Three Skeleton Key

(4.6 stars; 11 reviews)

March 17, 1950 Escape version of Three Skeleton Key. Stars Vincent Price. Considered by many to be the best performance of this story.

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Did SkipVC mean The Saint?

(5 stars)

VIncent Price starred in the fine radio detective series, The Saint". I think that's what SkipVC meant, since I don't remember him ever on Johnny Dollar. WHOA, there it is Vincent Price co-starred as himself in "The Price of Fame Matter" and went to Europe with Johnny on the case. As for Three Skeleton Key, I agree Wm Conrad is the best voice on OTR, but I actually heard Vincent do Three Skeleton Key as a kid in my bedroom... alone and scared. Indeed, it's a perfect radio movie, and shows just how amazing the storytelling power of radio was. It wasn't just TV without sound, it was surround imagination that moved you in ways that TV cannot, being an object that you stare into. TV is theatrical somnabulation, while TV is hypnotism. Three Skeleton Key, and Suspense as a series - Perfect.

Three Skeleton Key,starring Vincent Price

(5 stars)

I love all William Conrad's voice-over and radio work,but for horror programs such as this I've gotta go,hands down with Mr. Vincent Price! This particular episode really kept my eyes squinted closed!! For the past several years I've had a Halloween get together with friends and an OTR radio show, we've used witches,ghosts and vampires all with an appropriate radio show,this year it will feature Three Skeleton Key with the brilliant Mr. Vincent Price. And,by the way, I've heard the Johnny Dollar episode with Mr. Price and it's also very good. Do you know that Mr. Price was the only name guest star during the entire (1949-1962) run of Yours Truly,Johnny Dollar. So I wish you all a happy Halloween and keep on enjoying OUR OTR!!

Source for free Escape Epidodes

(5 stars)

I found a place where only the best stories are posted for Escape and Suspense episodes, and they are all free! It's a youtube channel called simply "Suspense & Escape!" The guy's uploading only the very best episodes, so you don't have to guess what story may be really good or if it's kind of lame.

Best of Price

(5 stars)

The best of Vincent Price featuring talented supporting actors and award winning sound effects. The script and delivery conjure up frightening images of terror. If you enjoy imagination and visualization, this may be a winner. Also see Johnny Dollar 580202 for more fun with Price.

Excellent "Theater of the Ear!"

(5 stars)

I can listen to this again and again. Some prefer the Elliott Reid version from November 15 1949 (find it at The argument is that the listener cannot get beyond Vincent Price's distinctive voice. I still think this version is brilliant.

Indeed a great radio "movie"

(5 stars)

I have no argument that this is a marvelous story, and it is well performed and directed. But, as a matter of personal preference, I like William Conrad's Escape version better. I think it's just that his voice is more "lighthouse keeperish".

Vincent Price on Johnny dollar

(4 stars)

Yes, Vincent Price was on one episode of Johnny Dollar having to do with art theft. Johnny had to travel to Europe to clear the matter up. Can't remember the name of the episode.

(5 stars)

This story was exciting! I listened to every word, stopping everything else I was doing,, mesmerized!