The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Old Time Radio Programs, The Scarlet Pimpernel

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Madame Susan Floey 26:48
Duke de Montreu and Daughter Escape 25:34
Jean Pierre Lamond Is to Be Guillotined 29:55
Escape of Duchess Marguerite 24:21
ScarletPimpernel_005_Emily_Rumbolt's_Father 26:07
Rescuing the Servants of the Royal Palace 25:25
Sir Percy Impersonates Leclair 24:43
French Ambassador, Ramon Du Loc 25:12
Susan Lemoreau 29:29
Robbing and Killing of Accused Traitors 29:59
A Traitor at the Crossroads 25:15
Lt. Jean Soule Smuggles Gold 24:37
Blackmailing English Gentlemen 25:26
ScarletPimpernel_014_Madelaine_DeLong's_Brother 29:56
Viscount DeVille Is to Be Executed 30:01
Plot to Murder the English Prince 25:25
Disguised As a French Ship 24:21
Tricked by Marchiones Devon 26:00
Rescue of Admiral Lanning 25:25
Andre Pinard, French Prisoner 25:40
Helping the Spanish Escape the French 24:36
Rescuing English Children From the Bell Tower 25:45
Tony Dewhurst Is Missing 25:03
League Guards - John Sykes 25:13
A Break in the Chain 28:45
Murder on the Beach 27:59
Setting a Trap for a Swindler 28:11
Reward for the Capture of Tony Dewhurst 30:04
The Countess Lucille Destramont 25:28
ScarletPimpernel_030_The_General's_Necklace 26:22
New Recruits Are Needed by the League 27:39
The Man in the Mask 25:22
Mayor Wrongfully Accuses Six Men 27:34
ScarletPimpernel_034_Margot_Verculot's_Husband_Is_Imprisoned 27:43
Rescuing an Old Friend and Betrayal 27:24
Sir Basil North and the Club 27:52
ScarletPimpernel_037_Janet's_Young_Man 24:41
ScarletPimpernel_038_Margot_Veradot_Seeks_Tony's_Help 26:22
The Butcher of Paris 26:48
Allies 25:26
The Rescue of Dr. Minote From Prison 25:47
Chain Is Broken Again 26:11
Sir Percy Has Been Captured 25:20
ScarletPimpernel_044_The_General's_Son 26:21
A Firing Squad for Tony 26:39
Affairs of the Heart 26:52
A Love Triangle Setup 26:15
Secrets and the Countess 27:14
In Pursuit of Colonel Drury 25:51
ScarletPimpernel_050_Ghosts_of_Martin's_Folly 27:24


Producer Harry Alan Towers

(0 stars)

Hello, Kennedy Film & TV. Short answer: I believe British, for syndication around the world. On, it states that these ran in the US in 1952-53, on NBC. I looked up the producer, Harry Alan Towers, and in that era he worked for a couple of British producers of syndicated radio shows, 'Lang-Worth' and his own 'Towers Of London', which he formed in 1946. In the early 50s, he produced such radio shows as 'The Adventures Of Harry Lime' (known in the US as 'The Lives Of Harry Lime') and 'The Black Museum'. Both of those shows were produced in Britain, for syndication around the world, so I would assume that the same went for 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'. If you read his short blurb on Wikipedia, he sounds like a rather unsavoury 'Harry Lime' character himself (scroll down to 'Vice Activities').

Marius Goring Excellent in "The Scarlet Pimpernel"

(5 stars)

What a pleasure to hear Marius Goring again in "The Scarlet Pimpernel." They were then, probably, either just imported from England or were reruns in this country. The listener, in order to appreciate this program, should have some knowledge of the French Revolution (late 1700's) and the efforts of Englishmen to save those in France (and the European continent)from being killed by their countrymen. Marius Goring, in England, plays an unlikely individual who no one would suspect would be capable of taking on the role of rescuing potential Frenchmen and women facing having their heads separated from their bodies. This program requires the full attention of the listener to follow the plot lines.


(5 stars)

Marius Goring in 'THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL' Adapted by Lester Powell as a serial in six episodes 1 - ' The Pimpernel at Work ' The action takes place at Paris, Dover, and Richmond in the year 1792 Incidental music arranged and conducted by Alan Paul Produced by Archie Campbell , who writes on page 6

Micky and Minnie Mouse

(1 stars)

Not going to waste my time listening to this collection. Track 1. Madame Susan Floey, sounds like the cast is inhaling helium. I have to assume the rest of the tracks have technical problems as well. Anything worth doing is worth doing well!

Who Made These

(5 stars)

I am curious as to who produced and broadcast the series? it says it is "British" but I do not find any listing with BBC and I do not know any other station that would broadcast or make these in the 50s?