Wild Bill Hickock page 6

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WBHickock 540120 ep202 Tuft Tombstone 25:04
WBHickock 540122 ep203 The Phantom of Gun Valley 25:08
WBHickock 540127 ep204 Eight Hundred Feet Down 25:11
WBHickock 540129 ep205 The Case of the Dead Mans Dollar 24:43
WBHickock 540210 ep208 Race for the Border 25:18
WBHickock 540212 ep209 One Wrong Bullet 24:37
WBHickock 540217 ep210 Peter Periwinkle Jones Esq 24:57
WBHickock 540310 ep216 The Buffalo Robe 25:06
WBHickock 540312 ep217 Guns Across the Border 25:29
WBHickock 540317 ep218 The Beef Racket 25:20
WBHickock 540319 ep219 Big Tom the Outlaw 25:26
WBHickock 540409 ep225 Wires to the West 25:01
WBHickock 540421 ep228 High Pressure Killer 24:56
WBHickock 540423 ep229 Trigger Treachery 25:11
WBHickock 540428 ep230 The Missing Reporter 25:23
WBHickock 540505 ep231 The Telltale Scar 24:51
WBHickock 540512 ep233 The Little Man With the Gun 24:47
WBHickock 540519 ep234 Log Thief 25:06
WBHickock 540526 ep235 Dangerous Advice 26:11
WBHickock 540602 ep236 The Rimrock Rainmaker 25:28
WBHickock 540609 ep237 The Stone Valley Sheep War 25:17
WBHickock 541009 ep238 A Long Shadow 25:03
WBHickock 541011 ep239 The Frozen Desert 25:19
WBHickock 541014 ep240 The VooDoo of Fiddlers Bend 25:49
WBHickock 541018 ep242 Lanky Joe 25:33
WBHickock 541021 ep243 The Trail of the Cougar 24:45
WBHickock 541025 ep245 The Monster in the Cave 24:52
Wild_Bill_Hickock-Benson_Boys- 25:46
WBHickock 541103 ep249 The Ride to Crossbone Valley 25:17
WBHickock 541105 ep250 Red Measles and Black Death 25:03
WBHickock 541115 ep254 Grandpa Grangers Train Ride 25:13
WBHickock 541119 ep256 A Message from the Sun 24:56
WBHickock 541122 ep257 The Timber Trail 25:08
WBHickock 541124 ep258 Wild Bills Birthday 25:14
WBHickock 541126 ep259 The Shadow of Hangmans Tree 25:05
WBHickock 541129 ep260 Born Mean 25:14
WBHickock 541201 ep261 Six Gun Serenade 25:03
WBHickock 541203 ep262 Deadlock at Big Run 25:03
WBHickock 541208 ep264 Return of the Phantom 17:53
WBHickock 541213 ep266 Mighty Dangerous Laughter 25:05
WBHickock 541215 ep267 The Thirty-Five Caliber Killer 24:54
WBHickock 541222 ep270 Ridin for a Fall 23:38
WBHickock 541224 ep271 A Shiny Silver Star 25:00
WBHickock 541227 ep272 Silver Dollar Revenge 25:10
WBHickock 541231 ep274 Happy New Year 24:57



(5 stars)

I guess I must be getting old but somehow I always enjoy programs where the good guys always win. This great set of Wild Bill programs are just such programs. Sound quality is very good on all of the Wild Bill programs. I highly recomend these to everyone.

Wild Bill Hickock popular on radio and TV

(3 stars)

Guy Madison and Andy Devine starred in the popular TV western "Wild Bill Hickock" sponsored by Kellogg's Corn Pops. The show became one of several early TV shows to be made into a radio program. The feeling being no doubt among network executives that if the program was available in both mediums, they could sell twice as much of the sponsor's product. While the program did stress traditional virtues for the kids of the Fifties, it also induced us to eat Sugar Corn Pops right out of the box and make a mess on the floor. I don't recall Wild Bill or Jingles telling us not to make a mess for Mom to clean up. While the TV show was only aired once a week, the radio program aired three times a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) with complete episodes. The serialized kid shows had by this time pretty much gone bye-bye. Some of the TV episodes were edited into theatrical features to show at theaters still offering B western matinees on Saturdays.

where are Wild Bill and Jinggles when we need them?

(5 stars)

great stuff.. a little corny (surgar "corny" pops) but the bad guys got what they deserved. Gone are those thrilling days of yesteryear-- opps wrong cowboy.