WKBW Halloween show 1973

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An aircheck from Halloween night 1973. A night of radio drama starting with a local version of War of the Worlds, Arch Obler's "The Darkness", a show on Vampires, A ghost story called "The Bed", "People Places and Things - a 30" piece on UFO's. Including actual commercials from the time period in Buffalo, NY. All pieces were performed by DJ's at the station at the time. The DJ for the War of the Worlds was known as Shane, who seemed to be the archetype for the hip DJ of the time. The first time the station aired their version of WotW several years previously, even though it was promoted heavily, police departments were called and even the National Guard was called to the Grand Island bridges! For several years afterwards it was aired with a new beginning for newer songs and dj's but the final cutaway to the newsroom on track 10 is original. The other pieces are very good but my favorites are 'The Darkness' and 'The Monkey's paw'. Please enjoy!

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Very, very cool

(5 stars)

Love how they did this!! Fooled some of you reviewers even today, ha ha! I was 20 when this show aired and it time traveled me right back last night, Halloween 2014. A baby boomer and 1970-ophiles must listen! lawyr, sorry didn't hear that line. shadows girl talked me into the tribute site so maybe il hear it there. PlanetPeace, listen to bookmark 08:45 in the War of the Worlds part 3 section and you'll quickly figure it out. Try again!

WKBW's Halloween Broadcasts 1970's

(5 stars)

Greeting all, I grew up in Buffalo, New York during the 70's and listened to the broadcasts of WKBW's Halloween broadcasts/War of the Worlds. THEY WERE FANTASTIC! the sound effects and voice inflections used were very well done! ***What I tried to find was a clip that aired that I only remember one line of it and that was; "..as he kicked the jack out from under the car!"(apparently someone was in a driveway changing a flat tire and someone - well, you know!). I listened to the full WKBW archive here and could not find any such line from the broadcasts. Say, would anyone happen to know the title of that "show"? I miss WKBW radio and tv and their personalities!

Amazing Programming!

(5 stars)

These programs show incredible creativity and innovation. KB's version of War of the Worlds, updated and localized to Western NY was unlike anything ever done at the time. On Halloween 1973 I recorded War of the Worlds on WKBW from my car in a parking lot in Hamburg, NY. For 35 years I've felt bad that I didn't record more of the excellent programs that night. Now here it is. Thanks so much for posting this! Update: I have uploaded the correct closing for the 1973 War of the Worlds program here: http://www.archive.org/details/WkbwHalloweenShow1973correctedClosing

Very Entertaining

(5 stars)

Enjoyed this very much.A similar show was done here in Philly on Halloween night the same year.WMMR played Arch Oblers Drop Dead lp and a few Edgar Allen Poe stories read by Nelson Olmsted.Then they wound up the evening by playing the Orson Welles 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds.Shame radio doesn't do this anymore.

Commercials Are The Best Part!!

(5 stars)

The commercials really give a sense of time and place. I grew up elsewhere, but I can easily picture riding around Buffalo with a carload of friends listening to WKBW and trying to sneak into The Library and The Woodshed. The voice actor in the commercials is terrific!

very nice

(3 stars)

But you really should have included a link to the WKBW tribute site http://wkbwradio.com/ where (among other things---including both WOTW broadcasts) one can access their "Paul (McCartney) is Dead" By the way...most of what you have here is NOT Public Domain...but I'm sure you knew that when you posted it.


(5 stars)

It's a shame that while this is the second most famous faux-news report, it's second to the Orson Welles broadcast of the same story (unless you count Al Capone's tomb as "faux-news") It starts slow but stick around to part 4 and it gets great.

I'm not hearing the story

(1 stars)

It's a re-broadcast of a dj playing 70's music. What;s going on?