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24 hours of Old Time Radio and related shows you can download all at once at the left, or download individual files below the descriptions, or stream single shows from the right. OTR Show Names and Episode Titles from Yesterday USA March 09-15, 2009 Tape #1: The Bill Bragg and our pets "Big Bird", "Puppy", "Kitty Kat" and the newest edition to our family "Honey Babi" (a rescued stray kitten) Show As always, Bill Bragg and the pets provides 90 minutes of station information which includes current news, a radio show, events, and the happenings at the "Radio Ranch"! Frank Bresee presents "The Hollywood Radio Theater" which was as aired on AFRS: "The Perfect Marriage" starring Ray Milland & Lizabeth Scott. Your Host: Bill Bragg 2001 Plymouth Rock Drive Richardson, TX 75081 USA 972-889-talk or 972-889-bill Tape #2: "The Last Great Days of Radio" Many of the greatest radio drama's & comedies were produced during the late '40's & '50's, a period when TV began to erode radio audiences. Production values were superior, script quality was at an all time high & the great radio actors were at the peak of their game. During this period shows like Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Escape, The Six Shooter, Tales of The Texas Rangers, The Halls of Ivy, Fort Laramie, Frontier Gentleman & Have Gun, Will Travel all made their debut. Meanwhile, great older shows like Jack Benny, Fibber McGee, Suspense & The Lux Radio Theater remained on the air & produced some of their best shows. Bob & his wife Carol live in O'Fallon, MO. He is an internet marketer & business owner. Bob loved radio dramas and comedies since his boyhood in Southern CA. He currently has about 5,000 shows in his collection. Please join him on his blog at the address below. So join us as we feature shows produced between 1947 & 1962 - The Last Great Days of Radio! Gunsmoke - "How To Sell A Ranch" - 4/1/56 Gunsmoke - "Widows Mite" - 4/8/56 Your Host: Bob Bro The Renfro Valley Sunday Morning Gatherin' America's third oldest radio show which features vintage gospel music. Program from July 12, 2009 Your Host: Ray Coombs Renfro Valley Entertainment Center Renfro Valley, KY 40473 Tape #3: The Music Museum 09-342 Vintage music from the 1900's thru the early 1930's. Milt Larsen is the owner of the world famous "Magic Castle" in Hollywood. He and David are avid collectors of early 1900 music. Milt did the magic tricks on "Mary Poppins" to name one of his movies works! David is a Security & Forensic Expert and has testified at trials all over the country. "I Wanna Be Loved By You" by Helen Kane, "Yes, We Have No Bananas" by Billy Jones, "You Gotta See Mama Ev'ry Night" by Sophie Tucker, "Barney Google" by Georgie Price, "Aggravatin' Papa" by Marion Harris, "Parade of The Wooden Soldiers" by Paul Whiteman. Rasputin & Casey present world famous performers the early 1920's & 30's. (702) 792-4245 The Dennis Daily Show #2009 - M. From California, Dennis is a Radio Station Program Director for 3 Calif. radio stations and a former reporter for UPI/AP. Dennis present a year long celebration of the 60th Anniversary of "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar": "The Laird-Laird Douglas Matter" Your Host: Dennis Daily Tape #4: Shows From Yesteryear #159* Dan Riazzi, a motor oil salesman from Berkley Springs, WV, presents 90 minutes of old time radio. (Dan is still suffering from medical problems.) 3 "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" programs From December 1945. Your Host: Frank Bresee fills in this time. Tape #5: Vintage Memories #339 From his little studio beside the railroad tracks, Chris presents 90 minutes of memories from radio's past. Maxwell House Good News Front Page Drama Your Host: Chris Zenchenko Tape #6: Western New York Old Time Radio Club Show #59 The Old Time Radio Club is an organization dedicated to the regeneration of interest in an enjoyment of that part of vanishing Americana that has become known as the “Golden Age of Radio". NBC University Theater - "The Crime of Sylvester Bo" - 9/3/50 Challenge of The Yukon - "King Meets a Grizzly" - 11/30/44 Ellery Queen's Minute Mystery - "Crossword Puzzle Murder" Your Host: Dick Olday Tape #7: Old Time Potpourri #339* Old Time Radio at its very best! Life With Luigi - "Luigi Sells Ice Cream" - 9/5/50 Stan Silkowski fills in for Your Host: Rudy Stark Assorted Old Time Radio Shows Fibber McGee & Molly - "McGee's Fish Fry" - 9/5/39 Jack Benny Show - "News Years Eve Skit" - 12/27/42 Stan Silkowski fills in. Tape #8: The Serials 30 minutes of continued cliff hanging excitement! Broadway Is My Beat - "Earl Lawson" - 6/9/51 YUSA fills in for Your Host: Coach Carl Lee Booth Tape #8: SPERDVAC Radio Theater #62* Society To Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy (SPERDVAC) brings you assorted old time radio shows. Rocky Fortune - "The Organ Grinder" - 2/23/54 Nightbeat - "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" - 3/13/50 YUSA fills in for Your Host: Dan Haefele P.O. Box 7177 Van Nuys, CA 91409 1-877-251-5771 Tape #9: The Old Time Radio Show #2009 - 14 90 minutes of the best and rarest of shows from radio's golden age. Command Performance - 12/16/44 AFRS Eddie Cantor - 4/1/42 NBC Screen Director's Playouse - "Yankee Doodle Dandy" - 10/19/42 CBS Your Host: Bobb Lynes Tape #10: Yesterday's Radio #365 90 minutes of radio shows from one of the most extensive Old Time Radio Collections in America. Studio One - "The Red Badge of Courage" - 6/10/47 Chandu The Magician #67 - 9/29/48 Your host: Don Aston PO Box 1392 Lake Elsinore, CA 92531 (951) 244-5242 Tape #11: The Horn Speaker #309 From "Cowtown", Fort Worth, TX, Mike presents 90 minutes of great shows. Rediscover radio as the true entertainment medium! Boston Blackie: "Winthrop Jewel Murder" - 5/7/46 "Three Witnesses" - 6/4/46 "Phonograph Murder" - 4/15/47 Your Host: Mike Handy Tape #12: The Vintage Group Harmony Show #430 NOW in his 17th year's on YUSA! Tony presents 30 minutes of the history, the people, and stories behind the ever popular "Doo Wop" sound. Come on all you boomers; it's time to dance. Gospel Harmony (1945 - 54) Your Host: Tony Fournier Tape #12: Assorted old Time Radio Shows The Shadow - "The Shadow Returns" - 11/19/39 Pat Novak, For Hire - "Rubin Callaway's Picture" - 3/13/49 Tape #13: The Golden Days Of Radio #14 - 2009 Celebrating his 60th year (8/5/49) as host of "The Golden Days Of Radio", the one and only, Mr. OTR himself! Frank was the voice of "Little Beaver" on old time radio's Red Ryder program! He has always been the host since that first show. Over the years the program has been heard on KFI, KMPC in Los Angeles, for several years the show was heard coast to coast on the Liberty Broadcasting System and for several years he was heard on Mutual. For 29 years The Golden Days of Radio was heard around the world on the Armed Services Radio Service and it holds the record for the longest running program on AFRTS. He has been on Yesterday USA Radio Networks for over 15 years and still counting! This program is produced in Hollywood, exclusively for Yesterday USA Radio! Salute to Johnny Carson for his birthday. Your Host: Frank Bresee Tape #14: Wagons West #351* 30 minutes of music and shows remembering radio's western heroes. Luke Slaughter of Tombstone - "Big Business" - 6/8/58 Theater of The Mind #09-13 From Shelby Township, Michigan, Ken brings you some of the best "pictures" in Old Time Radio. As Ken enters his 5th year on YUSA, sit back with a bucket of pop-corn and enjoy the show! Gunsmoke: "Change of Heart" - 9/3/55 "Alarm at Pleasant Valley" - 9/10/55 Your Host: Ken Gough Tape #15: The Best Of Yesterday USA #88 From Prescott, AZ, Lynn brings you a very special tape each two week period. Our dear friend Cliff Caplinger recorded these tapes starting in 1993. Cliff provided the blank tapes each period to record the shows to use on the air from the DJ's. Bill Bragg then sent them back to Cliff and he put them in his tape library. Cliff died of cancer and Lynn Noyes made arrangements with Cliff's dear friends and care-givers to pick up these tapes and re-play them again on the air. You will hear our DJ's from the past along with Bill and the going's on of the day. You can hear how we have evolved over the years into what we are today - a true "Super Station" of friends and family entertainment! We are sorry but any offers mentioned in these recordings are no longer available. This show is loving dedicated to Cliff Caplinger. Jack Benny - w/guests George Burns & Gracie Allen - 4/11/37 Fibber McGee & Molly - "GFibber Tans Himself With A Sun Lamp" - 12/17/46 Amos n' Andy - "Impersonating An Officer" - 5/12/44 Your Host: Lynn Noyes Tape #16: Science Fiction Theater Dr. Dale Luketich, M.D., from Morgantown, WV. passed away on October 10, 2008 from a fatal heart attack. We are going to continue to air his shows, along with his show countdown, from the past because we cannot bear to say good bye to him. Dr. Dale had become a friend with a lot of the YUSA Dj's and listeners alike and he will be forever missed! 2000 Plus - "When The Worlds Met" - 5/3/50 Your Host: The Late, Great Dr. Dale Luketich Tape #16: Ronnie Milsap's Radio Classics #457 The legendary, award winning performer, Mr. Ronnie Milsap from Nashville, presents 60 minutes from his personal collection. This is an exclusive feature on Yesterday USA! Fibber McGee & Molly Lum n' Abner Your host: Ronnie Milsap c/o Yesterday USA 2001 Plymouth Rock Drive Richardson, TX 75081

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