven_Innocence 29:12
Lone Ranger_380520_Tax_Confederates 29:16
Lone Ranger_380704_When_The_Blind_See 29:11
Lone Ranger_380708_Half_A_Claim 29:05
Lone Ranger_380711_The_Wrong_Pete_Lorenzo 29:05
Lone Ranger_380720_The_Town_With_No_Guns 28:03
Lone Ranger_380722_Mortgage_On_Wheat 29:34
Lone Ranger_380727_Package 28:31
Lone Ranger_380729_Women_Of_The_Wagon_Train 29:42
Lone Ranger_380801_Blame_the_Lone_Ranger 29:34
Lone Ranger_380810_Incriminating_Letter 28:40
Lone Ranger_380812_Treasure_Trove_Mine 29:30
Lone Ranger_380822_Medicine_Mans_Treachery 29:30
Lone Ranger_380824_Siege_Of_Fort_Mason 28:20
Lone Ranger_380826_Jailed_For_Rustling 29:21
Lone Ranger_380829_Stolen_Diamond 29:40
Lone Ranger_380916_The_Trust_of_Barnaby 30:03
Lone Ranger_400717_Outlaws_of_the_Rio_Grande 26:30
Lone Ranger_400722_Bullet_Of_Silver 27:40
Lone Ranger_410101_Custer_Rides_with_the_Lone_Ranger 28:41
Lone Ranger_410103_Rustlers_at_the_Rio_Grande 28:50
Lone Ranger_410402_Buyers_Beware 27:26
Lone Ranger_410423-1287_Mustang_Mag_Grows_Grain 28:40
Lone Ranger_410430_Dead_Men_Pay_No_Blackmail 27:29
Lone Ranger_410512_Valley_In_The_Hills 28:22
Lone Ranger_410516_Border_Queen_Cafe 29:08
Lone Ranger_410519_One_Nation_Indivisible 28:48
Lone Ranger_410618-1311_Sunset_House 28:18
Lone Ranger_410917_Ranger_Beats_The_Rope 27:54
Lone Ranger_411010_The_Knife 28:44
Lone Ranger_411013_A_New_Mission 27:49
Lone Ranger_411022_United_We_Stand 27:00
Lone Ranger_411217_Masked_Mans_Fists 26:39
Lone Ranger_420220_Brothers_Of_The_West 29:39
Lone Ranger_420227_Blast_And_Double_Blast 29:18
Lone Ranger_420304_Diamond_Trail 28:01
Lone Ranger_420311_Stampede_In_The_Dark 28:22
Lone Ranger_420313_Cloudy_Waters 29:12
Lone Ranger_420318_Forced_Sale 28:19
Lone Ranger_420320_Men_Who_Dont_Talk 29:08
Lone Ranger_420327_Marshal_Of_Mountain_City 29:21
Lone Ranger_420907_Torrero_And_Tarantula 25:13
Lone Ranger_420911_Border_Smugglers 29:08
Lone Ranger_420914_The_Boss_of_the_Tarantulas 28:47
Lone Ranger_430329-1589_Aztec_Mystery 29:14
Lone Ranger_430405-1592_Dan_Goes_to_Jail 29:13
Lone Ranger_430416_Stage_to_Sutters_Mill 29:38
Lone Ranger_430419_Sheriffs_Son 29:14
Lone Ranger_430423_Elkhorn_Flats 29:28
Lone Ranger_430430_Train_Wreck 29:28
Lone Ranger_430503_Twenty_Seven_Minutes_To_Death 29:27
Lone Ranger_431027_Rattlesnake_Inn 26:56
Lone Ranger_440327_Gold_for_Maximillian 23:01
Lone Ranger_440607_Badge_Of_Honor 19:49


Don't think I missed any of these

(4 stars)

Except for those done before I was born:) Always one of my favorites, was always sad when the program ended for the evening. Some time in the 1940's, I was listening to one of the shows, it came to the end, which, as during the story, I hung on to every word. The person playing the part of The Lone Ranger said the following, and yes, it is an exact quote: "No matter what they tell you kids, there is only one REAL Lone Ranger, and that's ME!" Anyone else hear this, know any information about it? I think the show was on transcription then, but not sure. Sure would like to know.

I'm ONLY the real Lone Ranger

(5 stars)

Go through channels as there is an original cast member still living and that would be the film critic James Lipton. If one is lucky enough to hear his recollections of his life in Detroit during the recording sessions, be kind and pass it on to anyone who shows interest. We are very fortunate to have material such as this to go back to the days of yester-year

love it

(5 stars)

I love listening to these. They are a tribute to better days.

Sprächen und Güother

(5 stars)

Und franchen büdern und, füt, und der mütter. Der ösee dach bëner!!!! Ich liebe der Longen Räsher!!!!!!!