True Detective Mysteries

(4.2 stars; 29 reviews)

True Detective Mysteries radio series was based on the âTrue Detectiveâ magazine. Later it was sponsored by Listerine and Oh Henry Candy, but kept the same name. Each week the show presented the âcase history of an actual crime.â Many were told from the criminalâs point of view.

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I Recall Hearing These Originally Broadcast

(4 stars)

Ah yes! I recall hearing these originally broadcast. Reminded me of This Is Your FBI. Cheers! Thanks for making these available to hear one after the other!

What a great show.

(5 stars)

Couple of episodes suffer from less than wonderful audio. The stories and acting in the shows is just spectacular and very realistic, especially the emotional reactions by the characters. Really great show. So glad it was uploaded, wish there were more.

Pretty good for the times it was recorded

(4 stars)

Great acting and stories. A little cheesey but good for the times it was done I think.

True Detective Mysteries

(3 stars)

You only show the earlier programs. I recall listening to this show circa 1948-49 when it was on Sundays (of all days) over the Mutual network at 5:30 p.m., right after the Shadow and right before Roy Rogers. Listeners of that era may recall that Sunday afternoon radio could be quite blood thirsty as it featured Nick Carter, Master Detective, Martin Kane, Private Eye, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, the Shadow and later in the early evening, Sam Spade. True Detective Mysteries on radio re-enacted the cases from the magazine and usually highlighted a Wanted Dead or Alive bulletin about some criminal, similar to America's Most Wanted. His description would always include such gory details as his tatoos, scars, etc. Listeners were told not to apprehend the criminal themselves (as if we actually would) but "to notify their local law enforcement agencies." My father, a newspaper reporter for 40 years, contributed a couple of stories to the magazine