WhiteHall 1212

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Old Time Radio Programs, Whitehall 1212

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1951-11-18_WHITEHALL1212_BLITZ_MURDER_CASE 30:12
Whitehall1212 51-12-02 TheFonierCase 29:16
The Murder Of Duncan Frazier 29:32
Whitehall1212 51-12-16 TheManWhoMurderedHisWife 29:35
Whitehall1212 51-12-23 TheHeathrowAffair 28:42
Whitehall1212 52-01-06 TheMurderOfCharlesBrooks 29:04
Whitehall1212 52-01-13 CasmereIsMurdered 29:33
Whitehall1212 52-01-20 CaseOfDonaldSimms 29:21
Whitehall1212 52-01-27 MurderOfLittlePhilipAvery 29:14
Whitehall1212 52-02-03 PeterWilliamsCase 29:30
Whitehall1212 52-02-10 CaseOfArthurFreeman 29:31
Whitehall1212 52-02-17 CaseOfTheLateMrsHarvey 29:10
Whitehall1212 52-02-24 MurderOfPeterAmory 29:21
Whitehall1212 52-03-02 MurderOfMargeryAshley 29:18
Whitehall1212 52-03-09 CaseOfDrDuncanAllen 29:07
Whitehall1212 52-03-16 CaseOfThomasAppelbee 29:21
Whitehall1212 52-03-23 CaseOfTheBlackGladstoneBag 29:21
Whitehall1212_52-03-30_MurderOf A BloodyBelguin 29:54
Whitehall1212 52-04-13 CaseOfTheFatalBath 29:51
Whitehall1212 52-04-20 CaseOfMrsMinervaBannamon 29:35
Whitehall1212 52-04-27 CaseOfFranchescaNicholson 29:49
Whitehall1212 52-05-04 CaseOfWilliamGeorgeGreenly 29:16
Whitehall1212 52-05-11 CaseOfMargeryTate 29:47
Whitehall1212 52-05-18 CaseOfSidneyWolfe 29:37
Whitehall1212 52-05-25 CaseOfMaggieRalenson 30:02
Whitehall1212 52-06-01 CaseOfWinfredHog 30:14
Whitehall1212 52-06-08 CaseOfTheStrangeBondfire 29:43
Whitehall1212 52-06-15 CaseOfTheHomemadeHandbag 29:17
Whitehall1212 52-06-22 MurderOfMrsAnnBattersby 29:17
The Case Of The Weed Eradicati 28:58
Whitehall1212 52-07-06 MurderOfMrSweet 29:50
Whitehall1212 52-07-13 CaseOfTheAnkush 29:59
Whitehall1212_52-07-20_CaseOfTheUnidentified Woman 30:01
Whitehall1212 52-07-27 CaseOfTheMagentaBlottingPad 29:52
Whitehall1212 52-08-03 MurderOfNoraBrady 29:40
Whitehall1212 52-08-10 CaseOfTheMissingClarinet 29:41
Whitehall1212 52-08-17 CaseOfDugelHenry 29:58
Whitehall1212 52-08-24 MurderOfLadyMadgeJohnson 29:48
Whitehall1212 52-08-31 CaseOfTheMaddenFamily 29:38
Whitehall1212 52-09-07 CaseOfTheEatonBrothers 29:49
Whitehall1212 52-09-14 CaseOfTheWinchesterBottles 30:05
Whitehall1212 52-09-21 CaseOfTheInoperativeWireless 30:08
Whitehall1212 52-09-28 CaseOfTheElectricTorch 29:55


Hosted by the Real Curator of Scotland Yard?

(5 stars)

The first ever show is very interesting and I catch no audio problems at all on my tablet. Almost didn't listen due to complaining reviews but glad I discounted the whining! Good to remember. Is this from the BBC? How could it be the real curator of the black museum ? I could look it up but sometimes it's more authentic-feeling to not look it up: you don't want to break the spell. But come to think of it, I'm typing--no, it's called 'swyping'--°using my finger like finger-painting with magic paint, talking to virtual companions, so maybe I'm not as authentic as I was thinking... broke the spell anyway? nahhh I'll take 2014's mod cons... first off the bat is getting to listen to any radio show anytime instead of having to wait until next week, pause shows, repeat listen... it's all obvious but nothing wrong with reminding ourselves to be grateful for boons we tend to take for granted! As for Whitehall 1212, the answer is in the script. All Brit cast, full cooperation of Scotland Yard, out of space here

Another Scotland Yard casebook series

(4 stars)

This series is a lesser version of the Black Museum series. Authentic Scotland Yard cases, minus the wonderful narration of Orson Welles. Also minus the Black Museum soundtrack. The writing is a bit pedestrian, but you get your mystery/crime story. Give it a try. Edit: I downloaded the full set of these. I get strange 'hiccup' sounds occasionally during the shows. It's not too common, but very annoying when it happens. It seems like some kind of problem from the transfer process.

Shoddy transfers

(0 stars)

These 'hiccups' or bursts of sound (audible on personal music players, but heard as minute gaps in audio on PCs) have nothing to do with the original recording - it's just extremely bad transfers. This is not the only series that has been ruined by amateurs. Better to ditch these and get alternate copies of the source files - comicweb.com has the 43 episodes - professionally transferred - and sold for a very reasonable price.

Very good stories

(4.5 stars)

Good stuff but exactly the same as story of Scotland Yard. also similar to black museum. same crimes in all 3. still great 70 years later .

Not Bad

(3 stars)

a really fun series in the vein of Black museum but has skips and hiccups in audio through out which can really distract from your enjoyment

White Hall 1212

(5 stars)

Love the shows. British actors are a nice touch. Only wish there were more episodes. Easily watch more than once.

WhiteHall 1212

(5 stars)

moosie4242. Only 44 episodes were made