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Old Time Radio Programs, The Lone Ranger These are the 1945-1955 eps I have.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Lone Ranger_450126_Of_Luther_Jones 26:53
Lone Ranger_450521_Nitro_For_Pablo 30:30
Lone Ranger_450530_Heros_Grave 27:01
Lone Ranger_450601_Strong_Medicine 27:55
Lone Ranger_450613_Blood_On_The_Land 28:08
Lone Ranger_450620_Trading_Post 27:33
Lone Ranger_450622_Army_Mules 28:27
Lone Ranger_450627_Mad_Murdock 27:15
Lone Ranger_450702_Pestilence_And_Silver 27:57
Lone Ranger_450704_Two_For_Fuzzy 27:01
Lone Ranger_450706_Guilty_Hands 28:34
Lone Ranger_450709_Ambush 29:24
Lone Ranger_450711_Tomorrow_Is_My_Home 27:12
Lone Ranger_450718_Lone_Pine 19:47
Lone Ranger_460422_Concord_Contest 28:13
Lone Ranger_460605_Saddle 26:37
Lone Ranger_461225_The_Bells_of_San_Pedro 29:29
Lone Ranger_470115_From_Outer_Space 29:06
Lone Ranger_470117_Butterfield_Stage 29:23
Lone Ranger_470120_Silver_Bullet 29:18
Lone Ranger_470122_Rays_of_the_Sun 29:33
Lone Ranger_470331_Railroad_Survey 27:08
Lone Ranger_470606_Indian_Chief 29:32
Lone Ranger_471224_Mission_Bells 24:33
Lone Ranger_480102_Special_Six_Guns 27:50
Lone Ranger_480105_Package_From_Sam_Colt 28:07
Lone Ranger_480109_Winning_Six_Guns 28:15
Lone Ranger_480218_Hidden_Mine 28:09
Lone Ranger_480220_Jail_Break 28:19
Lone Ranger_480223_Mortgage 27:49
Lone Ranger_480225_Salesman 28:17
Lone Ranger_480317_Like_Father_Like_Son 28:52
Lone Ranger_480813_Timberland 27:21
Lone Ranger_500614_Call_To_The_Colors 20:21
Lone Ranger_501225_Christmas_Tree 29:49
Lone Ranger_510516_Journey_to_Adventure 30:53
Lone Ranger_520505_Witness 19:23
Lone Ranger_530130_Return_of_Butch_Cavendish 24:56
Lone Ranger_540308_Fortune_In_A_Hat 24:10
Lone Ranger_540322_Tunnel_To_Trouble 20:47
Lone Ranger_540614_Army_Mule 24:37
Lone Ranger_540714_Boots_And_The_Rodeo 19:44
Lone Ranger_540728_Flood_Waters 19:34
Lone Ranger_540802_Chief_And_The_Colnel 21:19
Lone Ranger_540910_Boots_And_A_Bloodhound 25:43
Lone Ranger_540913_A_Church_For_Palemos 26:15
Lone Ranger_550126_Refund_For_Thunder 23:17
Lone Ranger_550131_Heritage_Of_Treason 23:16
Lone Ranger_550422_Strangers_From_The_East 23:17
Lone Ranger_550504_Mystery_Hotel 23:37


Lone Ranger Supporting Cast

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You bring up an excellent mystery! Of the countless number of so-called "experts" who write about the LR Radio Show, not one of them know the names of the supporting cast! And we have book on "The Mystery of the Masked Man's Music" that has the names of nearly every piece of production cue music. But no names of actors. Here is all I know, and it isn't much either. John Todd, who played Tonto, said he voice-doubled. And at times I hear Brace Beemer voice-doubling. Virginia Gregg said she did women's voices. Jay Michael did the guttural voice of Butch Cavendish. He was also the original Sgt Preston voice. I'm guessing that same voices on SP and the Green Hornet were in TLR since they all came from WXYZ's George Trendle emplre. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks. Again, darn good question! Maxy

Supporting Actor

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My name is Shirley DeRoche'. In the episode "Flood Waters", The Lone Ranger, I played a little girl named Sally who was the doctor's daughter. My stage name is Shirley Kelly. Some people wrote in and wanted to know names of the supporting casts. All I can help you with is my name. I was in several episodes of the Lone Ranger and several episodes of Sargent Preston of the Yukon in the 1950's.The shows were sold to someone in CA and this is the first episode I've been able to find that I played in. I will continue to search for more. It's very exciting, thank you.

Yeah, The Lone Ranger!

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Thanks for posting both of these pages of, "The Lone Ranger!" The sound is very good and you do not get much better than this for westerns. A lot of the voices sound familiar and I wish I knew who the actors were over all of the episodes. I keep getting that, "is it can't be..." feeling. lol


(4 stars)

Wow, so cool to hear your story. What great memories you must have of actually being a cast member of the Lone Ranger and other terrific series. Tell us more?!

A big loss.

(5 stars)

It's a real shame that programs such as these are no longer being broadcast. They are the among the best programs that have been made by anyone anywhere!!!