You Bet Your Life 39 Eps

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(39 Episodes) "You Bet Your Life" Game Show with Groucho Marx This is a follow-up page for previous title of "You Bet Your Life 35 Eps". (I have explained my reason for this page on the original page, in the reviews section). OTR * def gp ddh

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



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Wit doesn't happen like this anymore

Good stuff, but...

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Just wanted to point out that "#4938" is actually from about 1958, since the $10,000 prize is present but not the $5,000 one. I'm also skeptical of the #4939 airdate; it'd make more sense if it was the week before the TV debut.


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I have found this error on every archive that I've come across #4914 is actually an episode that aired December 29, 1954. The way they played the main game in this episode was not the way they played it in 1950.